Exciting newcomer Mr Big Stuff has today announced his brilliant, hooky debut single I Need Space, featuring synthpop auteurs Strange Talk, out November 1.  Mr Big Stuff, otherwise known as Gregory Truman, has also announced a quirky and fun video clip to accompany the track, created in collaboration with Lionel Towers (Gypsy & The Cat) and Andrew Mortlock (Cookin’ on 3 Burners, The Griswolds).  I Need Space is a witty, poppy introduction to this up and coming Australian hip hop artist.

I Need Space is a great example of a satisfying and exciting cross-section of pop and hiphop, and it’s impressive to see an artist debut with such a strong, established sound and aesthetic.  Cool and collected, Mr Big Stuff’s brilliant lyricism floats cleverly atop a bed of rolling percussion and smooth synths.  Strange Talk is the perfect artist to join in on I Need Space, and as the track leans into the chorus, you’ll be hard-pressed to get the vocal hook out of your head. I Need Space was inspired by a break up close to my family.  I was at the studio writing and I got a call from one of the people involved in the breakup.  We got talking and as I was holding back tears, they said to me I just need my space,” explains Mr Big Stuff, “I was in a bit of a sad mood, not knowing what to do – so I walked back into the studio, and 5 minutes later I Need Space was born.”

The clip for I Need Space travels far and wide, as the scene jumps from a surrealist library, to a vast desert landscape, to apocalyptic carpark, to an infinite galaxy.  The colourful, psychedelic clip is a feast for the eyes, and, juxtaposed against the melancholy theme of the lyrics, presents a vibrant reflection of a relationship that has just ended.  It’s fun, it’s strange, and it’s a must-watch, as Mr Big Space explains, Originally we had a space theme idea and then we kind of went for an idea of space overall – as in, the landscape of space and being transported to different worlds.  I had just gotten back from overseas when the idea for the clip was formed,  and within a week we had set up filming locations, props, outfits, etc.  It was a lot of work by the whole team and I’m very grateful to quality of the content that was produced.”

Mr Big Stuff is a new face on the scene, but it won’t stay that way for long, as an EP is already in the works for the charming hip hop artist.  Music and dance has been a passion for Mr Big Stuff since childhood, as he sweetly enthuses, “I love to live life to the fullest.  I was in a bad state, mentally and health-wise, for a while there, but now I have a new zest on life.  I used to hide away because of my size, but now I embrace it! I got into making music through dancing, and the love and feeling that music gave me.  I’m filled with joy to be able to finally come out from the shadows and show the world what has always been inside of me.”




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