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Sydney duo Polish Club brought their ‘Meet Me at the Iguana’ national tour to a packed 170 Russell Street on Friday June 29th. Before the band appeared on stage the crowd warmed up their vocal chords with an impromptu sing-along to Vanessa Amorosi’s ‘Absolutely Everybody’ – an unusual choice at a rock show, but it went down a treat.

Strolling on stage just after 11pm to a noisy, expectant crowd ready to rock out, Polish Club duly oblige kicking off with the blistering ‘We Don’t Care’ arguably the stand out track from their recently released sophomore album ‘Iguana’. The crowd immediately bouncing along to the kick ass rock track. A great way to start the show!



Moving straight into the funky rock title track ‘Iguana’, a song about their favourite bar in Kings Cross that they used to frequent before it closed down. Followed by ‘Goddamn’ the crowd by now hands in the air, yelling the chorus back to them loving what they were witnessing. The raw punkish ‘Beeping’ and the bluesy rock ‘Don’t Fuck Me Over’, both lifted from their 2015 self-titled EP is aired next taking the gig to another level!!

Decked out all in white, with black leather boots and black belt with a shock of spiky peroxided blond hair, David Novak’s powerful vocals are flawless and sound like a cross between the gravelly tones of Dave Grohl and the bluesy side of Johnny Diesel. 




Drummer, John-Henry Palak had his drum kit positioned at the front of the stage which gave everyone a clear view of his intricate drumming, although his face was hidden behind his long blond locks as he feverishly banged away at the drums and they were joined on stage by Iguana producer, Wade Keighran on bass. The huge sound coming off the stage made it hard to believe there was only 3 of them creating the epic noise!!



There was constant light-hearted banter between the band and audience throughout the show. The respect and love between them is evident and such a pleasure to watch. They appeared to be enjoying themselves as much as the crowd. At one point Palak brings out a chocolate cake and they get the entire crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a fan named James in the crowd, before slicing it and handing it to the lucky few at the front of the stage.  Such a beautiful touch!

Novak randomly starts playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Under the Bridge’, to which Palak joins in only for Novak to forget the words of the second verse, before launching into ‘Beat Up’ from 2017’s debut album ‘Alright Already’.

Their self-depreciating, devil-may-care attitude while on stage is refreshing as it is infectious. They put everything into each song with an air of ‘something could go wrong’ at any moment, which makes it hugely entertaining to watch.



There were many highlights, with the Foo Fighters sounding monster ‘Breakapart’, hard to shake off with the crowd and band singing every word together as one. What a moment!!

They end the show with a flurry of epic tunes ‘Come Party’ followed by ‘Clarity’ and ending with the emotionally charged slow burner ‘Divided’. The crowd drenched in sweat bouncing and not wanting the night to end!

The recent prediction of the demise of rock music seems to be premature, with Polish Club showing what a kick ass rock show is all about! Seemingly flying the flag for rock music and proving it’s alive and well in Australia!!

If you get a chance to see these guys live you won’t be disappointed! One powerful rock act that will stay in your veins for days!!

Iguana out now!!

INTERVIEW: STREET PIECES “Jon would be a gigolo, if he wasn’t a musician”

INTERVIEW: STREET PIECES “Jon would be a gigolo, if he wasn’t a musician”

Street Pieces Interview

” Jon Would Be A Gigolo if he wasn’t a Musician”

Maz and Glynn sat down with Street Pieces frontman, Ben Tilney to talk about the their newest single, ‘Cthulhu’ and how they’re gearing up for a busy year.


After forming in 2013, Street Pieces released their first EP ‘The Otherside’ after working with producer Magoo (Regurgitator). After a year of cutting their teeth on the East Coast circuit, the band gained commercial airplay with Triple M and supported Wolfmother on their Australian tour. 2018 marked the release of their Everything You Ever Wanted EP and saw the band tour extensively before settling back into the studio to work on what will be their next monster release. ‘Cthulhu’ is the latest single, produced by Aria winner Govinda Doyle. With a sound as massive as its namesake, ‘Cthulhu’ delivers a sonic experience that swells and breaks with an ever-heaving groove that moves you like the ocean tide. Drawing from the eternally dark riffs of Sabbath, core shaking drums of Zeppelin and chronicled by soaring vocals. Street Pieces unleash a perennial anthem fit to roam the halls of rock!


