Sydney rockers SUBROSA release dreamy new single NO COMPLY from upcoming debut EP, ‘Space On Earth’ out Friday August 4.


NO COMPLY is an unashamed love letter to rave and DIY culture in the city SUBROSA call home. Produced by Elliott Gallart (SPEED, Endless Heights), the new tune features eery lead lines reminiscent of dark post punk and new wave, pointing the finger at those in power and emboldening the unassuming power in communal expression.


“What started as a few lines reminiscing on a night out led us to exploring what these spaces and gatherings mean to a broader sense of resistance and freedom,” explains the band. “Like so many places around the world where developers have government by the balls, Sydney continues to see its incredible potential squashed by the big dollar signs.”



“Whilst towers and precincts devoid of most things human continue to go up, it’s the cracks and spaces in between that begin to hold more and more importance. In the warehouses and the laneways, the tunnels and the bunkers, ‘we’re making worlds they’ll never see’. With our hands and our feet, stomping through the night as most sleep.”


The music video directed by Sack Jingle documents a voyage to a secret location that sees members of the band encounter a few run-ins and some rogue operators. SUBROSA take a weird ride through Sydney’s back streets accompanied by the nocturnal soundtrack of the quartet’s latest track. Watch here.


SUBROSA return following their captivating debut single GALAXY which dropped last November, introducing listeners to one of Sydney’s finest and freshest shoegaze influenced punk rock quartets.


SUBROSA is Alex Hrdina (vocals), Benjamin Rowbotham (guitar), Henry Sinclair(drums) and Zach Martorana (bass/vocals) and are “…out to redefine the psych rock, punk shoegaze metal hop genre”, melding their eclectic tastes into driven walls of sound and moments of introspection. Drawing influence from DIY rave culture they seek to elevate the power of community born from these types of experiences and extend it to a band setting.


Forming just last year, SUBROSA find themselves in good company under the wing of artist development company Beastmode (SPEED, Terminal Sleep, Whatever, Forever). Last month the band stepped up to play Beastmode’s Back on the Map Vol 2 pre-show, joining Whatever, Forever, Pinwheel and Futureheaven. With more music just around the corner, live launches are soon to follow – stay tuned.


NO COMPLY is available now and streaming everywhere. Official single artwork below


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