Australian singer-songwriter Lily Papasunveils her sophomore release ‘Jackson’.Born out of a writing session in L.A.with Phil Simmonds and David Frank,‘Jackson’is the second track to be lifted from her debut album ‘Encore’, due in late 2020.The track opens with Lily’s instantly recognisable vocals.


Stunningly, they accompany a slowly plucked guitar and dream-like pop chords. The track reaches its euphoric peak in its chorus where low lit drums give space for pristine vocal arrangement. The track is a crisp sonic journey which draws listeners closer to the whimsical charm of Lily Papas. Sentiment wise the track touches on the themes of infatuation, loss and attachment.


On the themes of the track, Lily states ‘Jackson came from a feeling of wanting to move onfrom a hurtful place I had trapped myself in for a long time. It’s about a relationship that began with lies and distrust and how the deceit consumed me.We fell in love and have this beautiful relationship, but the pain of the dishonesty is still haunting me. ‘Jackson’ is about my own inner battle but also about the feelings of the relationship.’‘Jackson’ meets the high benchmark set by Lily Papas’ debut single ‘Wild’.



The track now sitting at close to half a million streams on Spotify cemented Lily as an unmistakably standalone voice in a world increasingly geared towards homogeneity. Off the back of it, she performed with a full band at the AO LIVE Stageat the Australian Openand featured on Channel 9’s The Today Show. Other highlights include support by Who Magazine, Brisbane’s Courier Mailand Women In Pop. Lily Papas has a transportive sound with tinges of London Grammarwith the grittiness and rasp of The Pretenders’Chrissy Hynde. Lily Papasprefers to trade on her passion rather than what’s in fashion, with her unique standalone sound undeniable. With ‘Jackson’ she cements herself as more than just one to watch in Australia’s pop sphere.


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