Q. Maz & Glynn – How did you guys meet? 

A. Ben – We all met at QUT doing the bachelor of music.


Q. M & G – Who makes up Street Pieces? 

A. Ben – Ben Tilney on vocals, Alex Miller on guitar, Jon Mengede on bass and Marcus McLachlan on drums.


Q. M & G  – Are you from Brisbane? 

A. Ben – All except Alex, who’s from Victoria.


Q. M & G – How did you come up with the band name?

A. Ben – I think I saw it etched into an alley way outside Melbourne CBD. I thought it sounded cool so I took it to the band and it  kind of stuck.


Q. M & G – What motivated you to start playing music? 

A. Ben – The original lineup sans Jon started as a project at university. We all liked the idea of playing in a rock band so we started one. People said we didn’t sound too bad so that gave us confidence to keep playing after we graduated. Jon came a few years later in the piece but had always kept up with what we were doing and already had a love for rock music.


Q. M & G – How would you describe your sound to people? 

A. Ben – Dynamic, we love ourselves a big chorus. Cool guitars, big vocals and a bit of rock swagger thrown in for fun.


Q. M & G – Who are your biggest influences? 

A.Ben – Difficult to answer but when I think of our sound bands like Audioslave, Band of Skulls and Led Zeppelin come to mind. All things bluesy/rocky/poppy. 


Q. M & G – Where do you gather song writing inspiration? 

A. Ben – We can all get inspiration from anywhere, listening to music, watching movies, going for a drive or doing nothing at all and the sound just comes to you. 


Q. M & G – What is your song writing process? 

A. Ben – Usually we all start making sound in the studio and one of us riffs off the other and then it starts to snowball. From that point it either forms into a song structure or we all fizzle out.  I usually end up singing some gibberish over the music which I try to translate later into lyrics.


Q. M & G – Name one of your favourite albums? 

A. Ben – Diamond Eyes by Deftones.


Q. M & G – Who are your favourite bands? 

A. Ben – Deftones, Rival Sons, Foo Fighters, Band of Skulls, All Them Witches, Audioslave, INXS, Zeppelin, Sabbath, The Who.


Q. M & G – After 3 ep’s, when can we expect a full album? 

A. Ben – We are pretty quick at writing songs but its whether they make the cut or not. We want to deliver a really killer first album. I’d say within the next 2 years.


Q. M & G – We love your new single ‘Cthulhu’. Tell us a bit about it? 

A. Ben – It is our biggest song to date, inspired by HP Lovecraft and a dash of Greek mythology. We feel like the name really matches the massive ever-heaving feel of the song.


Q. M & G – What has been the highlight of ‘Street Pieces’ so far?

A. Ben – Apart from supporting heavy hitters like Wolfmother and Shihad it would have to be the upcoming tour, we’re excited to hit the road and play in new places.


Q. M & G – Where do you guys see yourself in the next few years? 

A. Ben – Playing longer tours, bigger shows and hopefully in another country at some point.


Q. M & G – You guys are going on the road again, where and when can we catch you? 

A. Ben – First stop is the Woolly Mammoth on July 20 with Iron Eye, Rhino and Magnus. These guys all bring it so it’s going to be a great show. Stay tuned for more dates!


Q. M & G – Last but not least, if you guys weren’t musicians, what do you think you’ll be doing?

A. Ben – Marcus would be hosting a kids television show, Alex would be a cheesemonger, Jon would be a gigolo and I would be a farmer in Japan.


Thanks for much for your time, Ben!  Keep rockin and hope to see you live soon!!

Glynn and Maz


WATCH: ‘Cthulhu’ by Street Pieces





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Rudimental ‘ Toast to Our Differences’ Tour – Live Review

Rudimental ‘ Toast to Our Differences’ Tour – Live Review

London’s genre crossing quartet Rudimental brought their energetic electronic drum ‘n bass party to Margaret Court Arena,  Melbourne on Sunday 9th June.

