Dutch indie-pop act LUWTEN, the moniker of artist and singer-songwriter Tessa Douwstra, have been making waves across Europe with their subtle, soothing and melodic pop releases. She has now launched into 2020 with double single release; “Control” and “Airport”, premiered by Zane Lowe in a BBC Radio Beats 1 World First, reveal the breadth of sound in her upcoming EP “Door”, set for release later this year.


“Control” has an undeniable groove, while maintaining the gentleness and subtlety that characterises LUWTEN. Tessa’s vocals are bright and effortless, weaving between lightly layered percussion and sparse, gorgeous melodies.


Listen to ‘Control’ below


“Being in control has always been a thing for me. I’m a perfectionist,” said LUWTEN. “I find it hard to be satisfied. I always want things to be better… But sometimes, I feel like I can let go and enjoy the moment. Writing this song I thought about what I actually lose when I lose control. Maybe I’m even gaining something when I lose it? Musically I wanted it to be sensual. Like when you dance or when you’re making love:you’re not thinking but living in the moment.”


A slightly more alternative offering, “Airport” represents a more mysterious potential in LUWTEN’s sound, imbued with almost eerie, orchestral production and trap-esque skittering percussion.


“This is one of the key tracks on the EP for me sonically,” said Tessa. “The airport being the metaphorical crossroad of a relationship. Are you going to get on that plane or not? It’s about letting go and ultimately treasuring all that was so wonderful about it.”


By splicing artificial sounds with organic instrumentation, samples and field recordings, LUWTEN’s brand of abstract pop explores one of life’s bigger emotional beats: how to reconcile a yearning for both solitude and companionship. It’s a quandary the world of today is suddenly coping with on a massive scale. Though the balance between spending time alone and with others is ever-changing, Douwstra finds solace in small, bemused observations she can clutch onto like cherished mementos.


Listen to ‘Airport’ below


LUWTEN has fast built a profile throughout Europe, with spins on various radio stations throughout the Netherlands, and now BBC Radio 1 in the UK. The indie-pop star has also seen support across streaming, including spots on New Music Friday in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Deutschland, as well as cracking the Netherlands Viral 50.

“Control” & “Airport” are available on all streaming platforms now.