The energy was electric as fans eagerly gathered at The Gov to witness one of the UK’s most successful modern rock bands, YOU ME AT SIX, on their ‘Truth Decay’ tour. The stage was set, the lights dimmed, and the crowd erupted in cheers as lead singer Josh Franceschi, guitarists Max Helyer and Chris Miller, bassist Matt Barnes and drummer Daniel Flint took the stage. From the very first note, it was clear that this would be a night to remember.




YOU ME AT SIX‘s performance was nothing short of spectacular. They flawlessly delivered their signature sound, captivating the audience from start to finish. The musicianship was top-notch, with each member displaying exceptional talent and synergy. The chemistry between the band members was evident, creating an immersive musical experience that resonated with the crowd.




The setlist was carefully crafted, offering a well-balanced mix of crowd favorites and new material. YOU ME AT SIX kicked off the show with ‘Deepcuts’ and ‘Fresh Start Fever’, setting the tone for an unforgettable night. Other notable highlights included ‘Bite My Tongue’ and ‘Room to Breathe’, which had the entire crowd singing along, and slowing the tone down with ‘Mixed Emotions’, which showcased the band’s versatility and musical prowess.




YOU ME AT SIX not only delivered with some amazing musical talent, but their stage presence and interaction with the crowd were equally impressive. The lead vocalist, Josh commanded the stage, and with the band’s consistent energy, effortlessly connected with the audience. The visual elements, such as lighting effects and stage design, complemented the music perfectly, enhancing the overall atmosphere and adding to the immersive experience.








The connection between YOU ME AT SIX and the audience was powerful throughout the entire concert. The crowd consisted of new fans to long-term fans of all ages. They easily engaged the crowd, encouraging sing-alongs and creating moments of genuine connection. Josh interacted with fans, sharing personal anecdotes, and expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. This level of audience engagement elevated the concert from just a basic show to a collective experience shared between YOU ME AT SIX and their dedicated fans.




The live performance by YOU ME AT SIX at The Gov was an extraordinary event that had the audience rocking out from start to finish! Their 90-minute set wrapped up the night with their hit songs ‘Reckless’ and ‘Beautiful Way’, with YOU ME AT SIX proving once again why they are considered one of the UK’s most successful modern rock bands, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next tour. After seeing both the band and crowd maintain the same level of energy throughout their entire set, there is no doubt, this won’t be the last time YOU ME AT SIX will be rocking out in Adelaide!


  • Photos and review by JakeyVass Media for Black Of Hearts