Sneaky Sound System got the party off to a fine start with an exhilarating set, playing a great array of tracks from their catalogue and ending their hi energy set with their popular track ‘UFO’. 

Rudimental stormed on stage just after 9pm blasting off with a shorter version of ‘New Day’ from ‘We The Generation’ kick starting the reggae party in fine style, followed by ‘Right Here’ and  ‘Not Giving In’ a standout track from 2013’s superb debut ‘Home’.



With tour vocalist, Afronaught Zu taking centre stage, as he does for the majority of the set, bumping up the energy levels a notch with his non-stop dance moves complementing the fun mood of the night. It was so impressive how his outrageous dance moves never affected his vocals and he didn’t miss a beat while jumping around!! The entire crowd dancing along with him throughout the entire show!

There was such a happy fun party atmosphere as the entire band, including the four touring members, bringing the amount of artists on stage to a total of eight, all looking like they were having the time of their lives and wanting everyone in the audience to feel the same. They were not disappointed as the crowd danced the night away arms waving in the air, losing themselves in the moment, smiles etched on every face!



Up next was ‘I Will For Love,’ taken from ‘We Are The Generation’ which was so powerful and really reached into your heart and soul, ‘Toast To Our Differences’ was a funky rendition by the hugely talented backing vocalist, Bridgette Amofah, and the trumpet drum pumping ‘Let Me Live’ raised the concert to another level.

The lighting show was also impressive, especially with the Ed Sheeran cover ‘Bloodstream’. The flashing lights were a mix of red and white, creating a bloody, insane atmosphere! There were many highlights –  the cover of Rag’n’Bone ‘Human’ a standout, a great slowed down version before turning into a dirty masterpiece. Anofah’s heartbreaking version of Emeli Sande’s ‘Free’ was another highlight. Beautiful!



Melbourne being the last gig on the Australian leg of their hugely successful worldwide tour, Toast To Our Differences, only added to the party atmosphere. Keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, Piers Agget dressed in red track suit pants, white t-shirt with a huge red heart on the front and an oversized long hooded white fur coat, constantly encouraged the crowd to scream louder and dance more enthusiastically, dragging every last drop of energy from the adoring crowd as they happily rode along on the wild  Rudimental party bus.

Widely regarded as one of the best live acts in the world today, Rudimental do not disappoint. These guys know how to party and this was one huge love-in rave party! It was sometimes hard to distinguish between the 4 members and their touring group as they all danced around on stage together with everyone having a turn in the spotlight. There seems to be no egos here which is refreshing and rare, they all appeared to show genuine affection for each other which rubbed off onto the crowd!



A key message of the ‘Toast to Our Differences’ album is bringing people together from all walks of life through music, and the message resonates throughout this exuberant performance.

They finish off the one and a half hour set with the classic drum ‘n bass banger ‘Feel The Love’ their first UK #1 single and the rapturous ‘Waiting All Night’

Rudimental you were fantastic!! A must see live! Best reggae inspired rave you could ever be invited to!

This is one band you would want to crash your party!!

Toast to our Differences out now.

Crooked Colours puts on an electrifying performance at The Forum.

Crooked Colours puts on an electrifying performance at The Forum.

Hailing from Perth, Indie Electronic trio Crooked Colours played to a sold out show at The Forum, Melbourne 25/5/19 on their national tour to support their recently released sophomore album, the bewitching ‘Langata‘.

Supported by the summery dance sounds of Nyxen and the dynamic, Kayex, the sold out crowd turned the Forum into an underground rave party, The atmosphere already electric long before Crooked Colours took to the stage – floors sticky as everyone with drinks in hand readied themselves to dance the night away which started with an impromptu singalong to John Denvers’ ‘Take Me Home Country Road’ which played over the speakers just before the main act took to the stage.

The trio consisting of lead singer, Philip Slabber multi instrumentalist, Leon De Baughn on synths and Liam Merret-Park on drums kicked off the party with ‘Come Back’ from their exceptional slow burner debut ‘Vera’ from 2017. The crowd roaring their approval as the party started with everyone bouncing and singing along. Next up was ‘Hold On‘ followed by ‘Do It Like You‘ both from the recently released ‘Langata’. Only released  2 weeks ago everyone in the crowd already knowing the words, as the danced and sang along.

