New Zealand’s highest streamed rock band Written By Wolves are today unleashing their long-awaited debut album ‘Secrets’! Releasing three singles from the album in the lead up, “Tell Me What You’re Running From?”, “Secrets” and “As Long As It Takes” each track has built anticipation for the bands first full-length, available now!


‘Secrets’ is an album full of thoughts and feelings that perhaps some people don’t generally feel comfortable talking about. As main songwriter for the band, Mikey Murphy has drawn influence from his own experiences and has essentially used his creative outlet to express thoughts he had previously kept as ‘Secrets’. Murphy explains that the album is “a snapshot of the inner workings of my brain and a way to release thoughts that I have been hiding and keeping to myself. A lot of the songs focus on mental health – my own, those around me and society’s current attitudes towards it.



There is also a lot of reference to the current state of the world and whether there will be anything left to save once we finally hit rock bottom – but as doom and gloom as that may all sound, the underlying theme of the whole album is hope and the idea that it is time to change the world and open up and talk about these things.

What people are saying about Written By Wolves:


What grabbed me about Secrets is though the band are classed as hard rock, they very easily topple over the edge into the pit of post-hardcore, even rolling over a little R&B debris on the descent. It’s a knockout journey … but it’s a journey both Murphy and you will be glad you took.”
— Anna Rose for Beat


“With an absolute banging opening riff we have ‘Tell Me What You’re Running From’, and it’s this stuff that Written By Wolves do so well. It’s attention-grabbing and makes you hang out just waiting for more.”
— Ebony Story for Wall Of Sound 


“The Auckland, New Zealand, quintet play catchy, bombastic hard rock that’ll pique listeners’ interest from the start and never let go. At the same time, the band don’t sound like they’re trying to serve you something sweet and easy to swallow — there’s a fight to their tone, a hard tug at the chains of their own emotion with every riff and wail that echoes the struggle most of us feel every day.”
— Kerrang!


This is big, anthemic, electro-tinged rock. Think latter-day Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars and Disturbed in their mellower moments.”
— HMV London


Written By Wolves first single “Tell Me What You’re Running From” was added to Apple Music playlistThe Riff, the latest single “As Long As It Takes” was added to Spotify’s editorial playlist Rock Out.where the band has amassed more than 178,000 monthly Spotify listeners and grown their streams to over 17 million worldwide. The band have collected over 52,000 subscribers and 10 million views on YouTube as well as receiving three Highly Commended Awards in the prestigious International Song Writing Competition for previous singles “Not Afraid To Die”, “Genius” and “Timebombs”.