Not one for slowing down, Green Buzzard has revealed a remix EP of his debut album Amidst The Clutter & Mess is in the works with Sydney DJ and producer Ash Moses aka Tunnel Signs, aptly titled Masquerader Versions. Today, Buzzard shares the second cut from the EP in the form of the synth soaked ‘Country Life (Masquerader Version)’.


Tunnel Signs is the nom de plume of Australian born lover, fighter and romantic, Ash Moses. With a taste for playing and producing records that embrace the darkness, Moses parts the sea and finds the wonky middle ground between reverb drenched postpunk, hypnotic techno and spaced out disco. He’s most recently worked with seminal Australian heroes Cut Copy releasing a record on their label Cutters.


Masquerader Versions is an acid tinged reimagining of Amidst The Clutter & Mess, and the product of many late nights spent between Tunnel Signs and The Buzzard himself. Bonding over their common ground, the EP finds the sweet spot between the duo’s two contrasting musical worlds:


“We wanted to make something inspired by our combined love of Andrew Weatherall’s longform Primal Scream reworks, acid house and 90’s breakbeat. A throwback to the hedonistic baggy excess of Madchester.”


Following the first remix ‘Clutter & Mess (Masquerader Version)’, ‘Country Life (Masquerader Version)’ is a sparkling and heady remix that masterfully intertwines vocal samples and found sound with tweaked out 303s, endless feedback and rolling 909 snare fills. The result is a textured, intellectual track that pulses through your body like an electrical current.


Green Buzzard’s debut album Amidst The Clutter & Mess saw global acclaim, reaching an impressive #7 on the US Commercial Specialty radio charts and #66 on the overall US college radio album charts with additional support from CLASH, The FADER and Elicit Magazine. Locally, the album saw strong backing from community radio around the country, triple j and Rage.


With Masquerader Versions, Buzzard hopes to bring his music to even more ears as he presents a collection of reworked tracks that will take you from afternoon drinks to the club.


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