Brisbane melodic-hardcore outfit Headwreck release their fiery new single Poseidon as a final taste of their sophomore EP, ‘Relection Room’, out now.


Headwreck’s new single is an impassioned exploration of the complicated feelings that accompany dissociation from familiar surroundings, and spirals through questions of what or who ultimately makes a home. “Our latest track ‘Poseidon’ is one of the most personal songs we’ve ever written,” says vocalist Connor Hickman. “To put it simply, the song is written about the disconnection felt between someone and their home, whether that be people or place.”


Produced, mixed and mastered in-house by guitarist and clean vocalist Jamo Benadie, the track moves through cleverly articulated musical moments that amplify the glitch-heavy chaos that Headwreck are recognised for. Atop their alternative metal foundations, Benadie utilises components typically heard in rap, trap and prog music and meld these with subtle aspects of traditional swing and waltz to create the band’s self-proclaimed ‘most intense song yet.’


“I personally love that those who are interested in music will have a lot of fun noticing all these things going on within the song,” notes Benadie. “but for someone not interested in all this, the song still flows nicely throughout, and is very fun to listen to.



PoseidonShiver and Let It Feel share a glimpse sonically of what’s in store on Headwreck’s second extended play. Let It Feel was Headwreck’s first original material since 2021’s debut EP ‘Glamorise Demise’ and released off the back of their cover of Linkin Park’s Lying From You, which was featured on ARIA charting compilation album ‘The Better Sessions Vol. 2‘.


Reflection Room’ tells a series of different stories based around human connection, with each song conveying a different situation. “Our sophomore EP ‘Reflection Room’ is a collection of stories that talk and reflect about human connection,” says Hickman. “‘Shiver’ is a prime example of one of these stories that questions it, the lyrics ‘is the warmth of another, enough to satisfy’ brings this idea to life – without one another could we really survive?”


Reflection Room’ expands on the ideas presented on the debut 2021 EP ‘Glamorise Demise’, amplifying richer instrumentals, heavier electronics and experimenting with more diversity across both the clean and unclean vocals.


Headwreck is Connor Hickman (vocals), Jamo Benadie (guitar/vocals), Colby Horton (drums) and Dayne Paix (bass). The band is a collaborative effort of four likeminded individuals striving to carve their own unique mark in the Australian alternative music community.


Glamorise Demise’ released in 2021 and earned the band Unearthed feature artist in its release week. Headwreck were able to celebrate with a sold out crowd at their EP launch show in Brisbane, and since their launch, the four-piece have toured both locally and nationally and have played with the likes of Story Of The Year (US), Deadlights, Thornhill, Stepson, Mirrors, Inertia and Paledusk among others.


Headwreck ‘Poseidon’ out nowEP ‘Reflection Room’ out nowGenre: Alternative Meta


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