YUNGBLUD brings his energetic powerhouse show to the Croxton Bandroom

Yungblud brought his energetic powerhouse show to a delirious crowd at the Croxton Bandroom in Thornbury, Melbourne on Feb 8th.

As the expectant crowd waited for the much hyped firecracker to blow their minds – to keep themselves entertained, they had an impromptu sing-along to ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ by Jet as it played through the speakers, which would be much needed when the main act took to the stage!

 Darting onto the stage right on time dressed in an outfit as chaotic as his music, a half tartan, half black pair of pants with a black t-shirt covered with a leather sleeved black jacket littered with white writing. There is a deafening roar that greets him as he stares out at the crowd, his face lit up with a manic grin as he pokes his tongue out (something he does throughout the show) lapping up the adulation in pure rock star style!

 Born Dominic Harrison in Doncaster, England a little over 20 years ago, the genre defining Yungblud kicks off the set with kick ass ‘21st Century Liability,’ with the crowd immediately singing along to every word. Darting around the stage like a man possessed, his energy levels are impressive and you feel worn out just watching him as he doesn’t stop for a breather for the entire show. The crowd tries to keep up with him as they dance and sing along to every song, arms waving in the air lost in every moment of every song.

Taking it up a notch with ‘I Love You Will You Marry Me’ which is next up, has the entire venue jumping in unison followed by ‘King Charles’ taken from 2018’s self titled EP. At one point during the song Harrison runs over and plants a kiss right on his guitarists’ mouth to the delight of the crowd as they roar their approval.

They rip through ‘Psychotic Kids’ and ‘Anarchist’ before Harrison plants an L on his head with his hand to announce the next song. The crowd cheers as he launches into latest single ‘Loner!’ His straight from the heart socially conscious lyrics strike a deep cord with the youthful audience as he throws himself into every song as if his life depends on it.

The noise levels reach new heights when he launchers into crowd favourite, ‘California’. The crowd belting out the song as they sing it together identifying with the heartfelt message in the lyrics screaming ‘cos I’m young, don’t wanna die, yet can’t afford it’

His youthful exuberance is infectious as the end of each song is greeted with a huge boyish grin before he pulls a face sticks his tongue out, loving every minute of the undying adulation oozing out of the crowd.

Defined as alternative hip-hop, Yungblud is a mishmash musically across between Kendric Lamar, Eminem, the Clash with a hint of NWA and a healthy dose of in-your-face punk rock. The English nutter finishes the hour and a half set with the very personal ‘Machine Fun (F**k The NRA)’ the roar as he takes a bow at the end is deafening as he pokes his tongue out for the last time before he disappears.

 There are no visions of calming Harrison down as he is without a doubt a 21st Century Liability!

 An electric performance that takes your breath away and leaves you wanting more, a voice of the future, a voice to define this seemingly lost generation!

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