Each track would send everyone into a dance trance, with Merret-Parks’s heart pumping drumming and the ingenious synth skill of the impressive De Baughn, both looking like they were loving every minute of it.

Dressed in ‘loungewear’ (tracksuits and sweat tops) they more than satisfied the adoring crowd with a mix of new tracks from ‘Langata’ with additional tracks from their debut ‘Vera’ which kept the the older fans happy as well as blowing away any new ones in the crowd. They also added a slowed down reggae cover version of Robin Shultz’s ‘Sugar Baby’ which was well recieved!


Being the hottest rising act in electronic music in Australia, if not the world, they have mastered the pairing of lighting and their live sound creating an electrifying visual masterpiece!

‘Langata‘, named after a region in Nairobi, Kenya where the albums’ creative direction took place whilst on tour in Africa last year. It was written, recorded and meticulously produced entirely by Crooked Colours and seeing them live only enhances the album.

It was an intense, fun, fast paced 1 and 1//2 hour show with a mix of smooth vocals and fast hypnotic dance riffs. 

If you can, you have got to see these guys live. Fantastic gig and a great party!

‘Langata out now’

Cub Sport Enchant Festival Hall

Cub Sport Enchant Festival Hall

Brisbane indie alt-pop group Cub Sport enchanted Festival Hall, Melbourne to a sold out show on the 13th April 2019. The crowd packed with young love filled guys and girls, with the front row packed with people parading the gay pride flags. It was crazy, you could feel the love and pride that was being projected from the crowd, even before the first song played!

To start the private journey through his heart, lead singer Tim Nelson, dressed in white high-waisted pants and a white leather belt draped over his body, begins with ‘Unwinding Myself’ He sings it in pure a cappella style, leaving everyone speechless. Just as beautiful as the album version!

To pick up the tempo, they play ‘Video’ which is their second track on their latest album, with Tim standing at the top of their stage set up; a platform with 2 ramps on each side with a red lit video backdrop.

With only watching 2 tracks, you’re easily swept away by his intense vocals and slow passionate defined movements that made you feel like it was all in slow motion. The female fans went crazy with his moves! Tim has been described lately as the Australian Justin Bieber, just more gay! 🙂

Next track ‘Chasin ’ is from their second album ‘Bats’. This song connects with most, having the lyrics define anyone feeling lost and not knowing what you’re chasing in life at a young age. Another popular track was up next ‘Hawaiian Party’. The entire crowd singing along to every word, telling a story of another layer of his heart.

Beautifully written ‘Look After Me’ was directly after. He hypnotically draws you in with his soulful voice and slow motion movements. Towards the end of the song, you are lost in his dreamy world, where every word feels like a dream. At this stage, I was very surprised at how great this gig was and was very interested to know what they had coming up.

The band took the crowd for a trip down memory lane with ‘Only Friend,’ ‘Trees’ and ‘Butterflies’. The highlight was the visually hypnotic ‘Good Guys Go,’ using elements from the video clip with the red lighting that represented the ‘Stranger Things’ vibe and when Tim sang the chorus “you know I’m breaking my back,” he would re-enact the clip and slowly bend, stretching back as far as he could to express the lyrics. It was mind blowing!!

You could feel so much love and connection that the crowd was feeling by this stage. They were definitely stuck in his web of love!

With more tracks to satisfy the heart, they play ‘Come Out,’ ‘Party Pill,’ ‘Summer Lover, ‘Stars’ and ‘Limosine.’ each track all telling the stories of his life. One of their biggest hits ‘Sometimes’ creeped in toward the end of the 1 ½ hour set and that completely went off!! What a powerful performance!

This band is so touching to watch. To see the journey and love behind Tim and Sam Netterfield (band member) create such heart felt music is amazing. Tim mentions to the crowd how happy he is that they are now married and finally being able to be. He strongly believes that to live and love is more important ‘Everyone deserves love and happiness’, he says’. Couldn’t agree more!

