Car Park Social are kicking off the post lockdown 2020 with a rocking split single release on the 14/08/2020.  Wasting no time lost between COVID; drummer Jon having a baby; and lead guitarist Paul needing a full shoulder reconstruction after a surfing mishap, the band are firing up all cylinders. 

The gritty garage rock of “Well With Me” blends into the road-trip groove of “10pm,” both very different but perfectly fitting in this split single release.  A common theme links the two: 

“As humans, we always desire things that when you really nut them down to their basics, hold no true value. And we do this without even thinking about the long-term implications of our decisions.  I think we all are starting to acknowledge this in regard to the environment, but really it is a common theme throughout all aspects of our life: work; love; family; friends; pursuits,” lead singer Dan explains. 



The split-single is just the start for Car Park Social. The band has locked in studio time again later in the year, with the much-awaited debut EP not far away. The band has grown exponentially in a couple short years, from humble beginnings at open mic sessions, to regular festival appearances (Blues at Bridgetown 2018 and 2019) and solid support roles: Michael Dunstan Album launch; Swamp Thing (NZ); Eugene Hideaway Bridges (USA) 

Hailing from the West Australian town of Esperance, Carpark Social knows what it means to live on the states edge. The band name pays tribute to the social interaction which occurs on a daily basis on the car park overlooking the world-famous West Beach in Esperance. As such there is a strong feeling in town that this band is as much a representation of the community, as it is of the band members.  

Raw and unhinged, the band has developed without outside influence and its sound is the product of the smorgasbord of individual influence from each member. The result is an eclectic, unassuming, ridiculously honest and full of life sound.  

Keep a close eye on these guys for 2020, or if visiting Esperance make your way to the West Beach Car Park – you will bump into them there! 






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