Brisbane/Meanjin dynamic emo rock duo Upsetter release another set of two powerfully emotive new singles, Deserve and Martyr, a taste of what’s to come from the band’s debut EP ‘Doomgaze’, out Friday August 11.


Upsetter teamed up with three time ARIA-Award winning producer and long time friend Cody McWaters (The Chats, King Stingray) to record their defining new music, sharing honest self reflections, the journey of emotional processing and naked truths over the backdrop of sludgey guitar lines and passionate vocals.



Upsetter singles come in pairs, and this week welcomes the gloomy Deserve and its nostalgic counterpart Martyr. Deserve was the first song written for Upsetter, and ultimately inspired the sound of the band and set the tone for the rest of the record. Honing his craft, vocalist Jasper Webb found his voice with Deserve and built his vision from these foundations.


Thematically Deserve uncovers feelings of discomfort felt towards the end of a relationship and the things that go unsaid between partners. “It’s about how words unspoken can twist and contort into venom for your body and mind. Referencing the loneliness and emptiness of breaking up, the overwhelming disdain and self loathing that can come along with the uncomfortable change, and how that can manifest itself physically. Writing this track was greatly cathartic, as it’s too late to say the things to whom they needed to be said.


Martyr is both thematically and numerically the second half of Deserve. Written just after, Martyr shares parallels with its predecessor, speaking on the aftermath of moving on and ultimately wishing the other well.


Upsetter is established audio engineers Emily Hopley and Jasper Webb. Having found themselves working within the music community for nearly half their lives, Upsetter acts as an unapologetic outlet for big feelings and a cathartic avenue for venting. About life as creative artists juxtaposed against their career as technical artists in the music industry. 

As an artist and live sound engineer, Webb has spent years in the alternative and heavy music community, playing in prog bands Red in Tooth and Sum of Us, as well as punk inspired Salt Money and De Memoria. Webb tours heavily with Sly Withers, Windwaker, and Stepson as audio engineer, and has mixed Australian acts including Alpha Wolf, Void of Vision and Dream on Dreamer, as well as international acts Kublai Khan, Stray From the Path, Powertrip and Saliva.



The addition of and connection with bassist Emily Hopley has added the right ingredients to the mix. An audio engineer since the age of 15, the passionate and driven Hopley hosted a comprehensive three day workshop in January spotlighting female-identifying audio engineers at Airlock Studios in Brisbane/Meanjin. The sonic knowledge and know-how of Webb and Hopley makes Upsetter a force to be reckoned with. The world is at Upsetter’s feet. This is only the beginning.


Deserve and Martyr are out now and streaming everywhere now.


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