This concert was like a visual soundtrack of love. “It’s too real life and too much like a dream

A surprising fantastic gig! Loved it and a must see!

‘Cub Sport’ out now.

Last Dinosaurs Rock The Howler!

Last Dinosaurs Rock The Howler!

Brisbane indie rock quartet Last Dinosaurs rocked a full house at the Howler, on the 6th April 2019. Opening acts RAThammock and Merpire had set the mood earlier with polished performances, before the main act nonchalantly walked on stage right on 10.30pm to a huge roar.

Launching straight into ‘Weekend‘ from their impressive 2012 debut album ‘In A Million Years’ – great way to kick off the set, with the crowd immediately jumping, arms in the air singing along to every word. Next up was ‘Dominos‘, the raw, edgy and ridiculously catchy stand out track from their latest album, the self-produced ‘Yumeno Garden’, which kept the momentum going. ‘Andy‘ another track from ‘In A Million Years‘ creeped in, getting everyone in a boppy happy mood. Their dreamy, reflective and strong happy underlining sound that run through all their songs makes it impossible to not feel good as it washes over you.

The flawless ‘Sense‘ and ‘Bass God’ followed, both taken from their latest album and going down well with the crowd as they jumped in unison.

Lead singer and chief songwriter Sean Caskey rocked a wicked pitch-white hairdo looking every bit the effortless rock star. With guitar in hand, he looked like he was having the time of his life. Sounding immaculate, the band were as tight as you’d expect from a band that has constantly toured the world over the last 10 years.


Sounding like a cross between Two-Door Cinema Club, Phoenix with The Foals thrown into the mix. Last Dinosaurs were formed in Brisbane by Sean Caskey and drummer Dan Koyamo while still at school, with Caskey’s younger brother Lachlan on lead guitar and former member, Sam Gethin -Jones on bass, who was replaced by long-time band associate Michael Sloene when Gethin-Jones departed in 2013.

The Caskey brothers and drummer Koyamo are of Japanese decent and developed the distinctive sound of ‘Last Dinosaurs’ with their collective love of indie rock. They have a huge worldwide fan base due to their nonstop touring and frequent visits Japan to satisfy their massive fan base in that region.


With an impressive variety of tracks spanning from their 2010 debut EP ‘Back from the Dead’ to their latest offering ‘Yumeno Garden‘ if you are not familiar with this underrated class act, this tour would be a great starting point. Their sharp polished dance rock with happy catchy melodies and guitar riffs make them hard to ignore.

With the 1 ½ hour set coming to an end, they delighted the crowd with favourites ‘Stream‘ and followed this with ‘Zoom’. Ending the set with a rousing version of the hugely popular ‘Honolulu’ which got the biggest cheer of the night as Caskey encouraged the adoring crowd to ‘dance and sing’ which they did in abundance. Enhancing their reputation with this flawless performance, these nice guys of indie rock showed how to put on a slick polished rock gig.

The band is named after the song ‘Last Dinosaur’ by Japanese rock band ‘The Pillows’. This however is one band you definitely can’t doze off to. If anything they’ll send you into a dreamy dance floor trance!! Fantastic show and a must to see live.

Yumeno Garden out now.


YUNGBLUD brings his energetic powerhouse show to the Croxton Bandroom

YUNGBLUD brings his energetic powerhouse show to the Croxton Bandroom

Yungblud brought his energetic powerhouse show to a delirious crowd at the Croxton Bandroom in Thornbury, Melbourne on Feb 8th.

As the expectant crowd waited for the much hyped firecracker to blow their minds – to keep themselves entertained, they had an impromptu sing-along to ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ by Jet as it played through the speakers, which would be much needed when the main act took to the stage!

 Darting onto the stage right on time dressed in an outfit as chaotic as his music, a half tartan, half black pair of pants with a black t-shirt covered with a leather sleeved black jacket littered with white writing. There is a deafening roar that greets him as he stares out at the crowd, his face lit up with a manic grin as he pokes his tongue out (something he does throughout the show) lapping up the adulation in pure rock star style!

