RADOLESCENT deliver another slice of classic punk surf-rock with new single ‘Home’. Sophomore EP ‘EXCELLENT PEOPLE’ out on Thursday, July 22.


deliver another slice of classic punk surf-rock with new single


Sophomore EP ‘EXCELLENT PEOPLE’ out on Thursday, July 22.

Gold Coast loveable ratbags Radolescent unveil details about their sophomore EP ‘Excellent People’ and release their new single ‘Home’ today. The EP also features Triple j Unearthed favourites ‘Couch’ and ‘Calling Out’


‘Home’ showcases the band’s distinct blend of fuzzy rock and punk vibes which have been fine- tuned from playing at sold out shows supporting Dune Rats and Beddy Rays. The five-piece have also toured with the likes of Press Club, Ruby Fields, Bad//Dreems and The Chats




Isaac Atkinson (Vox & Guitar) from Radolescent explains the genesis for ‘Home’.


“I grew up in Surfers Paradise, a once popular holiday destination that has now faded into the abyss. A city which has been forgotten much like the streets of Kuta in Bali, although instead of local Indonesians selling rip off watches, it’s people with hard luck stories filled of violence and drug abuse. ‘Home’ depicts a night ajar, where I was under the influence of Acid and things got a little out of control. Experiencing weird encounters with people and my own psyche leading to a meltdown that calls for a chorus of “I’m going home”.


 The band’s five-track sophomore EP is a reflection on their fast-paced lifestyles, getting old and the mental and social consequences of past actions. The EP name was initially just the band joking around with titles and finding abbreviations for EP. Many months later a box of old polaroids appeared from Rachel’s closet (Rachel Gilligan: Vox and Guitar), and the name was cemented with “many old images containing all of our friends from the past decade, countless memories of festivals and parties, birthdays and cruisy Sundays.”




Radolescent spent the year of COVID recording and mixing the EP, beginning with the drum tracks at Blind Boy Studios, where  the group recruited the help of their close friend Ben Wade of the Beddy Rays to track the drums. “Isaac then recorded all remaining parts in his 11th floor apartment during state lockdown, taking turns of having Kerrod and Lachie over to track their parts. Upon Rachel joining the band they then tracked the vocals and sent the stems to Greg Reitwyk from Lunchroom Records in Melbourne. Finally the help of Dan Walker in New York was enlisted to master the tracks and the record was complete.” Radolescent



‘Excellent People’ EP tracklisting:

Calling Out








 ‘Home’ is out now!

EP: Excellent People is released  Thursday July 22  





“it’s really well crafted fuzzy surf rock and would turn a pretty good gig into a raucous, fun, scream at the top of your lungs type time.”

Declan Byrne, Triple j

“Radolescent have ignited a spark with this one. The slacker vibes have gone turbo for a careening garage rock ride with some winning dual vocals.”

Dave Ruby Howe, Triple j Unearthed

“Surf-rock luminaries Radolescent …”

Hysteria Magazine

“Straight out of the gate, the lady and gentlemen of Radolescent radiate pure octane…” 










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