San Francisco based DJ/Producer Mz Worthy is known for pushing the boundaries of house music. Her deep understanding of production and crafting catchy soundscapes has resulted in the cinematic release of ‘Feel It’ out now via Club Sweat.


Mz Worthy’s distinct eclectic sound was inspired by early rave culture, cultivating her sound and technique on the dance floors throughout Washington D.C and New York before relocating to San Francisco. It is here she became one of the founders of Dirtybird party and record label and helped issue in the new era of electronic music. Releasing her first breakout track ‘Irst te’ in (2007) followed by a string of booming singles. Over the years she’s worked with the likes of Walker & Royce, Yolanda Be Cool, Thugfucker, Will Clarke and Stanton Warriors and had releases on internationally known labels Insomniac, Defected, Exploited and Toolroom. As well as releasing her debut album Disbehave released via her own label Anabatic Records in 2014.


After struggling with gender dysphoria for much of her life, Mz Worthy took to social media in December 2020 to announce she was transgender and identified as non-binary / fem. Through sharing her experience and feelings of this journey, Mz Worthy is proving that she has found her most authentic form of self expression and freedom which is clearly reflected in the stunning new tracks she is releasing and the expressiveness in her music production and DJ gigs. 



Returning this year with dance-worthy anthem ‘Feel It’, an infectious track which explores the euphoric feeling of losing yourself to the music and cements Mz Worthy’s notoriety and skills as a producer. Speaking on the creative process “While creating ‘Feel It’ I was connecting to this deeper sense of self, self love and acceptance. The moments when I would feel more connected to my authentic self have always been at night. As the lyrics goes “I Feel It Tonight” or I am feeling myself. On a second level I was also thinking about that moment on the dance floor when you are just feeling the music and the vibe. You let everything go and you are just there and feeling the music and the connection to everyone on a level you can’t explain. I hope while you’re listening you can just let go of it all and be your true self.”


After two decades in the business, Mz Worthy is no stranger to heating up the dance floor. Previous appearances in her career include playing everything from tiny clubs to mammoth festivals such as Ultra, Coachella and Burning Man. Playing a run of shows over pride month in the US, Mz Worthy charismatic live shows will be ones you won’t likely forget.


‘Feel It’ from Mz Worthy is out now via Club Sweat.



June 3rd – Out Loud Raising Voices Music Festival – Los Angeles
June 10th – It’ll Do – Dallas
June 11th – Red Dragon – Austin
June 25th – SF Pride – San Francisco
June 26th – Pride in Park – Chicago
June 26th – 1015 – San Francisco


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