 Born Dominic Harrison in Doncaster, England a little over 20 years ago, the genre defining Yungblud kicks off the set with kick ass ‘21st Century Liability,’ with the crowd immediately singing along to every word. Darting around the stage like a man possessed, his energy levels are impressive and you feel worn out just watching him as he doesn’t stop for a breather for the entire show. The crowd tries to keep up with him as they dance and sing along to every song, arms waving in the air lost in every moment of every song.

Taking it up a notch with ‘I Love You Will You Marry Me’ which is next up, has the entire venue jumping in unison followed by ‘King Charles’ taken from 2018’s self titled EP. At one point during the song Harrison runs over and plants a kiss right on his guitarists’ mouth to the delight of the crowd as they roar their approval.

They rip through ‘Psychotic Kids’ and ‘Anarchist’ before Harrison plants an L on his head with his hand to announce the next song. The crowd cheers as he launches into latest single ‘Loner!’ His straight from the heart socially conscious lyrics strike a deep cord with the youthful audience as he throws himself into every song as if his life depends on it.

The noise levels reach new heights when he launchers into crowd favourite, ‘California’. The crowd belting out the song as they sing it together identifying with the heartfelt message in the lyrics screaming ‘cos I’m young, don’t wanna die, yet can’t afford it’

His youthful exuberance is infectious as the end of each song is greeted with a huge boyish grin before he pulls a face sticks his tongue out, loving every minute of the undying adulation oozing out of the crowd.

Defined as alternative hip-hop, Yungblud is a mishmash musically across between Kendric Lamar, Eminem, the Clash with a hint of NWA and a healthy dose of in-your-face punk rock. The English nutter finishes the hour and a half set with the very personal ‘Machine Fun (F**k The NRA)’ the roar as he takes a bow at the end is deafening as he pokes his tongue out for the last time before he disappears.

 There are no visions of calming Harrison down as he is without a doubt a 21st Century Liability!

 An electric performance that takes your breath away and leaves you wanting more, a voice of the future, a voice to define this seemingly lost generation!

The Kooks Play To A Sweat Drenched Crowd At Festival Hall!

The Kooks Play To A Sweat Drenched Crowd At Festival Hall!

UK’s indie darlings, The Kooks kicked off the Australian leg of their world tour at a packed, sweat drenched Festival Hall on a sticky hot Thursday, January 3rd.

Kicking off their set with the punchy debut single ‘Eddies Gun’ from debut album ‘Inside In/Inside Out’. Lead singer, Luke Pritchard decked out in black jeans, black t-shirt with a loose fitting gold jacket. With his mop of curly locks, he strides onto the stage to the fading sound of The Beatles, ‘Helter Skelter’ with a haze of blue light illuminating the stage. As the crowd roar, he cups his ears to raise the noise levels.


Now officially a 3 piece, after the recent departure of bassist Peter Denton, Luke is joined by Hugh Harris on lead guitar and the tireless Alexis Nunez on drums with Peter Randell filling in for the departed, Denton. After 15 years and 5 critically acclaimed albums behind them, The Kooks still possess the energy of a band on their first tour with Pritchard darting around the stage, guitar in hand like an energetic teenager. His vocals are flawless, and could break your heart with its charming beauty.

‘Always Where I Need To Be,’ from the brilliant ‘Konk’ album is up next, followed by ‘She Moves Me In Her Own Way’ another track taken from ‘Inside In/Inside Out,’which has the whole crowd bouncing and by now completely covered in sweat. Pritchard mentions that although he’s drenched in sweat, it’s not as hot in the venue as drummer Nunez, who he claims is ‘ridiculously hot coz he’s constantly working out by beating the drums!’ Nunez embarrassed by the attention takes a bow from behind the sticks before launching into latest single, the funky early Stones sounding ‘All The Time’ from their latest album ‘Lets Go Sunshine’ which goes down really well with the crowd much to Pritchard’s appreciation!



They power through a few more tracks off the latest album, with Pritchard thanking the crowd for appearing to enjoy the new material, with the album only being a few months old. The noise levels go up a notch with the rocking ‘You Don’t Love Me’ which Pritchard explains is about unrequited love, something he claims he’s gotten used to over time, but judging by the adoring female fans in the audience, he obviously had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.:)

After asking the crowd if they have any requests, Pritchard plays the first few chords of ‘Seaside’ which gets the biggest cheer of the night as the crowd sing the song back to them, almost drowning out Pritchard’s vocals. Spine tingling stuff!!

