Aerborn is back and better than ever with her new album Love. A mixture of unreleased music and some fresh new tracks from 2023. After her debut album ‘Peace’, the Meanjin/ Brisbane based artist Aerborn has taken total control of the project, producing, mixing, mastering, recording and writing the album herself.


The experimental album touches on themes of self-acceptance, self-love, environmental issues, and is a whirlwind of energy and inspiration from start to finish. The song titles have been arranged to reveal a special message –


Come with me, somewhere new, Where I’m meant to be, In the bubble, Everything will be fine, I’ll teach you something, It’s all love, Yurika! Do you get it now? You are the Universe!


Our universe is made of vibrations, energy, and the highest vibration is love. ‘In the bubble’ is about the field of light surrounding this universe and surrounding each person. Everything within that bubble is the Universe, and it’s ever expanding. Every atom that makes up the bubble is the Great Spirit. It is a telling of being born into this beautiful and magical reality and connecting the electric soul to the physical body.


After coming through some challenges in her personal life, Aerborn used the album to uplift herself and create something beautiful from the chaos. The phoenix re-emerging from the ashes. “Everything is a lesson, we’ve come to this planet to evolve as a soul. There is always a light and dark path, in every moment. As humans we always have a choice – choose love and ascend or focus on the bad and keep repeating cycles. There is always good in the bad, and bad in the good.” Aerborn states.


After starting the project in 2014, the self taught producer has gained 400,000 streams on Spotify, 51,000 Youtube views and 129,000 soundcloud streams. Her dedicated fans have continued to grow around the world.


“Everything is love, but just a different shade and perspective. Love is about accepting all sides, parts and versions of you. Integrating the dark and the light and still choosing to shine brightly, with all the love in your heart, into the dark unknown.”


Whether you’re in the mood for a love song, dubstep, psytrance, J-pop, experimental or dance music, this album has a genre for everyone. It is a smorgasbord of tasty treats that will leave you super satisfied, and lining up for seconds.


“Love is the most powerful force on Earth, we are in the golden age of ascending out of the old ways and into the new world. A new world where love is the currency, and every plant, animal, insect, rock and microbe are part of one big family, all a part of this beautiful blue planet.”


This album is the wholesome, squeezy, long hug you need to believe in yourself, keep your chin high and realise the amazing person that you are. The Beatles were right when they said, “All you need is love”. This album will crack open your heart and break old, negative thoughts, to be present in the dazzling and blinding love that is eternally swirling all around us.