Rising global pop star Stephanie Poetri shares two new singles, infectious dance track ‘Do You Love Me’ and heartfelt track ‘Touch’ via Infinite Thrills/88rising Records, distributed by 12Tone Music, LLC. The release of these two tracks cement Stephanie as an artist to watch who has no plans of slowing down. Listen HERE.


To commemorate the release, Stephanie has unveiled the music video for ‘Do You Love Me,’ watch itHERE. Directed by Jason Ano (Joji, August 08, 88rising) and co-written with Aldae Long, the dreamy music video is an unrequited love story in the eyes of the delusional party. Masked by a cheerful, upbeat production, the lyrics of the song reveal Stephanie’s true intentions and a bit of a cute obsession over whether or not her crush loves her back. The video showcases an emotional, vocal performance from the superstar, stretching from intimate verses to the irresistible hook, “Do you love me love me love me, yeah? Do you love me, love me, love me not?”


Speaking on ‘Do You Love Me,’ Stephanie explains, “You’re picking flower petals and wondering if this person loves you or not. Either way, I’m still fighting for you in weird ways. The meaning is actually quirky and funny, in my opinion. It questions if the romance is real, so we’re ironically releasing it on Valentine’s Day.


Elsewhere, the unpredictable and undeniable ‘Touch’ makes a connection as it details “missing someone’s presence.” Directed by Sarah McColgan (Mariah Carey, H.E.R., Charlie XCX, Miguel), ‘Touch’ interprets a romantic, mid-century modern story about wanting someone and the everyday routines that used to be shared. Stephanie reminisces in her quirky, fun-loving nature throughout multiple scenes with the complimentary mannequin-like figure who has recently left her side. Through ‘Touch,’ Stephanie gives fans another taste of the tone she is setting for 2020.


This past year was a tremendous moment for Stephanie. Her debut single, ‘I Love You 3000,’ went viral and amassed over 275 million streams since its June release, topped Spotify’s Global Viral 50 for over 4 weeks, and inspired countless covers and fan videos across the internet. With over 425 million streams to date worldwide, the pair of tracks properly introduce the Indonesian born songstress who has found and perfected her sound.


With more songs and surprises in store, Stephanie has started a conversation that will go on for a long time to come. “I’d love for people to fit this music into their day-to-day lives,” she leaves off. “If I can be part of someone’s soundtrack, whether they take the song as a positive or a negative, there’s nothing better.


Do You Love Me’ and ‘Touch’ is out now via 88rising – buy/stream it here. Watch Below:




Growing up in Jakarta, music may have seemed like a foregone conclusion for Los Angeles-based artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and creative Stephanie Poetri. After all, her mom Titi DJ remains one of Indonesia’s biggest artists and most recognizable personalities and her dad taught music at Stephanie’s school. However, her interests initially veered away from the spotlight and towards everything else—from music production and psychology to cooking and badminton. So, she kept her passion for writing a secret, even though mom caught her behind the piano once or twice! Nevertheless, music called to Stephanie.


Having built an impressive social media following, she often hosted Q&A sessions on Instagram. One day, she asked the internet to “send me a word or a phrase to write into a chorus.” As Avengers: Endgame opened in theaters a week prior, countless fans quoted Iron Man’s daughter by submitting, “I Love You 3000.” Stephanie used the chorus in a viral Instagram story as followers begged her to write a full version. She obliged. Handling everything from the artwork to the music video in her own in D.I.Y. fashion, “I Love You 3000” popped off as a phenomenon around the world. She scored nearly half-a-billion streams in six months, and received praises from BuzzFeed, E!, and Billboard.


With more songs and surprises in store, Stephanie has started a conversation that will go on for a long time to come.


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