The 2 hour set seemed to fly by at a blink of an eye and as the encore sees another track from ‘Lets Go Sunshine’ the honey dripped ‘No Pressure’ the album closer before ending the exhilarating set with the iconic ‘Naïve’, a song that in every sense sums up the Kooks as the crowd roar their approval and sing along to every word. 

‘You don’t have to doubt or figure it out’ that The Kooks are one iconic band that will take you on a journey to satisfy the heart and soul!

Fantastic gig and a must see live!

Gang of Youths Show Us Why You Should Say Yes to Life!

Gang of Youths Show Us Why You Should Say Yes to Life!

Hailing from Sydney, indie rock 5 piece Gang Of Youths strode onto the stage for a sold out show at The Forum in Melbourne on Monday 12th of November 2018 with all the confidence of a band with a critically acclaimed Gold selling multi Aria award winning album, ‘Go Further In Lightness’ behind them. 

Led by indie heartthrob, David Le’aupepe with Joji Malani (guitar), Jung Kim (Keyboards), Max Dunn (bass) and Donnie Borzestowski (drums) making up the gang.


Kicking off the night with the kick ass ‘Fear and Trembling,’ a perfect opener to get the crowd pumped and warmed up. Followed by one of their most popular tracks, the very personal ‘What Can I Do When the Fire Goes Out. ‘After the frenetic start, Le’aupepe slows things down a bit by playing ‘L imaginaire’ followed by The National inspired moody ‘Don’t Let Your Spirit Wane’ all tracks lifted from their sophomore album ‘Go Further In Lightness’

Next we see Le’aupepe alone at the piano, with the rest of the band having exited the stage, lights dimmed, he recalls candidly various tales about his struggles as the crowd falls silent and lap up his every word before launching into the gentle but troubled  ‘Go Further In Lightness” followed by a haunting cover of Bruce Springstein’s ‘I’m On Fire’ which works well here, the beautiful ‘Persevere’ finishes the mellow interlude.


Le’aupepe has a tendency to start every song with a monologue, explaining the inspiration behind it. Sometimes the monologue can go for longer than the length of the song, but the crowd of mainly ‘20 something’ females, always falls silent on every occasion, hypnotised by his every word.

As the rest of the band rejoins him on stage they rip into ‘The Heart Is A Muscle’, much to the delight of the crowd, everyone caught up in the moment singing along, believing every word. 

One highlight is when they whip out their masterpiece ‘Let Me Down Easy.’ Written by Le’aupepe at a time when he was at one of his lowest points and contemplating suicide, when quite by accident he discovered that by dancing enthusiastically it can actually work as an effective anti-depressant. In honour of that sentiment, Le’aupepe downs the guitar and rips out some sultry Ricky Martin esque moves, with the crowd completely enthralled, some mimicking his moves, others mouths gasping in admiration! The crowd roar in approval at his every ‘un rock-n-roll dance moves. Looking completely out of place here, but working so well with the be ‘uncool to be cool’ feeling of the night!

The track gets the biggest cheer of the night, it’s unclear however if it’s for the brilliance of the song or the sexy dance moves of the lead singer or a combination of both. It doesn’t really matter as the band basks in the adulation. 

As the night draws to an end, they unleash the powerful ‘The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows’ as the crowd sing along to the chorus “cause not everything means something honey, to say the unsayable, say the most human of things”. Great song that really speaks to you!! 

The band has partnered up with PLUS1 so that every $1 from every ticket purchased goes to support Aboriginal Legal Service. A band that likes to influence positive change. Take a bow boys What a band!!!

They end the night with a 2 song encore ‘Vital Signs’ and ending with the punk rock belter ‘Say Yes To Life’ which leaves everyone wanting more and feeling the moment of living and loving life! This was one unforgettable 1 ½ hour gig and “I don’t know if we could live without”.  so, say ‘Yes to life’. Say ‘Yes to Gang Of Youths’.

