Continuing to thrive on discovering new elements and avenues within her own musicality, Sydney producer and singer/songwriter SA.MAY returns with brand new music in ‘Easier’. Blending electronic production with woozy vocals and soulful instrumentation, the single comes out the gate strong – a great reflection of the Northern Beaches artist’s approach to her craft.


Recorded at home before heading to Ryan Millar (Illy) for mixing and Andrew Edgson (Matt Corby, Amy Shark) at Studios 301 for mastering, the release of ‘Easier’ at a time where a lot of us are stuck at home quarantining is timely. With a narrative structure centred on repeating the same thread of actions, the single is about finally breaking free of the cycle.


“It gets easier,” SA.MAY sings on the track, her vocals produced with a strange, hypnotic twist layered over them. A simple, central message, sure, but it is one that sticks as the song rounds out its three minute duration. “‘Easier’ is about a time in my life where I felt I was living every day in repeat, working in a job I hated stuck in a loop and it wasn’t until I quit my job that I felt free and everything felt easier.” SA.MAY


Making good use of her time at home, SA.MAY generated the music video for ‘Easier’ while quarantining herself. Filling your day with mundane tasks may not be the ideal way we want to pass time but as she sings, change will come and it will get easier to get by. “I made the video based on being stuck in quarantine feeling like everyday is the same, I feel a lot of people around the world can relate to this right now. With everything that is going on, I wanted to get the message out there that it does get easier.” SA.MAY


Watch ‘Easier’ below:



“With her next track right around the corner, [2019’s] set to be a new era for SA.MAY, one that we’re sure will take the local producer and selector to some pretty stellar places!”
Purple Sneakers

“When we talk about artists like Alison Wonderland hopefully inspiring other young women to enter the production game, people like SA.MAY are who we’re talking about.”

Spending 2019 working on new music and continuing to finesse her skills as a producer and songwriter, SA.MAY’s return is one that is already proving to have lasting strength as the rest of 2020 rolls out.



‘Easier’ is released Friday, May 29th.


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