Following on from the mysterious fervour created by her debut singles ‘Picking Flowers’ and ‘My Way Out’ earlier this year, teenage emo-pop icon in waiting daine has unveiled plans for a new, double a-side release, ‘Ascension/Angel Numbers’. Today, daine releases the first of those singles, the unflinchingly raw ‘ascension’. Listen HERE, watch HERE.




Featuring production from Melbourne left-field producer and vocalist Lonelyspeck and avant-garde PC Music affiliate Danny L Harle, ‘Ascension‘ finds daine exploring the more alternative side of her influences to destructive yet meditative effect.

An artist who harbours an almost obsessive passion for midwestern emo in the likes of Tigers Jaw, William Bonney, American Football and more, daine uses those references to their fullest effect on ‘Ascension’, transposing them to something more future facing. Harnessing all the emotion that comes from those early 00s icons, daine blends those wrought atmospheres with contemporary production and a saccharine vocal that provides a bittersweet edge. The track twists and turns; switching from contemplative calm to devastating power, with Lonelyspeck distorting daine’s usual dark-pop sound and allowing it to soar – capturing the emotion in her vocal and distilling the dissociation that comes with letting go of hope.

The visual also pairs natural beauty with the destruction all around us – allowing the viewer to see the light and dark in life and shining a spotlight on nature’s blessings, while pairing them with the danger and unpredictable evil that can be just around the corner.




KINGSWOOD create an alternate realm in delivering REVERIES

KINGSWOOD create an alternate realm in delivering REVERIES

KINGSWOOD create an alternate realm in delivering REVERIES, the reimagined vision of their third studio record, JUVENILES

2020 saw the return of KINGSWOOD, the Melbourne favourites delivering a career-defining, critically acclaimed third studio album in Juveniles. The album, signalling a new era for the band, landed at #13 on the ARIA Albums Chart and reintroduced KINGSWOOD to fans and newcomers alike; their love for unabashed rock and roll channelled through some of their most cohesive and well-rounded songwriting to date. 

And now, with only a few months left in what has been a year nobody saw coming, KINGSWOOD unveil a new side of the Juveniles project – the 12 track album, reimagined. 

The band takes the music of Juveniles into a more intimate and nuanced sonic space, swapping the harder rock sounds for Americana-flecked, blues charm. Here, the band presents a fitting companion piece – Reveries.

Given the current state of lockdown in Victoria, the recording of Reveries came together quickly across four days spent hunkered down at North Melbourne’s Newmarket Studios. KINGSWOOD, working with Emmy Award winning, BAFTA nominated engineer Guus Hoevenaars (Woodes, Scissor Sisters) in Melbourne, as well as their ‘fifth Beatle’ and grammy winning engineer Eddie Spea (Brandi, Carlile, Chris Stapleton) on mixing and mastering out of his Nashville studio, Reveries is a product of the band harnessing their natural dynamic talent and diving into the music that they’ve always loved and thrived upon. 


With the energy and memories of Juveniles very much in their minds, the band approached the Reveries sessions in a way that enabled them to unlock and access a more tender and impassioned side of the original album. A blend of Americana, gypsy swing, bluegrass and even chamber-inspired moments form a new creative vision that Reveries explores.  “This music is a collection of songs that were born from certain and specific emotional reflection, rumination and ponder. On Juveniles, once complete with the writing phase, it took on the form of a rich and dedicated rock and roll album; nuanced and thoroughly investigated, but didn’t originate as such. Reveries highlights those moments of inception and is an entirely alternate universe. More intimate and perhaps with more personal insight due to what is really being highlighted.” KINGSWOOD


The album features added instrumentation courtesy of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra musicians Michelle Wood (Cello) and Sarah Curro (Violin), Shane Reilly (Lap-steel Guitar), Esther Henderson (Fiddle), Steve Hornby (Double Bass) and Alex Laska’s own sister, Irena Laska (Flute).


With the release of Juveniles in March, KINGSWOOD were able to pour the experiences that marked their recent years touring internationally into an album that provided a snapshot of the band as creatives. The snapshot was defined and very much true to the sounds that they had been working with on previous releases, yet Juveniles kicked everything that made KINGSWOOD…KINGSWOOD up a notch. Fire in the bellies, the band landed back on the scene with a statement of a record. 


In Reveries, KINGSWOOD strips back the layers of each song and invites the listener to become immersed in the lyricism and differing moods on offer. The richness of the original collection of material remains, yet the album provides another sonic journey that comes as a fitting release to lose yourself in, in a climate marked by craziness and relative uncertainty. “We decided to re-record the album in its entirety but this time, each song would be crafted for the sole listener. In an armchair by a fire, on a walk through the bush, to reflect our emotional states and the true essences of each song; in the hope that it would perhaps console others in the way that it has now for us. It is an album that is cinematic; let it score your day.” KINGSWOOD


“Fusing the sprinklings of Queen’s rock bravado in with the leather-clad swagged out rock of Queens of The Stone Age, and you’ve got a rough image of where Kingswood sit in this new chapter of theirs.”

Triple J

“Featuring the group at their rockin’ best, ‘Bittersweet’ is raw, uncut Kingswood…”


“Kingswood gives you a little something extra – it makes your body move, your fists clench, and your shoulders pull back as your hands itch to drum along on the dashboard.”

Heavy Mag




  1. Heart Carousel                                                                       
  2. Out Of Colour
  3. If There’s A Love
  4. Infinite Tenderness 
  5. Tell Me You Love Me
  6. Two Hearts
  7. A Little Death 
  8. Monroe 
  9. Cotton Pink
  10. Remember
  11. Kite In A Storm
  12. Take Me Off Your Birthday List 





Reveries is out Friday, October 23rd

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram







Following their SOLD-OUT show at the Indian Ocean Hotel,  Bag of Bones introduce you to their new single Paid.

The new single is a strong follow-up to their previous track ‘No Pass Outs‘ which saw Abby Butler (Triple J) say “this is like nothing else i’ve heard on Unearthed in the wildest way possible.” 

When talking about the new track, Josh & Lewis says: “We had just come off a single launch show we did which had a fair crowd, but, we ended up coming out of it empty handed, which means we couldn’t pay the other bands. So, out of fun, Lewi starting singing “when are we gonna get paid”, which of course is abit of a joke, but this song ultimately is about how there isn’t a lot of money in the music scene, especially starting out, you end up playing a lot of free gigs and sometimes you’re slightly taken advantage of. Obviously, we don’t just do music for the money, so we put this song together as a piss take as if it was all about the money! Once it was complete we started to throw it into the live set and it got a very positive feedback from the crowd, so, we decided to record it.

The Perth locals are also planning a Single-Launch for ‘Paid‘ which commemorates their 20th show, since starting in 2018. More information to come!




