Cure 25th Wish Anniversary Tribute

25th ‘Wish’ Anniversary Cure Tribute Show at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne.

Has it really been 25 years since The Cure released the utterly brilliant ‘Wish’ album? Yes, it appears so!

What better way to relive and celebrate the anniversary of this epic album, then to round your mates, chuck on your Cure tee’s ( I wore my Boys Don’t Cry tee) dress up in your dark, Goth attire and head to the one and only Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne and catch an anniversary tribute show! That’s what we did!

Being massive fans of The Cure our whole lives, we wouldn’t dare miss this. We really wanted to see if they could pull off the iconic Cure bass distinctive sound and overall depressing mood! And we heard Steve Kilbey from ‘The Church’ was featuring in a few songs, so we had to see him too! Who doesn’t love ‘The Church?’ ☺

The night was rockin! The venue was pretty much at full capacity and you could see all the fans were loving reliving all their favourite tracks! It was awesome to see the different array of people who came to share the love of The Cure! Just shows no matter who you are, where you come from, music is a universal language!

There was a great range of artists that came together to share the catalogue of tracks – J.M.S Harrison, Steve Kilbey, Jules Sheldon, Evil Dick, Gordon Holland, Hollie Joyce, to name a few!! They all sounded incredible!! Speaking of sound, the bassist Robert Warren, deserves a massive shout out! He mastered it! Was hoping so much and didn’t he pull
it off! So good!! The whole band really worked and channelled The Cure to perfection. Guitarists Paul McDonald and Mark Robin were brilliant.

They played so many great tracks, too many to name, but there are some track highlights we can’t get passed like ‘Fascination Street’, ‘Pictures Of You’, ‘Killing An Arab’, ‘Forest’ and ‘Love Song’.

Great job to James Harrison for organising and bringing together these amazing talented artists, to give us fans such an unforgettable night. You know it was a good gig, when you’re listening to The Cure for days after. ☺

Such a great night!! We loved it!!

If you don’t have a chance to check out your favourite bands just catch a tribute show! Second best to the real thing!

Check out the guys in action from the night in our videos section.

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