Dreamy singer-songwriter Melbs bb has today announced her new single Astrology (clothesline), a catchy pastel fantasy with a dark, edgy underside, out January 22.  The artist has also released a sharp, self-made video to accompany the song, lovingly poking fun at the stereotypes of the signs of the zodiac.  To celebrate the release, Melbs bb will be playing an exclusive hometown launch show at the Workers Club in Melbourne on February 27.


Dream pop and inspired by indie icons Clairo and Beach House, Astrology (clothesline) will soak the listener in delicious guitar, synth, and Melbs bb’s unique, deep and arresting vocal.  The track sweeps up everything in its wake and envelops like a wave, prompting a feeling of deep comfort and movement in the listener; in other words, it might be the perfect soundtrack to that dark, warm drive home from a summer holiday – kinda melancholy, but acutely liberating, too.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Melbs bb, otherwise known as Erica Lilly, says, “I got really into astrology last year, and after digging into my chart, it just explained a lot – particularly about my love life.  Stuff that I’ve talked about with my therapist was written in front of me on Co-Star.  Anyway, I just felt really called out and needed to vent, so I wrote this song.”


The video for Astrology (clothesline) is a comical and witty look into the traits of each astrological sign.  Clever and incisive, with a sweet DIY charm, this video includes something for everyone, and each viewer is sure to feel uncomfortably ‘seen’ at some point throughout! Reflecting on the process of creating the video, Erica explains, “My friend Bax and I were brainstorming for the video, and she suggested a party where all the star signs were present.  As soon as she said it, a million setups started flooding to my brain – like water signs crying in the corner for no reason.  Virgos running around picking up cups – and so on.  The jokes wrote themselves really.  My friends Meaghan, Isaac, Liam and Sabrina shot and acted in the video and I directed, produced and edited it.  It took two exhausting days to get everything shot, but I have background in comedy and film so glad I was able to do it myself.”


Melbs bb will be launching Astrology (clothesline) at a very special show at the Workers Club in Melbourne on February 27.  Giving her audience a taste of what to expect from aMelbs bb live show, Erica enthuses, “Fans can expect a non-stop set of bangers.  My taste jumps around a bit and this definitely comes through in the songs I write – but I’m confident noone will be bored.  Confused, maybe – but definitely not bored!”


Astrology (Clothesline) is out January 22.

Watch Astrology (Clothesline) video below:



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