Connect With Bag of Bones


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Black of Hearts selected as one of the top Music Blogs And Websites In 2020

Black of Hearts selected as one of the top Music Blogs And Websites In 2020

Feedspot announce Top 20 Australian Music Blogs And Websites In 2020


Top 20 Australian Music Blogs & Websites For  Music Fans in 2020

Australian Music Blogs


We are thrilled to announce that ‘Black of Hearts’ has been selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 20 Australian Music Blogs & Top 40 Independent Music Blogs on the web. We are proud of our website and there is no greater feeling than being appreciated amongst all the other music lovers and bloggers. Thank you Feedspot for sharing how much we all love and support music!

Also, a big congratulations to all who made the list and keep up the great work!


1. Music Feeds

Music Feeds

Covering Australia’s Indie Music Scene and Beyond – Music News, Reviews, Interviews and Culture. Frequency 13 posts / day Since Jun 2011

Also in Music News Websites Blog musicfeeds.com.au


2. Tone Deaf | The Home Of Australian Music

Tone Deaf | The Home Of Australian Music

Tone Deaf is one of Australia’s leading authorities on local and international music culture and industry. We have a commitment and passion for supporting the local music community, as well as delivering fun, informative, and hopefully thought provoking insight into the issues affecting music today.

Frequency 3 posts / day Blog tonedeaf.com.au


3. Acid Stag

Acid Stag

Acid Stag is an Australian music news website that is dedicated to sharing the music we love. While our main drive is to bring you all the newest music from everyone’s favourite artists, we still take pride in discovering new artists and giving them the opportunity to have their music heard by a worldwide audience.

Frequency 1 post / day Since Jan 2015 Blog acidstag.com


4. Depth Magazine | Alternative & Heavy Music Zine

Depth Magazine | Alternative & Heavy Music Zine

Depth Magazine exists because of the love of alternative music; including metal, rock, punk and other related genres such as electronicore. We create music reviews, interviews and other content relevant to the industry, and we do it all with heart.

Frequency 2 posts / week Since Jan 2017 Also in Music BlogsMusic Magazines Blog depthmag.com


5. Music Industry Inside Out | Australia’s Leading Online Music Industry Resource

Music Industry Inside Out | Australia's Leading Online Music Industry Resource

Music Industry Inside Out is an Australian membership based DIY music industry knowledge hub providing answers to all your music business questions. It’s like having a music conference in your bedroom!

Frequency 1 post / month Since Aug 2014 Blog musicindustryinsideout.com.au


6. Australian Musician Magazine

Australian Musician Magazine

Since 1995 Australian Musician has been flying the flag for contemporary Aussie music. Australian Musician featured artist interviews, album reviews, gear news, gear road tests, and music lessons. Some of Australia’s most respected musicians such as Tommy Emmanuel, INXS, Kate Ceberano, Wolfmother, Little Birdy, Paul Dempsey and Dave Graney have personally contributed to Australian Musician magazine.

Frequency 3 posts / week Since Mar 2000 Blog australianmusician.com.au/blog


7. Solid Muse | Latest Music and News

Solid Muse | Latest Music and News

Founded in May 2017, Solid Muse is a music blog and record label focused on supporting and showcasing music, whether from artists that sell out stadiums or artists producing from home.

Frequency 1 post / week Blog solidmusemusic.com


8. Happy Mag

Happy Mag

Happy Mag delivers new music, art and culture news from Australia and around the world via our site, daily newsletter and social media channels.

Frequency 11 posts / dayAlso in Australian Gaming Blogs Blog happymag.tv/clocked




Where wicked music lives. An independently run music site home to sounds we love the most around the world.

Frequency 5 posts / week Blog wickeddchildd.com


10. MusicTalks – Discover New Music

MusicTalks - Discover New Music

MusicTalks is Where To Find New Music On Our Independent Music Blog. Stories Written By The Artists From Around The World.

Frequency 8 posts / week Also in Indie Music Blogs Blog musictalks.xyz


11. The Music.com.au

The Music.com.au

News, interviews, reviews and opinion from theMusic.com.au

Blog themusic.com.au


12. The Soundcheck

The Soundcheck

The Soundcheck: For all things local, loud, and everything in between. A totally independent Australian music website/blog. By Tiana Speter

Frequency 1 post / day Blog thesoundcheck.org


13. Black of Hearts

Black of Hearts

Black of Hearts is an independent music website that focuses on showcasing local & international music from around the globe.

Frequency 5 posts / day Also in Independent Music Blogs Blog blackofhearts.com.au



14. The AU Review | Discover The Best New Music From Australia & Around The World

The AU Review | Discover The Best New Music From Australia & Around The World

Discover the best new music on Australia’s premiere independent online publication. The AU features exclusive Live Music Reviews and Photo Galleries for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Wollongong, Darwin and more, plus Singles of the Day, Album Reviews, Interviews and much more. Since Jun 2009

Blog music.theaureview.com


15. Stimulate Your Soul

Stimulate Your Soul

SYS is an Australian-made Hip Hop, Soul and R&B website. Established in 2011, SYS was designed to do just that. Stimulate your mind, body and soul with interviews from artists that touch your soul. Founded by journalist Margaret Tra, the team interview artists from all over the world, to get the audience familiar with Australian fans and to hear their stories straight from their mouths.

Blog stimulateyoursoul.com


16. Weirdo Wasteland

Weirdo Wasteland

Weirdo Wasteland hopes to give a new platform for Australian / New Zealand music artists to talk about their projects with a lot more attention to detail. A Brisbane based music blog, dedicated to writing about and promoting local musical endeavour – in depth.

Frequency 6 posts / week Since Jun 2012 Blog weirdowasteland.com


17. Opinion Police

Opinion Police

Opinion Police is the home of the best mix of alternative and indie music of all genres. Starting out as a radio companion blog to 4ZZZ, Opinion Police champions the best new music from around the world!

Frequency 1 post / week Blog opinionpolice.org


18. Laundry Echo

Laundry Echo

Follow this blog to get latest updates and information about Australian music.

Frequency 2 posts / quarter Blog laundryecho.com

Top 40 Independent Music Blogs & Websites For Independent Music Fans in 2020

Independent Music Blogs

1. Music Crowns

Music Crowns

London, England, United Kingdom – Music Crowns is a global independent and unsigned music artists online magazine and opportunities hub supporting unsigned and independent music artists and giving them the opportunity and platform to play to a huge audience and media presence.

Frequency 11 posts / day Blog musiccrowns.org

2. Indie Hip Hop Magazine

Indie Hip Hop Magazine

United StatesAbout Blog Indiehiphop.net is an Internet magazine and music promotional service that focuses on independent music, business, entrepreneurship, and news as it relates to hip hop culture.

