Following the release of her critically acclaimed sophomore album, MYCELiUM earlier this month via Mad Decent, Aluna is back today with the official music video for the album’s focus track, ‘Running Blind’, a collaboration with French producer and DJ Tchami, with vocals from Aluna and Atlanta-born artist, songwriter, and producer Kareen LomaxThe music video was directed by Priya Minhas.



Watch the music video for ‘Running Blind


Speaking about the new video, Aluna reveals, “Kareen and I met on the night that Beyoncé made history as the first Black woman to win the ’Dance Electronic Album of the Year’ category at the Grammys. That night we felt so free, riding around town celebrating, the little girls inside us taking over the vibe. Priya Minhas captures that feeling with the story of Jordyn, Trumuir, Haven and D’Maurier meeting on a hot summer’s day in the city, their whole life ahead of them.”


Talking about the track, Aluna explains, “This is an unusual track on the album because Tchami actually sent me this beat and I wrote to it remotely. The irresistible sound just immediately made me think of the insatiable pull that freedom has on me. In my experience, freedom is not something you win on your own, just like I wasn’t able to single handedly change the industry for Black women. When Kareen effortlessly added her poetry, the song took on a whole new level and I finally felt like it was doing the job it was meant.”


While Aluna has always defied dance music orthodoxy by virtue of her own predilection for the genre, she has also made inroads for other creatives to follow her unapologetic path. It’s why she’s quietly become a boundary-breaking force, merging electronic, indie, alternative, and pop and integrating voices rarely represented in this space. Change happens by reshaping and recalibrating the ruins of yesterday into a stronger tomorrow, but rather than wait around for the system to wake up, Aluna has actively architected structures to supportive a brighter, bolder, and, always, more inclusive future in dance.


On her latest album, Aluna shares: “The Mycelium is the cell network seeped into the fabric of nature. I’m not talking about the bloom or the fruits. You need to lay the groundwork to see the fruit one day. I got burnt out from trying to work with powerful people who have lots of money and no actual genuine care for what I’m trying to do. I realized there was no foundation where I was standing, and we have to build our own foundation. It’s not going to be all bells and whistles; it’s going to be substance. So, I broke some barriers and started mentoring creative fans. I built a community of Black Ravers on Geneva and by joining groups on Instagram and social media. Now, the album is my community I’ve created.”



Listen to Aluna’s new album, MYCELiUM HERE.



The multi-award-winning British (of Jamaican and Indian heritage) artist naturally began to build this ecosystem that would later become MYCELiUM, one move at a time, throughout 2022 in London, Paris, and Los Angeles. This time around, she emphasized the use of analog gear, infusing her music with organic and raw energy, and collaborating with likeminded visionaries worldwide, attracting a cohort of Black and LGBTQ+ collaborators and allies. These ranged from KOOLDRINK in South Africa, Roofeeo in Panama, Pabllo Vittar in Brazil, and Picard Brothers in France to TSHAChris Lake, and MNEK in London and many more. The result, MYCELiUM, a timeless celebration of 90’s era dance music and the communities and cultures that helped impact its movement and message to this day.



Speaking about the importance of the collaborators on this project, Aluna adds “I was always used to being the only Black person in the room, not only on stage, but also in all of the meetings and studio sessions. To be able to work with producers who are not only Black but LGBTQ+ was the most life-affirming stage of my career. Writing remotely also opened up the door for me to be able to collaborate with people in other countries too.”



Last month, Aluna released ‘Oh The Glamour,’ a delightfully deep groove assault to the senses, and collaboration with Brazilian GRAMMY® nominated artist Pabllo Vittar, GRAMMY® and BRIT nominated MNEK, and UK producer Eden PrinceListen to ‘Oh The Glamour’ with Pabllo Vittar, MNEK & Eden Prince HERE



‘Running Blind’ with Tchami and Kareen Lomax is out now!


MYCELiUM is available everywhere now.




1. Before The Bloom (Intro)
2. The Way I’m Wired
3. Underwater (with Route94)
4. Killing Me (with TSHA)
5. Supernova (with The Picard Brothers & Kaleena Zanders)
6. Love and Money (Interlude)
7. Oh The Glamour (with Pabllo Vittar, MNEK & Eden Prince)
8. Running Blind (with Tchami & Kareen Lomax)
9. Mine O’ Mine (with Jayda G)
10. Sugar (with Preditah & Lauren Faith)
11. Beggin’ (with Chris Lake)
12. Kiss It Better (with MK)
13. Playin Wit Ya (with Walker & Royce)
14. Future (with Kooldrink)



“The 14-track house-focused project features creative, interconnected work…altogether forming a foundation of diversity that’s the core of Aluna’s mission.” – Billboard

“With an increased focus on collaboration, inclusion, and ’90s-era electronica, the record serves as a celebration of community as much as it is a celebration of Aluna herself.” – Consequence

“MYCELiUM is both about individuality and community, with guests like MNEK, Pabllo Vittar, Kareen Lomax, Jayda G and more helping to amplify Aluna’s mission statement. The change is near tangible and wrapped up in euphoric, ’90s-inspired electronica.” – EDITION

“MYCELiUM is a loud-and-proud reminder of her proclivity to take risks, break down barriers and forge her own path to create music for the soul.” –

“A self-empowering bioluminescent web of floor-shaking bangers, MYCELiUM carves out a safe aura for people of color in a mainly white, male, Eurocentric corner of music.” – Flood Magazine

“On her verdant sophomore album MYCELiUM, dance phenomenon Aluna immerses you in the ecosystem of ecstatic inclusivity that she’s spent years cultivating.” – Grimy Goods

“With an emphasis on queer and/or Black artists from many different countries, she’s built a powerful statement about claiming your power while still leaving space for others.” – NPR

“MYCELiUM is spreading the message of everything Aluna continually fights for…and building a safe space for her fans and those who may feel marginalized in the dance music scene.” – Shondaland

“Another movement-inducing gift.” – VOGUE



Photo Credit: Maya Fuhr


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