The Teskey Brothers release ‘Take My Heart’ – a stunning new glimpse into their third studio album, The Winding Way – out Friday June 16. At its core, ‘Take My Heart’ is a love song; an ode to the people in our lives, past and present, who we carry in our hearts and shape us as people.


Lead singer Josh Teskey says of ‘Take My Heart’:
“When you open your heart up to someone, like really show them all the layers of yourself, and you spend a big part of your life with them, it doesn’t matter who it is, they become a part of you and no matter what happens a part of them always remains in your heart and creates your life story. And the same to them, they take a piece of you with them. I think this about all the important people in my life, some of whom I still see, some who I’ve lost touch with and some who are no longer with us. They all played a part of who we are and I’d like to think we played a part in their lives too; they took a piece of our hearts with them. You could say take my heart and cut it into 7! But not sure it has the same ring to it! “ 



‘Take My Heart’ is one of the many moments of magic on The Teskey Brothers’ forthcoming new record, following previous single, ‘Oceans of Emotions’, that recently entered the Spotify Australia & Spotify Netherlands Viral chart. The arrival of ‘Oceans of Emotions’ last month coincided with the band’s highly anticipated third album announce, garnering performances and interviews across ABC News Breakfast & The Project, radio adds across various Triple M & ABC stations, plenty of community radio & online support but above all – and an outpouring of love from fans across the world.


The brothers are currently playing to sold-out crowds across UK & Europe from March – May (selling over 40,000 tickets) and most recently, played two headline shows in Amsterdam to 12,000 people. The band will tour North America throughout August, September & October, with shows selling fast!


Four years after the boys from Warrandyte’s globe-conquering second LP, Run Home Slow(2019), that followed their debut LP Half Mile Harvest (2017), the artistic vision of vocalist Josh Teskey and his brother, guitarist and engineer Sam Teskey is more defined than ever.


With the closure of their beloved Half Mile Harvest Studios in Warrandyte, where they recorded their first two studio albums, Sam and Josh made a conscious decision to try something different on The Winding Way and head to Sydney to record with acclaimed producer (and huge Teskey fan) Eric J Dubowsky (Flume, Chet Faker, Chemical Brothers). A bigger and more adventurous sounding record than The Teskey Brothers’ first two albums, The Winding Way is bursting with life. If Half Mile Harvest was the aural equivalent of the sun coming through in the morning and Run Home Slow was a whiskey in a dive bar – then The Winding Way is a fireplace burning, a warm escape from the cold and a full circle return to the magic of where it all started, two brothers bonding over their pure love of soul, while taking more risks than ever before.


The Teskey Brothers cover


The Teskey Brothers –The Winding WayAlbum out Fri June 16 through Ivy League Records Pre-order here


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