Frequency 1 post / day Blog indiehiphop.net

3. IndieCurrent


Canada Indie Current is an independent music blog and YouTube collective with a profound passion for all things music. We are a hard-working team of writers and music enthusiasts from around the world who are dedicated to uncovering the best independent music. They keep you connected to the independent music scene.

Frequency 30 posts / year Blog indiecurrent.com

4. Reddit – Independent Music

Reddit - Independent Music

San Francisco, California, United States – The topic is independent music. Latest news, discussions, trends about independent music.

Frequency 17 posts / day Blog reddit.com/r/independentmusic

5. The Last Mixed Tape

The Last Mixed Tape

Dublin, Ireland – The Last Mixed Tape is an independent music website, based in Dublin and run by music critic Stephen White. T.L.M.T is dedicated to bringing you all the latest news, reviews & interviews from bands and artists working in Ireland at the moment.

Frequency 1 post / day Blog thelastmixedtape.com

6. Killing Moon Limited

Killing Moon Limited

London, England, United Kingdom – Killing Moon Limited is a London-based independent music company. Killing Moon was born in 2011 out of a sense of rejection by the wider music industry.

Frequency 5 posts / quarter Blog killing-moon.com

7. Right Chord Music

Right Chord Music

London, England, United Kingdom – Right Chord Music champions incredible unsigned music, we are a top 50 ranked UK music blog. Our Lost On Radio Podcast has found listeners in 150 countries. Right Chord Music (RCM) champion incredible undiscovered & under-appreciated music from around the world.

Frequency 2 posts / day Blog rightchordmusic.co.uk

8. IndiePulse Music Magazine

IndiePulse Music Magazine

California, United States – IndiePulse Music is a Music Magazine dedicated to the independent music scene across the world and to the artists that strive for the pleasure of making music. IndiePulse Music provides news, reviews and interviews supporting the indie music scene and the music underground.

Frequency 5 posts / day Blog indiepulsemusic.com

9. Independent Music Promotions

Independent Music Promotions

Canada – Independent Music Promotions is a highly respected music PR and music marketing company. We have spent years building our music industry contacts, which allows us to promote our clients in the most prestigious print publications and online digital media.

Frequency 2 posts / day Blog independentmusicpromotions.c..

10. Independent Music Reviews

Independent Music Reviews

Your resource for Inspired Independent artists and inspiring albums. IMR Indie reviews, news, releases, singles and vids.

Frequency 4 posts / week Blog independentmusic.reviews

11. Turtle Tempo | Independent Music Discovery

Turtle Tempo | Independent Music Discovery

London, England, United Kingdom – A London-based music blog that cares about new music. We are committed to giving talented indie & alternative music artists the recognition they deserve.

Frequency 30 posts / week Since Apr 2016 Blog turtletempo.co.uk

12. Thank Folk For That

Thank Folk For That

UK Folk Music Magazine – News, reviews, videos, interviews and more from the world’s best upcoming and established folk music artists

Frequency 2 posts / week Blog thankfolkforthat.com

13. Indie30


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – Indie30 is an independent music blog run by a very small band of music tragics from Australia who believe passionately in promoting independently made music from right across the globe. The term ‘indie’ simply means music made by independent artists who value and defend their artistic freedom.

Frequency 2 posts / week Blog indie30.com

14. The Sound Sniffer

The Sound Sniffer

‘The Sound Sniffer’ is a freshly established music website operating out of London. Our aim is to bring the best new music closer to you; we trawl tirelessly around the net to find the freshest most golden new songs and artists. We Listen and Review our very favourite submissions

Frequency 3 posts / day Blog thesoundsniffer.com



Spring, Texas, United States – Under the Counter is a project established late-2018 by Travis Shosa (me) with the purpose of providing another small avenue through which independent artists may have their art discovered, primarily by means of cassette releases on the Under the Counter Tapes record label and now this site, Counterzine, where I, along with contributors, will periodically write about particularly compelling independent art.

Frequency 3 posts / day Blog counterzine.com

16. Indie Top 39

Indie Top 39

London, England, United Kingdom Indie Top 39 is an independent music blog founded by Dov Zavado. Our mission is to introduce you to the best new indie artists.

Frequency 2 posts / week Blog indietop39.co.uk

17. Black of Hearts

Black of Hearts

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Black of Hearts is an independent music website that focuses on showcasing local & international music from around the globe.

Frequency 5 posts / day Blog blackofhearts.com.au

18. MonkStar Music | Youtube

MonkStar Music | Youtube

Hyderabad, Telangana, India – Monkstar is the India’s First Independent Music Platform. Their dream is to make Independent Music a standalone industry in India, a force to be reckoned with. By partnering with music artistes, we seek to empower and help them grow in more ways than one.

Frequency 1 video / year Blog youtube.com/channel/UCPl3..

19. Musik Indie | Youtube

Musik Indie | Youtube

Indonesia – Musik Indie is a The largest Youtube Channel Independent music band from Indonesia

Blog youtube.com/channel/UCPum..

20. All Indie Magazine

All Indie Magazine

Los Angeles, California, United States – All Indie Magazine was founded and established in May 2009. All Indie Magazine features music reviews, interviews, in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the independent music scene, a source of information for independent music artists on how to succeed in the industry, and is the official blog of the Artists In Music Awards.

Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog allindiemagazine.net

21. SO-UK: Music | Independent Music Services

SO-UK: Music | Independent Music Services

London, England, United Kingdom – Providing services to artists, musicians, DJs and events in the music industry. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog so-uk.co



Promoting Underground, Unsigned and Independent Artists Through Media.

Frequency 6 posts / month Blog ubomag.wordpress.com

23. Guitar & Pen

Guitar & Pen

Reviewing seminal rock releases of our time and digging for the gems, so you don’t have to.

Frequency 3 posts / month Since Jan 2020 Blog guitarandpen.com

24. IndieBlogFest | Keeping you in the know about your favourite bands

IndieBlogFest | Keeping you in the know about your favourite bands

Preston, England, United Kingdom – A music blog focused on promoting up & coming bands, and keeping you up to date with all the latest music news. We are an independent music blog, talking about everything from new music and gig reviews to tour news and festivals. Subscribe to get latest articles from this blog.

Frequency 2 posts / year Since Jun 2015 Blog indieblogfest.com



UNXIGNED is a crowdsourced, genre-fluid music and artist discovery blog that aims to help independent artists be heard globally and to provide them with a unique press framework that grows their value, relevance, and fan base.

Frequency 5 posts / week Blog unxigned.com

26. Turbo Nun Entertainment Group It’s all about the Music

Turbo Nun Entertainment Group It's all about the Music

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – Established in 1998 Turbo Nun is responsible for releasing compilation albums, booking gigs, producing music videos, organising tours and radio PR. TNEG is all about supporting the independent music scene and allowing bands to perform in an environment where there are no restrictions or labels and where one’s success is simply attributed to putting in the hard yard.

