Naarm-based (Melbourne) artist Mo•Louie dives into escapist electro-pop with her new single “Signs”. This marks a new era for the talented singer and producer as she delves deeper into her creative journey.





In “Signs,” Mo•Louie takes an introspective look at the quirks of reading into ideas and objects, exploring how the mind can attach meaning to them and how it can impact one’s life. The track introduces the sonic wonderland that lives within Mo•Louie’s brain, brought to life with pulsing grooves, sporadic synth and sample delights paving a bed for Mo’s lush and sultry vocals to lie in. Drawing on influences from realms of experimental, alt-electronic pop and movie soundtracks, “Signs” features mesmerising sound design reminiscent of Kimbra‘s latest work with a Mura Masa-inspired groove.


Reflecting on the track, Mo says, “Signs, for me, represent our brains delving deep into the meanings of inanimate objects & ideas (like horoscopes, myths or superstitions) in order for us to make sense of things, which is beautifully peculiar. Many times in my life, I have attached good or bad things that happened to me with a superstition or ‘sign’, and my mind goes wild trying to make connections. It has gotten a bit sinister at times, and I started believing these things so much that it would affect my life. I look back and reflect and see how powerfully creative your mind can become deciphering these fictions. I wanted to represent this with intricate & interesting synth sounds and samples, nostalgic moments, and a playground for the sounds going wild (like one’s mind). So I was very particular in creating the sounds and world for this song down to the very last detail.”


The visual world of “Signs” was brought to life by a team of artistic gems, including Bonnie Jarrett (photography), Nisal Atapattu (MUA & Hair), and talented designer Jarrod Reid who created a stunning black and white checked garment.




Mo•Louie made her debut with the release of “She Said” in November 2016, earning a place in the Semi-Finals of ‘The International Songwriting Competition 2016‘ (ISC). Following this, Mo has released a number of singles and an EP resulting in support both locally and internationally.


Since her debut, Mo has gone on to hone her craft, earning her a scholarship from Collarts to write & produce music during International Songwriting week at Popakadamie in Mannheim, Germany. As a producer, Mo•Louie crafts immersive soundscapes seasoned with samples magpie’d from her favourite films and video games with source material as far ranging as Reservoir Dogs to Mortal Kombat and the Met Gala red carpet with a deftness that earned her a shortlist for ‘Best Producer’ at the 2021 Music Victoria Awards.


Her single ‘Body’, released in 2021, featured in stellar publications such as UK’s Polyesterzine, Acid Stag, Women in Pop, Amnplify, MTV Upload and many more. ‘Body’ Music Video also made the semi-finals in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition. Mo•Louie’s 2022 single ‘Awake’, a theatrical, pop-electro anthem, was premiered by Cool Accidents. To celebrate the release of the single Mo•Louie played an intimate show to a sold-out audience at Long Play, where she re-created the visualiser for a live setting.


With new music showcasing Mo’s metamorphosis and maiden European tour dates on the cards for 2023, the stage is set for Mo•Louie to take her ever-expanding creative universe on global safari.


Mo•Louie‘s “Signs” offers a tantalising glimpse into the sonic wonderland that she has conjured up and will leave fans excitedly anticipating what is yet to come.



“Signs” is available on all platforms now.