“Transportive, introspective, vulnerable, intimate, enchanting and deceptively unassuming, Caught In The Act captures this exceptional Warrnambool-raised singer-songwriter on the cusp of a breakthrough.” — Beat

“Stirring, sweeping and offering a stunning display of Didirri’s vocal talent, Caught in the Act lays bare what we have always known: Didirri is a singularly rare and gently marvellous Australian talent.” — Stack Magazine


Singer-songwriter Didirri today shares his highly anticipated debut album Caught In The Act, featuring singles ‘Begin Again’, ‘Obsolete Machine’, ‘You Know What’s Good For You’, ‘Often Broken’ and today’s album focus track ‘I Wanted It Easier Than This’.


At the base of Didirri Peters’ songwriting has always been a beautiful blend of thoughtfulness, introspection and natural magnetism. A pure labour of love, Caught In The Act was developed and made throughout lockdown periods spent in Australia, with some material also coming tirri’s travels to London. Themes of isolation, reconnection and relationships – both with others and himself – form the emotional heart of the album.


This is music that reflects new perspectives, consolidated after navigating heady life experiences and learning lessons that have formed a new direction artistically and personally, for Didirri moving forward.


“I really do feel like a new songwriter, with this record. I’m in a completely different state of flow. I think a lot of artists struggle and maybe think that their music has to represent them forever. I’m learning that it just has to represent you for a certain amount of time. That time is when you’re making the record. You’re going to grow, move on and change. The record will stay there.” — Didirri



Working with producer Rob Muinos (Julia Jacklin, Nat Vazer), Didirri was able to pursue each idea to its ultimate final form. Aided by the encouragement and curiosity of Muinos in the studio, Didirri pushed himself to realise these ideas, arriving at each song’s finish line with 100% conviction.


“He’s the first producer I’ve had who has a solid opinion, and he’s not afraid to say it. I have never worked harder on songs than I have with him. It wouldn’t work for some artists, but I really appreciated the hard work and effort he put into making sure I was 100% on every line. You can fall into a perfectionist’s mentality; I’m not super into that, but I do think everything needs to represent what you want it to.” 


It takes a lot to hold a mirror up to oneself and fully embrace the image that looks back, and it’s a boldness Didirri feeds into the music here. Where ‘I Wanted It Easier Than This’ and other album highlights like ‘Love Can Bleed You Dry’ and ‘You Know What’s Good For You’ represent lessons learned and mature reflection leading to growth; a song like ‘Numb’ is one of Didirri’s rawest compositions to date. Which in turn, makes it one of his most impactful.


The stories told on Caught In The Act are ones told with clarity; even some of the heavier moments are delivered with pure emotional grounding. Across its runtime, the album paints a portrait of Didirri perhaps at his most centred and creatively realised.


Didirri will return home this October after an impressive run of global touring, for a 10-date headline Australian album tour. In celebration of his debut album, the Caught In The Act Tour will span capital cities and regional towns throughout VIC, NSW, ACT and QLD, with Didirri enlisting a full band to bring the album to life. For those who cannot wait until October, Didirri will be showcasing songs from the album at two Melbourne record stores this weekend, with Greville Records tonight and Oh! Jean Records tomorrow. Didirri will also return to his hometown Warrnambool, playing a one-off set at local barber shop Grizzly Adams on Thursday 10 August. For ticketing info, head to didirri.com/shows.




Didirri – Caught In The ActOut now through Liberation RecordsBuy/listen here
1. Obsolete Machine2. Often Broken3. Tonight4. I Wanted It Easier Than This5. Heaving Chest6. Begin Again7. Winning Moves8. You Know What’s Good For You9. Love Can Bleed You By The Hand10. Under Falling Skies11. Numb


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