Frequency 4 posts / quarter Since Jul 2017 Blog turbonunentertainmentgroup.w..

27. Mix It All Up

Mix It All Up

United Kingdom – Mix It All Up is a music blog which talks about signed and/or unsigned bands. Bringing you music news, reviews, interviews and photographs from across the South of England and beyond.

Frequency 3 posts / day Blog mixitallup.com

28. Chalkpit Records

Chalkpit Records

England, United Kingdom – Chalkpit Records is an Independent record label based on the Isle of Wight & Leeds, Nurturing the next generation of rock stars.

Frequency 1 post / day Blog chalkpitrecords.com/new-blog



The blog featuring Independent Music and Artists.

Frequency 2 posts / week Since May 2020 Blog criesinindie.com

30. Wasilt


wasilt.com launched in February 2019 as a way to share favorite albums and new finds with folks who are looking for new music or are wondering, ‘What album should I listen to?’

Frequency 2 posts / day Blog wasilt.com

31. Friday Night Originals

Friday Night Originals

Kolkata, West Bengal, India – ‘Friday Night Originals’ or ‘FNO’, in short, is the first all-original independent music start-up from India. It is a platform that works for the upliftment of Original and Independent Music and its practices in India and beyond. Musicians, songwriters and bands, irrespective of their genre/language/experience, are invited to showcase and promote their Original Music.

Blog fridaynightoriginals.com/blog

32. IndieMusic Dimension

IndieMusic Dimension

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Indie Music Dimension is a global stage for new-music, daily posts and hundreds of really talented artists released. Our preferences lean towards indie, rock/pop/electro/folk/alternative, R&B, funk and soul.

Blog imdstage.com

33. NoiseDart


Brooklyn, New York, United States NoiseDart is a blog with one goal – To introduce people to good music, with an emphasis on music that is sidelined, underrepresented, or underappreciated.

Frequency 30 posts / year Blog noisedart.com

34. Indieófilo


Spain -Indieófilo is a project that began in mid-2011 as a platform for cultural exchanges mainly focused on independent music. As time goes by, the project has been growing with the collaboration of different people who have always believed in how we understand the culture: free, global and accessible to all audiences, enabling us to get to know people & wonderful places with culture as a unique ticket.

Blog indieofilo.com/?lang=en

35. Indie Music Network

Indie Music Network

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States – Indie Music Network, a division of Troytown Entertainment,LLC. started in 2012 by Founder Kenneth Troy. Their primary mission is to provide creative marketing & promotion for Independent artists in R&B, Jazz & Gospel throughout the world. Theyre dedicated in providing the best music seldom heard in mainstream for our audience to experience new Independent artists throughout the world.

Blog indie-music-network.com/blog

36. The Shadow On The Wall

The Shadow On The Wall

New Zealand – The Shadow on the Wall is a music blog featuring independent music. Its only purpose is to support new and talented artists and promote the work of independent record labels from around the world. I carefully curate the music featured in these mixtapes with dedication and passion. I do not seek any financial gain and/or commercial advantage. Music I love and support: indiepop, twee, dreampop, shoegaze, janglepop, lo-fi,

Frequency 1 post / month Blog theshadowonthewall1.tumblr.com

37. New Sounds

New Sounds

New Sounds; New Music Paper is distributed nationally in all Rough Trade, HMV and Independent music outlets.

Frequency 7 posts / week Blog newsoundsmag.co.uk

38. The Indie Folx

The Indie Folx

United States – The Indie Folx is the best place to discover new independent music.

Frequency 18 videos / year Since Jul 2015 Blog youtube.com/channel/UCxDQ..

39. IndieSound


IndieSound is a music platform for independent artists. Discover, share and promote your music along side 50,000 top indie bands from around the globe.

Frequency 6 posts / year Blog indiesound.com/blog

40. [PIAS]


London, England, United Kingdom – [PIAS] champions and supports the best independent music in the world across our unrivalled international network. [PIAS] embraces these passionate people offering financial investment and key resources to ensure that their artists are given the best chance of global success. Today, [PIAS] is a 250-strong global team supporting the cream of independent music across the globe.

Blog pias.com/category/blog





We sat down with The Wombats’ frontman Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy to hear all about Love Fame Tragedy, collaborations and more. 


Heya Murph!

Maz and Glynn here.  Awesome to meet you.  We love your music and are very excited to sit down and talk about your new album ‘Wherever I Go, I Want to Leave’

It’s been 13 years since the Wombats’ debut album – what made you do a side project?

Not sure to be honest. I wanted to try something new and it felt like the timing was right if i was ever gonna do it. Also i wanted to collaborate with whoever i wanted to in the studio, which isn’t too simple with the other band.


This being your debut album – how long has Love Fame Tragedy been in the works? And how long did it take to record?

It’s been two years or so, with two songs pre dating that. The album was recorded in LA, London & Sydney over 7 weeks or so. Most of the songs were written 2018/2019.


Who does Love Fame Tragedy consist of or is it strictly a solo project?

I think of it as a new band primarily and I put a heavy emphasis on collaboration and got some pretty cool people / friends to play on it. But yes i guess it is a solo project, but i really want it to be something more than that.


We heard you recorded part of the album in Sydney during the Australian bushfire crisis. What was that experience like and did it influence any tracks on the new album?

The songs were already written but the fires definitely made it an interesting few weeks for us. Landing in all that smoke made me feel so sorry for a country that has always been so close to my heart. However, at the same time i also felt i saw the depth of the Aussie spirit in action.


There are quite a list of famous artists that you collaborate with on the album, which was the most enjoyable and why?

Probably Gus (Ungr-Hamilton) from Alt-J. We have been friends for a long time and it was just really relaxing, easy and enjoyable. We drank some wine and he just did his thing, it was a lot of fun and i hope we can do more stuff together in the future.


Do you have a favourite track on the album?



Where did the name ‘Love Fame Tragedy’ come from?

It was the title of a Picasso exhibition I saw at the Tate Modern in London. The paintings were primarily of a woman he was having an affair with outside of Paris.


Describe your songwriting process?

Get into a dark room and freak out until things start happening . I also write a lot of potential titles in my phone. Song titles are really important to me and often indicate how much time and effort i creatively put into an idea.


Are you expecting to reach a new audience with this album?

I hope so, yes. It’s not a vanity project and we are all taking it seriously. Convincing certain people of this going to take time and maybe a couple more albums. But i knew what i was getting into!


We love the track ‘My Cheating Heart’  what’s the inspiration behind the song?

It’s loosely based on some early trips to San Francisco with my wife during the honeymoon period of our relationship. Parts of it also seem to deal with the pros and cons of monogamy.


