100s + 1000s is delighted to welcome Melbourne-based artist D’Arcy Spiller to the family as she inks a record deal with the new Mushroom imprint. To celebrate the union, D’Arcy shares her fierce new single ‘Wildfire’, the follow up to her debut release ‘Cry All Night’.


‘Wildfire’ is a euphoric and emotionally charged track that was written in a cosy bedroom set up in a basement with Phebe Starr and Xavier Dunn. D’Arcy says she was reflecting on two somewhat contradicting worlds through wordplay, focussing on the two words that had been repeatedly lingering in her head over a period; ‘wildfire’ and ‘dollhouse’.


“We were talking about what these words represent to me. To me ‘wildfire’ symbolises independence, freedom, having a wild soul. ‘Dollhouse’ has an almost contrasting meaning – a stable house and the perfect life.


I wanted to write a song about a person’s journey between these two words and what they represent, when loving someone so much can cause you to lose your independence. A song about making choices to regain independence, knowing full well that love sometimes doesn’t conquer all and walking away is the best choice you can make. Being in love isn’t easy and the choices we make to stay in that love can sometimes mean sacrificing some happiness, but there’s resilience to be gained through each experience with love.”


Listen to ‘Wildfire’ below:


D’Arcy was moved around a lot of her life, living in 4 cities across 3 countries and has attended 9 schools, including Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. This continuous change of scenery formed D’Arcy’s love of travel and set the path for her spiritual beliefs, which is the inspiration behind much of her current song-writing.


Her enchanting first release ‘Cry All Night’ is a song for anyone who has lost, felt lost, loved or struggled to let go and move on. Debuting on triple j Unearthed, the track was welcomed by an outpouring of glowing host reviews from the likes of Declan Byrne, Claire Mooney and Max Quinn, and peaked at #9 on the station’s Unearthed chart. D’Arcy also took to the stage in support of Fergus James in Melbourne and Brisbane last year.


At first glance, ‘Wildfire’ is a fiery continuation of D’Arcy’s unique brand of spine-tingling music, however the release sees her songwriting and storytelling elevated to new levels and 100s + 1000s is delighted to welcome her to the label family.


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