Melbourne’s Angus Legg has just dropped his latest single; a heart-wrenching acoustic ballad titled ‘Spaceship’. The song demonstrates an impressive level of musicianship, boasting layer after layer of emotive instrumentals combined with Legg’s stunning vocals. A deeply honest and vulnerable track written about a breakup and its aftermath, this release exhibits Angus Legg’s impressive ability to balance lyrical creativity with a sense of sincere reflection.


“‘Spaceship’ was written about 6 months ago, I wrote it directly after breaking up with my partner of two years… ‘Spaceship’ explores imaginative, otherworldly scenarios, almost desperately begging for them to be a reality. The lyrical punchline drives home that it was not only the end of the relationship, it was the beginning of an uncomfortable, foreign journey neither of our emotions were prepared to embark upon.” ANGUS LEGG


The track was mixed by close friend and fellow Melbourne Artist Jim Alxndr (who has previously collaborated with the likes of Angie McMahon), and mastered by Alex Gordon from Abbey Road Studios (Florence + The Machine, Slowthai, Cocteau Twins).


“Jim’s superpower is providing a safe space for others to sit in their emotions, he’ll sit there with you too. He’s also incredibly sonically inventive, his passion for artistic experimentation shines through in the record. There are so many layers that create the depth and texture that you may not necessarily hear immediately, however, they all lend themselves perfectly to the emotional landscape we created.” ANGUS LEGG


With previous tracks ‘3rd Grade Art’ and ‘Someone I Never Knew’ having received support from the likes of MILKY, Amnplify, The Au Review, The Music, and Happy, Angus Legg’s newest release is sure to strike a similarly effective chord with listeners, and to further establish him as an acoustic indie darling in the local scene.


“‘Spaceship’ is another story, beginning to end. I hope the listener enjoys the ride and can feel it  with me.” ANGUS LEGG


Angus Legg

Artwork by: Hunter Blair




“Clean and emotive sound from Angus Legg – he delivers it well and there’s a fun lyrical concept to get hooked on too.”

DAVE RUBY HOWE, TRIPLE J (‘3rd Grade Art’)


Intimate and vulnerable lyricism unfurls atop a moving and emotion-stirring soundscape, with Legg’s mesmerising performance luring you in with his storytelling approach.”

MILKY (‘Someone I Never Knew’)


A profoundly moving piece that showcases Legg’s ability to tap into raw emotions and create a musical experience that resonates with listeners.”

HAPPY (‘Someone I Never Knew’)



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