Do you have any plans to tour?

Yes, but the pandemic has seen to those ideas. It might now be a case that we tour harder when the second album is ready to go. At this stage it’s hard to tell.


Since you are the primary songwriter for the Wombats – How is Love Fame Tragedy different?

I mean in certain aspects its not, but there are less hoops to jump through, and the time i save on interpersonal silliness i can pour into my creativity.


What do Tord and Dan think of your work? Is it the end of the Wombats?

They’ve been very positive.  And not it’s not.


Who were your musical influences growing up that made you want to become a musician?

Elliot Smith, The Beatles, Radiohead and Neil Young.


What is harder? Being a musician or a father?

I have to say a father. I put more pressure on myself to be a good father than i do to make good music.


Whats the strangest thing you’ve read about yourself?

That i formed the band in Iran.


Finally, were you not a musician – what would you be doing today?

I have very few life skills, so i really don’t know. Maybe something in golf. Lol!


Thanks for sitting down with us Murph!

The album is epic and a huge hit – we’ll see you when you’re next Down Under.

Beers are on us!

Maz & Glynn

Black of Hearts


Love Fame Tragedy’s debut album ‘Wherever I Go, I Want to Leave’ is out now.




Josie Proto shares her debut body of work – Pub Songs: Volume 1 EP

Josie Proto shares her debut body of work – Pub Songs: Volume 1 EP



Following a monumental start to her career this year, rising British talent Josie Proto today shares her debut body of work – Pub Songs: Volume 1 EP.

Josie has been steadily forging a path for herself throughout 2020, with her endearing, playful approach to music instantly capturing the attention of millions (as well as Lily Allen) via her confidence-inducing track “BTEC Lily Allen”, which immediately went viral across Tik Tok.

Follow up singles “Sliced Bread” (“a breakup song that’s not about crying into your pillow and burning photos of your ex”) and “Burner”, a playful critique on misinformation spread through social media, have been just as well received by the 19 year old’s rapidly growing fanbase, with a significant set of stats building for the British artist: 4.5M+ Tik Tok views, 50K+ across socials and 200K+ Spotify streams.

An intriguing young artist, Pub Songs: Volume 1 is an exciting window into the unique world of Josie Proto. Josie’s witty lyrical style – delivered in a quintessentially British manner – shines across the EP, capturing teenage experiences through her sharp, amusing song writing from a more matured, reflective angle. Paying full attention to all details of her craft, Josie skilfully brings these themes to light through the production’s usage of childish, naive, simple sounds; Game Boy synths and dinky pianos coated over toy-like drum beats.

Of the EP, Josie explained: “PUB SONGS: Volume 1 is a collection of angsty teenage pop songs in essence. Some of the songs were written when I was about 16 and others were written recently, but all of them will remind you of alcopops and crushes! I like to think that the songs in PUB SONGS really are a summation of my teen years and also of my personality. There are songs about escapism and wanting to run away and there are songs about hating the words ‘I Love You’; some are happy, some are angry and some are just plain moany! I think they feel like reading a bit of a diary that I used to keep or maybe a collation of phone conversations with best friends.”

Inspired by the vulnerability of Carole King and Nina Simone as well as the everyday relatability of Madness, at just 19 years old the British teen is taking all these formative sounds and experiences somewhere new. With acclaim already coming in from top-tier tastemakers like CLASH, EARMILK and Radio 1 amongst significant blog hype, Pub Songs: Volume 1 is a celebration of a well-earned buzz around the teenager and a marker of bigger things to come.


  1. Sliced Bread
  2. BTEC Lily Allen
  3. Burner
  4. Wales
  5. 3 Words

Emerging British band MIYA MIYA share their debut EP Cold Blood

Emerging British band MIYA MIYA share their debut EP Cold Blood


Cold Blood

The EP comes through as a polished, cohesive five-track body of work representing the band’s unique fusion of anthemic stadium sounds with alt-pop vibes which they have been gaining traction for in 2020.

Cold Blood’s two singles – the explosive “Underwater” (WATCH) and cinematic experience “Hometown” (WATCH) – have already racked up over 350K collective streams since launching earlier this year, with acclaim coming in from top-tier tastemakers such as Radio 1 and Clash alongside significant editorial support from Spotify – certifying the band’s reputation as a rising talent to keep tabs on. 

The four-piece – Ginnie (vocals), Jordan (vocals / keys), Gio (guitar) and James (drums) – started making music together after they connected at university. They formed a songwriting team to write and produce music for other artists, racking up credits with their unique, powerfully emotive style; most notably “All Night Long” by Jonas Blue & Retrovision, which hit top spots in streaming charts around the world and the No.1 spot on the Billboard Dance Chart.

They grew up listening to classic artists like Fleetwood Mac, Queen and Jeff Buckley, which has heavily influenced their ‘distressed glamour’ style and huge, layered music. This timeless sound, coupled with the inspiration from contemporary artists like Imagine Dragons and The Chainsmokers, has given MIYA MIYA an exciting combination that blends intimate storytelling with an epic stadium sound.

After honing their craft behind the scenes, 2020 marks MIYA MIYA’s first foray onto the scene as a fully-realised band with Cold Blood; a selection of captivating sounds from an undeniably talented collective stepping out into the spotlight who are sure to pick up heat through 2020 and beyond.






Sydney-based rapper ZEKIEL has returned with his new single “9 Days Straight”, a low-fi, trap-pop infused track that combines his signature melodic flow with the relatable and poignant message of feeling like a misfit.

The follow up to his 2019 track “Skipping School”, which saw ZEKIEL praised by the likes of PileRats and Life Without Andy, “9 Days Straight” tells the story of the exciting artist’s move to Sydney from his small hometown in Queensland. The lyrics speak to the heart of anyone who has ever felt misunderstood, overworked, and far from home, intolling, “take me back to the place I know, where the grass is green, and the love I get ain’t on a screen.”



“Everybody has their own personal battles and “9 Days Straight” is the story of mine,” said ZEKIEL. “A constant cycle of self reflection, addiction and disregard for my own well being. I had a bout of stress related insomnia at the end of 2019 when I wrote this song. At the time I would have only slept about 12-15 hours over 9 days (night shift work hours, struggling with addiction, poor diet)… I was physically exhausted, physiologically vulnerable and on the verge of a major breakdown. The chapter in my life I call; one step forward – two steps back. I wanted to highlight the contrast between the highs and the lows that I couldn’t seem to escape.”

The music video for “9 Days Straight”, premiered by Music Feeds, was shot almost entirely by Zekiel himself, and strongly conveys the idea of feeling lost and confused embodied by the song itself.

Growing up in the Queensland town of Mackay, 23-year-old ZEKIEL is one of six children. Moving to Brisbane at 18, ZEKIEL flexed his newfound passion for writing and performing, while working hard independently promoting his music, before the hustle saw him move to Sydney in 2019.

