Rufus Wainwright makes a most welcome return with the smart classic pop of brand new single Trouble In Paradise.

The song is full of firsts: his first with new producer Mitchell Froom on his new label BMG and his first new pop music since his 2012 Out of the Game album produced by Mark Ronson.

Not that Rufus has been idle these last 7 years, in fact he’s never been busier. He’s been travelling the globe touring, writing and recording operas and an elegant disc full of Shakespeare Sonnets. Last Easter he celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut album with a sold out show at London’s Royal Albert Hall of biblical proportions that also featured most of his 2nd acclaimed record ‘Poses’. Similar US and European dates were warmly received.

That precocious debut was recorded in LA as has his forthcoming, eagerly anticipated new album. “As soon as I got to LA I realised I wanted to make another of those good, old-fashioned records,” Rufus says.

Meeting producer Mitchell Froom cemented the idea and the two set about creating what promises to be a highlight in a career full of them.

Trouble In Paradise is about the fashion world but also applies to the state of the planet. As for the music, Rufus says it has “a sense of sophistication and an animalistic instinct.”

He adds: “After the opera world and natural aging, I can now sing at the full power of my abilities, and this record really shows that off.”

From a man who regularly makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with the sheer range and power of his voice, that’s one scary thought.  You have been warned!


Trouble In Paradise is out now.