SonReal boasts a whopping 170MM global streams, along with 125MM video views, and he’s not planning to slow down anytime soon. After a huge success with his March 26th single “bank on me,” SonReal returns with the track and video “bananas.” “bananas” is bouncy and positive, showcasing SonReal’s fresh, low-key hip hop influences and eternal inner light.


“All I remember with creating Bananas was absolutely losing my mind in the studio. I did like 5 verses on that song just because the beat slapped so hard. It’s one of those records you want to perform live as soon as it’s recorded,” said SonReal.


Opening with a earworm-worthy melody of bright guitar and beat-ready piano, “bananas” drops in quick like a summer heat wave with a sunny discovery: “everything I need is right in front of my face.


Ever the chameleon, SonReal defies categorization. With a hat tip to Top Petty in the chorus and a grateful nod to his mother, he pays homage to his influences.  (Mac Miller – “When I heard that Malcom died / I put my head against the wall”). In the final verse, SonReal concludes with, “..then I called my mother, told her that I love her ’cause I know that / everything I need is right in front of my face.” It invokes a sense of gratitude dashed with melancholy.


From the melody and lyrics, to the artwork and careful attention to detail in the creative direction, “bananas” reminds us to chill out, work hard, and to give thanks to the little things in life. It’s all we’ve got.


“We always love to address world topics in our videos in a comical and satirical way,” said SonReal. “It’s no secret that the value of social media validation has taken over the young world and we wanted to let everyone know it’s okay to not take it too seriously. In this video I go back to the drawing board and try to become the world’s biggest influencer. Thirsty as ever for attention I run through every option possible to go viral. Unfortunately none seem to go as planned & I am left once again questioning my viralness.”



SonReal started 2021 off strong with the releases of  “Bank On Me” and “Ride.” “BankOn Me” has amassed over 1 million global streams and 1 million video views. With a groovy visualiser and vibe, his second single this year “Ride” has almost 300,00 streams on Spotify.  With more than a dozen award nominations under his belt, four of them being Juno awards, SonReal is back and ready to flood the market with new music.


SonReal is the moniker of Canadian singer, songwriter, rapper and visual artist Aaron Hoffman. With years of international touring, more than a dozen award nominations, nearly 125 million views and over 165 million global streams to his credit, Aaron has made a name for himself as SonReal.


Bursting onto the scene with the quirky, now-viral video sensation “Everywhere We Go” (22M views), SonReal and his team set a high bar for visual content and songwriting. EPs and mixtapes followed suit, featuring songs and next-level videos like “Preach” and “ForThe Town” before SonReal’s full-length debut in 2017, One Long Dream.


Often told that his versatility and genre-bending tendencies are an obstacle, SonReal has always stayed true. Constantly pushing boundaries in his music and in his visuals, he has always aspired for more. Tracks like the Platinum-certified single “Can I Get A Witness” and “Problems” from One Long Dream were the first indication that SonReal had more to say as a songwriter, and more to accomplish as an artist.



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