Quickly building a network of talented next-generation artists around him, ZEKIEL puts a particular emphasis on collaboration and championing the success of those around him. It’s something he believes that makes this new generation of musicians unique. Instead of viewing each other as competition in this cut-throat industry, they work collaboratively on each other’s projects.

Since moving to Sydney he’s worked with the likes of Thelma PlumCosmo’s Midnight and Jack Gray – as well as working as a topliner and guest writer.

Wise beyond his years, ZEKIEL says of his craft: “It’s hip-hop. It’s pop. It’s songwriting. It’s ZEKIEL. I love melodies, I love a good beat, but personally, I try to focus on storytelling more than anything. If I can connect to a concept or an idea, I can really hone in and bring it to life. If the lyrics stir a feeling or connect with somebody, then my job is done. Sometimes that feeling could be melancholy, other times it could be joy, that’s the beauty of songwriting and music. You are in control of what people hear and feel. I love that.”

“9 Days Straight” is available on all streaming platforms now.


Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify | Soundcloud




Following a string of huge sold out shows together, Sonny Fodera and Dom Dolla now team up for new single ‘Moving Blind’ via Sweat It Out / Solotoko.

Having teamed up for their first roadblock US tour in 2019, the start of 2020 saw Sonny Fodera and Dom Dolla back on the road by popular demand selling out over 10,000 tickets across The Shrine in LAMission Ballroom, Denver and The Midway, San Francisco.

Working on Moving Blind from an NYC studio amidst a busy touring schedule, the duo have already road tested this certified dance anthem, receiving incredible reactions along the way. Ahead of the rescheduled remaining co-headline East Coast dates in November, Moving Blind is set to satisfy the cravings of fans around the globe who eagerly await the chance to catch the duo in the flesh once more.

The accolades between the two are endless, with Sonny dominating both club and crossover realms with his critically acclaimed RISE LP last year, multiple Beatport no.1s and his recent single One Night alongside MK that amassed over 22 million streams whilst landing BBC Radio 1 daytime playlisting.

This new single also follows Dom’s remix for One Night adding further recognition to its release. Meanwhile, Dom’s recent originals  Take It and San Frandisco have amassed over 60 million streams combined, landing Beatport no.1 spots, earning him BBC Radio 1 Pete Tong’s future star and additional plays from R1, Triple J, Beats 1 and more.

With new tour dates in the pipeline, Sonny Fodera and Dom Dolla’s Moving Blind is set to continue the pair’s glowing partnership until clubland unveils its doors once more. Combining their undeniable skill, Moving Blind weaves husky vocal hooks with elastic synth leads and bumping basslines, making for a hypnotic house groover destined to be heard in its natural club setting and intimate home dancefloors alike.

Sonny Fodera, Dom Dolla – Moving Blind is out now via Sweat It Out / Solotoko.





Tickets on sale now: http://bit.ly/DOMDOLLA2020

Thursday 22nd October – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide | 18+
Friday 23rd October – Centenary Warehouse, Perth | 18+
Thursday 29th October – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane | 18+ SOLD OUT
Saturday 31st October – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney | 18+ SOLD OUT

Tickets on sale now: https://sonnyxdom.com/

Thursday 5th November – Concord Music Hall, Chicago IL | 18+
Friday 6th November – Secret Warehouse, Brooklyn NY | 19+
Saturday 7th November – Big Night Live, Boston MA | 21+

For more info on Dom Dolla, visit:

For more info on Sonny Fodera, visit:




Boasting a rich musical pedigree, it’s no surprise that explosive newcomer Grace Farriss is sure to impress and set tongues wagging as she today shares her impressive debut single, All The People, a funky fireball of a track with a powerful and timely message – to celebrate the interconnection between the diverse cultures that shape the world.

In a nutshell, Grace Farriss is a poet, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, painter, artist, author and environmentalist. Born into an artistic and musical family and the daughter of rock and roll royalty, Grace grew up in the United Kingdom and Australia, her parents Shelley Farriss, a lead theatre actor and yoga teacher and Andrew Farriss, a farmer and the main composer and songwriter for INXS.  Having played guitar for most of her life after being gifted a nylon string guitar from her parents for her twelth birthday, Farriss explains,I was always encouraged to play the piano and guitar growing up, we express a lot of music and art in our family and my Dad’s amazing writing style is genius and has inspired me beyond knowledge and so greatly.”

All The People was recorded and produced by Tony Buchen (The Preachers, Montaigne, G-Flip) in LA at his Lucy’s Meat Market Studio, and Valentine Recording Studios, and mastered by Leon Zervos (Amy Shark, P!nk, Maroon 5). It is a bold and soulful introduction to this exciting artist that oozes talent and fun with this effortlessly cool, 70s-inspired funky disco powerhouse track that is driven by crisp saxophones and gallant horns, balanced perfectly with a potently catchy, dreamy chorus – exceptional musicianship on full display here from the minute that drum beat, saxophone and bass groove hits.

All The People came about while I was thinking deeply about the larger and more worldly aspects of life,” Farriss explains. “The chord progression and rhythm of the song came first, very strongly, and then I put the melody and the lyrics over the top at the same time. I ended up singing the All The People lyrics unknowingly and the meaning became more obvious the more the song took life.”

Inspired by the world’s cultural diversity, Farriss says, “This song is an explosion of my heart and I feel in many ways at this time, the worlds heart. I have always had such a deep fascination with how all of the world’s cultures united and came to be and how we all interact with one another and interconnect through our wonderful cultural differences. What I feel other cultures teach you is that we are all one and the same, which I feel music and the arts certainly accomplish to bring this awareness to us all so intimately and so beautifully, internally and in celebration with one another.”



Currently studying her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Farriss is also an Ambassador for both the Jane Goodall Institute and SeaShepherd, and has founded her own environmental institute, The Grace Earth Organisation.  I am an active advocate for the welfare of our earth and the environment we inhabit. I support environmental causes, as this is what feels most important to me,” insights Farriss. “I grew up with and have close relationships with Aboriginal people and Elders who have so much essential knowledge that have taught me a great deal about the land and world we live in, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the movement towards us becoming more aware and conscious of our environment.”

Farriss is set to release her debut album Grace later this year, featuring performances from some of the world’s greatest musicians – The Section Quartet, Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley) on drums, Joey Waronker (Beck) on drums, Abe Rounds (Andrew Bird, Meshell Ndegeocello, Birds of Prey Score) on drums, Benji Lysaght (Adele, Father John Misty) on guitar, Ralph Carney (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and the B-52’s) on saxophone, John Kirby (Solange) on keys, and Todd M. Simon (Angel City All-Star Brass Band) on horns.