Go Farther In Lightness out now!

Twenty One Pilots Puts on a Visual Artistic Masterclass show at Rod Laver Arena

Twenty One Pilots Puts on a Visual Artistic Masterclass show at Rod Laver Arena

American music duo Twenty-One Pilots graced Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on Thursday 13th December with an electric rock powerhouse show. Showcasing their Grammy award winning fifth album ‘Trench’ Twenty One Pilots are a 2 piece hailing from Columbus Ohio, Tyler Joseph on lead vocals and drummer extraordinaire, Josh Dunn. The 15 thousand seater stadium was packed with a mix of long-time to fresh new fans, even some young primary school age children being accompanied by their parents (great to see the parents getting in early introducing their kids to good rockin music)


They kick off the night with the explosive ‘Jumpsuit’ – a killer track and guitar riff to start the set! The stage is set up with a car on fire, similar to the film clip, with flames intermittently shooting up from the floor. Josh comes out with a flame torch wearing a khaki green top with a huge yellow cross, similar to the one he wears in the film clip. His face covered with the iconic mask, like he’s preparing to go into battle! While Tyler has his face completely covered in a ski mask. 2 huge LCD screens are on each side with wicked yellow lighting to help distinguish the ‘Trench‘ album as well as another huge screen behind them made up of huge square blocks, which light up constantly, flickering between images and flashing lights. A visual feast for your senses!


There was a moment during the third song ‘Fairly Local’ where, one moment Joseph is sitting at the piano with a blanket draped over him, and then he disappears! We thought it was the end of the song, or maybe another costume change? …! he re-appears on the other side of the arena in the crowd. Everyone goes berserk! Especially those lucky enough to be sitting in that area. Ski mask still intact, he finishes off the song from that spot. We thought it couldn’t be him under the mask as he was sitting at the piano only a few seconds earlier, until he rips it off at the end of the song to reveal himself!! The roar that greets his unveiling was deafening!

Next up we have hip hop inspired ‘Levitate’ from ‘Trench’ which makes you feel you’re listening to a blend of Eminem and Mike Skinner from English alt/hip hop band ‘The Streets.’ They played a broad coverage of tracks from all their albums; ‘Trench’ ‘Blurry Face’ ‘Vessel,’ ‘TopxMM’ and of course their 2009 self-titled debut. They even include ‘Heathens’ from ‘Suicide Squad’ soundtrack, which cleverly had the stage coloured green and purple, with the crowd drenched in red. Great visuals! Looked and sounded incredible!!

The duo are so fascinating to watch, they are so talented with Joseph constantly darting around the stage with boundless energy and Josh’s riveting drumming, quite eye catching! He gets the biggest cheer of the night when the roadies bring out a 2 metre square board with a drum kit attached, which they get the audience at the front of the stage to hold above their heads. Josh climbs on top and stands topless, staring out balancing on the board before launching into a mind boggling drum solo! Another highlight was Joseph’s impromptu cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love,’ a tour debut with the whole crowd beautifully singing along!!



‘Nico And The Niners ’ was a crowd pleaser with ‘Taxi Cab’ a flashback from their debut. Stopping time with ‘Pet Cheetah’ which flowed into ‘Holding on to you’ they know how to raise the levels of rock and hip hop. Constantly in and out of various costumes, they unleash ‘My Blood’ dressed in skeleton jumpsuits, which has become a recent trade mark with lots of copycat skeleton jumpsuits in the crowd. They played the track to perfection and included the crowd in a chorus medley. Very powerful!! The variety of tracks they put in the set list is a great introduction to the duo if you weren’t familiar with their music.

Ending the night with ‘Leave This City’ and old school favourite ‘Trees’ from ‘Vessel’ a track they have been closing shows with ever since its release. The show was an artistic visual master class, the night filled with pyrotechnics and confetti, it had all the ingredients of a spectacular night which will live long in the memory of everyone lucky enough to see it. This two piece are getting better by the year, an amazing show that ran through your blood and bleed your ears.

Listen to your heart and your ears and listen to Twenty One Pilots. “It aint the speakers that bump hearts, it’s our hearts that make the beat!”


Trench out now!