Heading into the last month of Spring, there is no better time to release a floor filling banger for those Summer Sunday sesh’s. ‘Haunted’ is a debut single from Melbournite musician, producer FINFELIX aka Fin Bradley. A name that may sound familiar Fin Bradley cut his teeth as part of psyche-pop 5 piece Murmurmur and shared the stage as official trumpeter for City Calm Down, Harts, Gordi and Dance Party.

A track with dark hitting beats and deliriously seductive hooks, ‘Haunted’ shows off a blend of old and new. FINFELIX combines elements of vintage drum machines, synths, intertwined with smooth crisp production and soaring melodies. Fin elaborates, “I was listening to a lot of Jamie XX at the time and a friend asked me to look after his super shitty beginners Casio keyboard. I was mucking around on it one day and came across the kettledrum sound and started playing the ‘Haunted’ chorus riff. I recorded it there and then and built the rest of the song around it”

Having only played in bands in his musical career thus far, Fin has a strong appreciation for collaboration and called upon fellow Melbourne session vocalist Steph Greenwood (Kingswood, City Calm Down, Dance Party) to provide the glistening vocals to a relatable theme: A state of emotional limbo that manifests from an inability to fully express emotions, the emotional uncertainty that manifests from not knowing what the other is thinking.

With promises of upcoming singles featuring familiar names, yes indeed, this is the sound of floodgates opening.

‘Haunted’ is OUT NOW everywhere. Keep an eye out on the video coming soon.


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