And as if she’s not busy enough, Farriss is also set to publish her first book, Poetry, Sayings and Stories that is due to hit bookstores later this year.

All The People is out now.





An integral part of the beloved Australian group All Our Exes Live In Texas, Kit (otherwise known as Katie Wighton) has announced her debut solo release, Good Guy.  A gritty, guitar-led powerhouse of a single, Good Guy calls out every dude who’s ever gotten away with bad behaviour.  Kit has also released a stellar clip to accompany Good Guy, created in collaboration with Gina Somfleth of Pop Candi Films (Merpire, Peach Noise, Press Club). 

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Kit has had to be creative with her single launch shows. After performing at ISOLAID on March 22 she was inspired to do her single launch show live on Instagram. With support from Bonnie Songs , Nancie Schipper & Hannah Blackburn, Kit performed live from her livingroom on Friday April 17 at 7pm AEDT. She had a Bandcamp set up with the idea that people can buy the single and donate what they may have paid to come to the show, and a percentage of the proceeds from the night will also go to Support Act to help those who are seriously suffering in our musical community.

“I find it very interesting that at the moment the things we seem to be talking about are our healthcare workers and hospitals, schools and universities and The Arts. In a crisis, these things become the most important and I hope that when we get through this awful time we will remember that.” Kit remarks.  “Being creative can sometimes be a burden but right now, it’s our biggest asset. I’ve been doing the crossword on Instagram live and also have started an insta-choir – which is so much fun. I was sitting in my room playing a Hank Williams song and really missing the harmonies, so I chucked it up on my socials and asked people to send in their harmonies. The second week has really taken on a life of its own – we did Two Strong Hearts and had drums and bass and even a wine bottle solo! It’s so beautiful to connect with people safely and bring a little smile to people across the interwebs!

Co-written with Ali Barter (also featured on backing vocals) and created with producers Dave Symes (Boy and Bear, Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins) and James Seymour (Merpire, Eaglemont), Good Guy is a sharp, hard-hitting track with a vital message.  One for fans of rockers Alex Lahey, Angel Olsen and Ruby Fields, Good Guy leads with its heart on its sleeve; with amps cranked and driving percussion alongside clever and playful melodies, this track is impossible to ignore.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Kit explains, I wrote this song with Ali Barter last year after having one too many conversations with amazing women about men in the entertainment industry getting away with bad behaviour.  There is a long and specific story behind it, basically I was tired of hearing sad songs by incredible women about other remarkable women who were wronged – I just wanted to get mad about it. The chorus is kind of a G-rated ‘fuck the patriarchy’.  One of the lyrics is ‘it’s bigger than us both’.  The conversations stopped just being about my own sadness, anger, disappointment and horror and turned into ‘What the actual shit is going on around us?  How can we fix this?’

The clip for Good Guy reinforces the message behind the track wholeheartedly.  Reflecting on the video, Kit says, “It’s kind of alluding to the experience of someone seeming like a lovely person at first and lulling you into a semi-false sense of security.  Then bam, they do something shit and you’re all confused.  And I feel like it’s so common now.  Sometimes it’s not even something that bad.  Ghosting and not replying to texts, not going straight for a condom, not being honest and open about where they’re at.  Anyway, it’s that.  In a film clip.  You’ll just have to watch it to get the full scoop!  And it’s shot in Melbourne at some of my favourite spots!  The patriarchy is giving me a lot of creative fodder, ha!”

Good Guy is a far cry from the exquisite folk stylings of All Our Exes Live In Texas that fans might know Kit best for, but it’s all a melting pot of influences as she explains, “I’ve been listening to different music – more rocky, raw stuff.  We played folk songs for a long time and I got to a point where I wanted to yell a bit.  Get my punk on!  And have my own voice too.  The band has definitely been a part of KIT, even if it isn’t conscious.  Those women are a really important part of my music and emotional history and it would be naïve to think it hasn’t influenced KIT.”


Good Guy out now through Believe.





Destroy All Lines are thrilled to announce the return of BLACK VEIL BRIDES for their Australian headline tour which sees them performing in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in June. Their long-awaited return is the band’s first Australian shows in 6 years.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES have championed the isolated, the dismissed, and the forgotten since the band’s early inception. That ethos and spirit persists in the fully realized incarnation of the band whose image is the object of devotion and obsession, and whose anthems are sung in unison by an international audience, a diverse legion who refuse to surrender.

In an era when rock music is regularly declared “dead,” BLACK VEIL BRIDES music videos have been viewed over a half a billion times. The band (and its members including vocalist, Andy Biersack, who was named as one of the 100 Greatest Living Rock Stars by Revolver) Instagram and Twitter accounts command close to 10 million followers between them.

In late November 2019, BLACK VEIL BRIDES released two brand new songs, The Vengeance + Saints Of The Blood = The Night, on the band’s brand new label, Sumerian Records. “They came, they went, they’re back again–Black Veil Brides exude far more heavy metal tones than they ever did before, and we like it.” said Hysteria Magazine

BLACK VEIL BRIDES have an impressive stack of awards and accolades under their belt with multiple Kerrang! Awards, Revolver Golden Gods Awards and Alternative Press Music Awards. Vale, the group’s most recent full-length album, went to No. 1 on the US Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart.

The band’s tour history reads like a textbook of subcultural mile markers in the modern heavy music scene. An initial hardscrabble headlining outing in 2009 has been followed by multiple mainstage runs on the Vans Warped Tour; tours with Slash, Motley Crue, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine; the massive Resurrection Tour, co-headlined by new labelmates Asking Alexandria; multiple US festivals, including Rock on the Range and Aftershock; and several appearances at the UK’s acclaimed Download Festival.

With a rightful reverence for the pop cultural icons of the past, the young outfit has nevertheless fashioned their own collective future, with relentless fury. In the hearts and minds of their fans, Black Veil Brides represents an unwillingness to compromise and a resistance to critics (personal and professional), fueled by the same fire as the group’s own heroes, the iconoclasts whose creative output, once dismissed, is now canonized.

Be sure to pick up your ticket for one of the hottest tours of the year.

Early Bird pre-sale: Wednesday 26 February, 9am local time
Sign up here to access: http://bit.ly/BVBAU20
General Public on sale: Friday 28 February, 9am local.Tickets from www.destroyalllines.com




We had the pleasure of seeing Irish band ‘Walking On Cars’ rock out at Max Watts in Melbourne for their first ever headline tour of Australia and NZ. 

It was a decent crowd turnout with the majority being Irish expats roaring on their heroes. They played a great variety of tracks from their 2 studio albums – Speeding Cars, Hand in Hand,’Too Emotional’ which was exactly that! Catch Me If You Can, Ship Goes Down,’ ’Don’t Mind Me’ from their brilliant 2016 debut release Everything this Way, and their latest release, ‘Monster’ which has 258 million streams and sounded brilliant!  Their tracks are heart/soul wrenching and unique!

