Following the release of his recent single ‘Burnin’, Sydney based singer-songwriter Nick Marcus has announced the release of self-titled EP coming ​Friday, 18 October 2020​ along with his new single ‘Falling’ which is out ​today.


Falling is a heartfelt pop ballad with a powerful melancholy sound that delves into the unrequited heartbreak of falling too deep in love with someone.


“I wanted to express the feeling of someone who has fallen in love and the other person doesn’t feel the same way. I hope I expressed this with the acoustic nature of the piece and mellow percussion. I wanted to challenge myself vocally and I feel that this song brings out the emotions of heartbreak and longing for someone,”​ Nick explains.


Watch ‘Falling’ below


“This song is one of the latter songs on the EP. The EP showcases love in different stages of a relationship, with the early tracks more about lust and infatuation – through to the latter songs, about reminiscence and longing for the love to continue. ‘Falling’ is set after the point in time where you have been in a relationship with this person for a while” ​he adds.


The strikingly personal sentiment of the song resonates with anyone who has ever experienced any sort of heartache. The polished guitar and tight drum driven production encourages listeners to experience the vulnerability of this disjointed love.


Produced by Max Mitchell, ‘Falling’ is a slight sonic departure from Marcus’ previous release, the upbeat RnB/Pop inspired ‘Burnin’. Focusing on an mellow acoustic sound somewhere between Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur, the exploration of honesty and empathy is at the heart of this track.


Nick Marcus below


With his debut self-titled EP slated for ​Friday, 18 October 2020​, Marcus’ strong vision is evident and “Falling’ is a perfect example of the complex dualities explored throughout the project.


“Wow this song is so well put together! Everything sounds so good and crispy clean! wow yes, love this one.”​ – Doolie (‘Burnin’)


“An uptempo number that effortlessly blends smooth R&B rhythms and funky pop beats” – ​Amnplify (‘Burnin’)


“It’s a soulful R&B/pop tune with trap-infused melodies. The record has that soothing singalong effect which is suitable for those late evening strolls or drives.”​ – Aipate (‘Bad Intentions’)

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