Montreal indie psych-rock/folk favourites Half Moon Run have released their third and final single of 2019, “Favourite Boy”, preparing us for their third studio album ‘A Blemish In The Great Light’ set for release on Friday 1st November 2019.


The final single “Favourite Boy”, true to its name, is a subtle highlight of the album, hitting hard with blues-influenced storytelling and powerfully lucent vocals. The song drives their harmonies harder than ever before, with baited hooks and a polyphonic anthem before shimmering into a velvet darkness in classic Half Moon Run fashion. This track is the last taste of the unique amalgamation of sounds and influences from the forthcoming album.


Directed by Phillipe Grenier in Montreal, the music video was shot on 16mm film, and features gorgeous cinematography, a gripping story, and a slew of dedicated extras.


All of the extras you see in the video were volunteers who gave their precious time to the making of the video,” said Devon Portielje. “I want to extend a deep gratitude to all of them. Some stayed for a few hours, some stayed for a gruelling fourteen-hour day. Some found their own way to a suburb of Montreal at 5am for the bus scene. Some of them are reading this right now. Reader, is that you? Thank you. Also, the video producer said you were very good looking but you didn’t hear that from me.”




The live show is an experience to behold. Creating a strong sense of mood and leaving every last ounce of energy out on the stage night after night, it’s little wonder that tickets sell so quickly. The story of Half Moon Run has been a word-of-mouth success story since 2012’s Dark Eyes LP was shared in a frenzy via message boards, blogs and forums (pre Spotify/Apple Music). As a band who stay true to their beliefs and protect their art however best they can, ‘A Blemish in the Great Light’, is another strident, smart, and incredibly listenable new collection of songs and cannot arrive quickly enough.


The band have partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from every ticket sold will go to Project Peanut Butter (PPB) and the treatment of severe acute malnutrition through effective, locally produced, ready-to-use therapeutic foods.


As a band whose art is deliberately left to do all the talking, it’s a record that takes strands from their previous work; all multi-layered instrumentation, intricate shapes and patterns, and a veritable cascading of melody, and merges it with something painted with more vivid colours, and with a rare playfulness too.


The intensity and almost terse sense of atmosphere that dictates their live shows is perhaps thawed a little on these new recordings, allowing for something warmer, more embracing. Half Moon Run have noticeably matured as musicians, giving each member a fresh sense of space to compliment each other’s myriad of talents and musicianship.


The album was produced by Joe Chiccarelli(Jack White/The Shins) in Montreal.

The records are like checkpoints, more than autonomous identities of their own. Whatever we’ve gained as individuals is in service of the band, and of the music” says Molander.

Praise for Half Moon Run:

Half Moon Run are renowned for their stunning three-part harmonies…with Portielje at the helm, he steered Molander, Phillips and Symonds through a series of delicately-balanced melodies that sent shivers down every spine.” – Scenestr


The spacious emotionality of (Half Moon Run’s) first album, comprised equally of slow-burn indie-rock and sucker-punch sonics, made us chime the phrase, ‘they are going to be massive’.” – Music Feeds


Anchored by Devon Portielje, all four members harmonize on songs with measured, gentle guitar arrangements that lend the album a mellow, ethereal feel.” – Rolling Stone

The band consistently push their sound to new unexplored depths while still maintaining the iconic Half Moon Run sound.” – Tone Deaf


‘A Blemish In The Great Light’

Album Tracklist:

1. Then Again
2. Favourite Boy
3. Flesh and Blood
4. Natural Disaster
5. Black Diamond
6. Yanis Song
7. Razor Blade
8. Undercurrent
9. Jello on my Mind
10. New Truth