Hailing from Dingle, Ireland these childhood friends looked very comfortable on stage with lead singer, Patrick Sheelhy engaging with the crowd regularly and expressing how happy they were to be performing ‘Down Under’ for the fans. The crowd knowing all the lyrics sing along enthusiastically, with Sheehy often pointing the mic into the crowd encouraging them to sing along with him. They were happy by the amazing response that were getting from the Melbourne crowd. You could see how much the crowd could feel the emotion and energy.



The band play the songs as if they were playing them for the first time, with every member of the band complimenting each other’s sound. You can see why they have such a massive following in Europe!

The 1 ½ set was a great chilled/rocking night, leaving all the fans and new fans wanting more! We highly recommend seeing them live! A great bunch of guys and we see a huge future ahead for them! Thanks for a great night!





 -Walking on Cars Interview –

” Being Creative is the Most Important Thing”

Irish natives Walking on Cars shot to fame in Ireland in 2012 with their debut single ‘Catch Me if you Can’ and have been shaking up the music scene ever since with their chart topping hits.

Following on from a summer of European festival shows and a sold out UK tour, the Irish natives make their Australian debut with shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Black of Hearts caught up with Keyboardist and Vocalist, Sorcha to talk about the bands spectacular new album ‘Colours’ and how they’re gearing up for a busy year.


How did you guys meet?

We met in Dingle the town where we grew up so we’ve known each other for a very long time. It’s a pretty small town where everyone knows everyone.


What motivated you to start playing music?

We started playing together at a time when we were all back in Dingle with a lot of time to spare, trying to figure out what to do with our lives and so initially it was just for fun. It was a natural progression to get to the point where we decided to take it seriously.


How did you come up with the band name?

It was a drunken idea after a gig one night.


How would you describe your sound to people?

It’s quite a full sound, very melodic with a mixture of rock and synth textures. We don’t try and stick to any genre in particular, it’s fun to keep it open and experiment.


Who are your biggest influences?

We have a lot of different musical influences. I’m a huge Arcade Fire fan. I come from a very musical house with a mixture of traditional Irish music and I trained in classical piano. Evan brings a rock vibe with some hip hop grooves, Paul used to play in a covers band so he has dipped in all the classics and Pa is very into singer/songwriters and any well written songs.


Name of your fav albums? Fav band?

My favourite albums are The Subarbs by Arcade Fire and Kingdoms In Colour by Maribou State. As a band though there’s definitely a few albums that have influenced us collectively especially when we first started making music together. Bon Iver’s Bon Iver, James Vincent Mc Morrow’s Early In The Morning and Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom.


Where do you gather song writing inspiration?

We have a studio space where we live, it’s quite isolated with amazing views.


Is there a main songwriter?

We all contribute to the songwriting and each song is different.


Is there a song you wished you had written?

Yellow by Coldplay


What is your song writing process?

Sometimes we Jam it out together in a room, sometimes we take more of a production approach and we also do a bit of Co-writing


We are loving your new album ‘Colours’! Esp tracks like ‘Monster’ and ‘Too Emotional’, is there a story behind these?

Monster is a song about facing something that has been negatively impacting you and Too Emotional is about when you’re so mad about someone that you get overwhelmed and can’t even talk to them.


You guys are about to do your first ever headline shows in Australia, New Zealand and Russia. Is there a venue/place your looking forward to playing the most?

We’ve heard loads about the Gactory Theatre in Sydney. Everyone keeps telling us it’s a super cool venue to play.


What has been the highlight of ‘Walking on Cars’ so far?

Selling out our Arena shows in Ireland and touring around the world is pretty amazing.


Where do you see yourselves in the next few years?

We’re going to continue making music and touring and just take it all as it comes. Being creative is the most import thing.


Last but not least, if you weren’t musicians, what do you think you would be doing today?

I’d love to have gotten into human rights, Paul would be surfing or golfing, Pa would be a soccer player and Evan would be a pilot. 


WATCH: ‘Monster’ by Walking on Cars


Dan McKie SINGLE ‘Old Skool New Kool’ OUT NOW

Dan McKie SINGLE ‘Old Skool New Kool’ OUT NOW

Barcelona-based, UK house producer and label boss Dan McKie heads into the second half of 2019 with new single ‘Old Skool New Kool’, out NOW on McKie’s 33 Music imprint.

A minimal cut brimming with tightly paced energy primed for the dance floor’s dark hours, the original edit sees McKie flick vocal samples and a smattering of disco melody up against relentless rhythms and brooding basslines. A big, dark and confident production, ‘Old Skool New Kool’ has reaped a wave of support from peers across the genre, including Tyree Cooper, Melodic Deep, Graham Gold, Roog, Oscar G, Per QX, Severino DJ (Horse Meat Disco), Lorenzo Al Dino, Kryder, Anna Lunoe, Treasure Fingers. The track also comes with Josh Wyen’s chugging, lingering progressive-tech remix, providing the perfect b-side to McKie’s own work.

Based in Barcelona and a regular in Ibiza thanks to his five-year residency at the iconic Café Mambo radio studios, McKie has been in the thick of Southern Europe’s renowned house scene for well over a decade. Supported by the likes of Danny Howard, Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Fatboy Slim, Rob Da Bank, Monki, B-Traits, Carl Cox, Vanilla Ace, Roger Sanchez and more, McKie has been bubbling under for long enough. With a string of original new music coming over the next couple of months, the UK artist looks set to finally take his place on the A-list as 2020 draws nearer.





An Ibiza, London, Barcelona and Andorra resident, Dan McKie the renowned DJ and producer behind an array of house and techno music across the entire spectrum of 4×4 genres. Be it funky disco groove, laid back beach vibes or dirty dance floors, Dan McKie is guaranteed to bring the fire. An eccentric, approachable and talented producer, Dan uses his unique and energetic blend of DJ sets to share his passion for electronica on the dance floor and in the ears of the iPhone generation. His work and his label releases (1980 Recordings) have been supported by the likes of Danny Howard, Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Fatboy Slim, Rob Da Bank, Monki, B-Traits, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Vanilla Ace, Roger Sanchez and many more. A regular over on the White Island of Ibiza with appearances at Space Ibiza, Es Vive, Turo Turo, Booom!, Carl Cox’s Sands and also Café Mambo Radio, Dan was also resident for Neil Moore and BFSB Radio as the official Ibiza Resident DJ, broadcasting live from the iconic Café Mambo studios from 2013 for a prolific five year stretch. He has toured regularly over the years as a Pacha Ibiza global ambassador and under his own moniker, playing venues in Egypt, the UK, Germany, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Spain, Ireland and more.