New face Jordan Laser has released her new single “Battleship” on August 19th. A gorgeously dark and brooding alternative pop release, with defining jazz and alt-rock influences, “Battleship” is Jordan’s foray into a new sound after spending the last few years developing her craft behind the scenes. Jordan’s vocals are the stand-out; pitch perfect and hypnotising, they are guaranteed to draw you into her world.


“‘Battleship’ is about both disillusionment and acceptance,” says Jordan. “On the one hand, the fantasy of who you wanted someone to be has caught up with the reality of who they really are and that’s an incredibly painful realisation. On the other hand, you’re accepting your fate…you’ve chosen this and so there’s some part of you that is coming into a state of grace about that.


I was feeling pretty lost and lovelorn when I wrote it. You want a rescue squad, but then you realise that no one is coming. Or maybe the person who is coming isn’t a very good swimmer. Either way you’re on your own, falling back onto yourself.”


The music video for “Battleship”, directed by Pete Majarich, is a gorgeously cinematic black and white piece, evoking a feeling of mystery, loneliness and seduction.




An exponent of moody, alternative pop, Sydney-based singer-songwriter and producer Jordan Laser creates songs that are arrows aimed straight at the heart. Reminiscent of some of her musical heroes – Kate Bush, Massive Attack and Stevie Nicks – her songs are also indicative of something much deeper: an ancestral line of musicians.

Jordan has been pursuing music with fierce dedication since she was a child. At the age of 7 she began playing piano; by the time she was 13 she was writing songs. Her first EP was recorded with Jim Moginie and Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil, and these songs established her as an artist with a promising future. She then stepped away from releasing music & live performance in order to expand her sound palette and recast herself as a producer.

Battleship” is the first marking of this new territory, a song that reveals melody-making and lyrical prowess, in combination with a lush soundtrack of brooding drums, pulsing bass lines and a mesmerizing voice. Recorded between her living room and a studio above a pub in Sydney, this single represents the sound of an artist who has finally come into her own.


“Battleship” is now available on all streaming services.