Two of Australia’s most loved rock outfits, Slowly Slowly and Luca Brasi have teamed up for a limited edition split 7″ release with pre-orders of the first allocation selling out in minutes last week. Today marks the official digital release of each band’s new acoustic track: ‘Slow Learner’ (Slowly Slowly) and ‘Yossarian’ (Luca Brasi).


The bands announced pre-order vinyl/bundles – including exclusive t-shirt + bespoke speciality roasted coffee beans from Melbourne’s Padre Coffee – last Friday to an overwhelming sell out response.


Fans can expect a further merch drop in the coming days + catch the new tracks from each band out digitally today via the link below.




On the collaboration, Luca Brasi vocalist Tyler Richardson recalls how he and long-time friend Ben Stewart planned to get matching tattoos some years ago, and the experience spawned the concept for this release’s artwork.


“Ben and I were going to get matching tattoos years back, we ended up getting different ones, me the plunger, Ben the cafetera,” he says. “Both tattoos were done by Jordy Hooper who then did the artwork for the front cover of the 7″.”


Ben adds: “Tyler and I had been sharing song ideas with each other, bored in iso. We are both very similar – it’s so funny how you can take away our livelihoods and creative outlets, but we’ll always find a way…The idea just kept growing, right until the point we had teamed up with Padre to release a coffee blend called ‘Godfather Brew’, specific to my love of Italian Kitsch and Luca Brasi’s origins as a name taken from The Godfather.”


On the new track ‘Yossarian’, Tyler explains:
“I’ve been on and off writing songs about the novel Catch 22 for years. Start a dumb idea, then stop. Big dreams of a concept album… one day. But for now, this tune is about Yossarian from the novel, and his outlook on life; as bleak or as sensible as you take it.”


On ‘Slow Learner’, Ben says:
“This song was recorded in about 15 minutes in my bedroom at home. It’s about giving from a place of emptiness and how it always ends badly. We added the cello by Eileen Sparks in the mixing process, just for a splash of colour.”




At any moment fragile and raw to boisterous and belting the next, Melbourne four-piece Slowly Slowly effortlessly capture real life and turn it into a rock song. In early 2020, the band – featuring Ben Stewart (vocals/guitar), Alex Quayle (bass), Albert Doan (guitar) and Patrick Murphy (drums) – released their acclaimed third album ‘Race Car Blues’ to a tidal wave of success.


“For me, ‘Race Car Blues’ feels like not being a victim anymore, in any sense of it, and really taking responsibility,” Ben says of the album. “You realise as you get to your late 20s, no one’s going to fix you, no one gives a fuck, the world keeps turning and everyone’s on their own trajectories. If you’re not looking out for yourself, you’ll just get left behind or fall by the wayside, you’ll wake up and all of those dreams you had don’t get actualised.”


Beyond gracing magazine covers and claiming Feature Album slots from triple j, Tone Deaf and The Music, each single enjoyed a rinsing on national radio while leader ‘Jellyfish’ cracked #57 in triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2019. On the touring front the band also count sold out Australian tours, festival invitations from Splendour In The Grass, Good Things, Groovin’ The Moo and high profile support gigs as just some of the notches on their belt. With more music in the pipeline and mounting critical and fan rapture ensuing, Slowly Slowly continue to stake their claim as one of Australia’s most vital rock outputs of late.


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Whether it’s because of their from-the-heart lyrics, their warm and welcoming stage presence, or their undying support for the local music scene, Luca Brasi are the brothers we all wish we had. Undoubtedly Tasmania’s finest rock export, the band have hit massive stages across their career including multiple sold out headline runs and festival appearances at the likes of Laneway, Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, and their very own Tasmanian festival ’Til The Wheels Fall Off.


2018 saw the birth of their latest album ‘Stay’, and in true Luca style the band found a way to embrace what some consider limitations with positivity and open hearts.


‘Stay’ is really about trying to realise what you have, understand what is working for you, and finding acceptance and balance in that life,” explains vocalist Tyler Richardson. “Approaching 30, some of us having families, others having careers, it’s my first year teaching high school and it’s amazing, but it’s also been hard a times. We’ve seen opportunities come and go that maybe if we were 20 we could have jumped on, but we accepted we couldn’t be on tour all the time, and so we cherish the fact we can do a few Australian runs, maybe jump overseas once or twice a year,” he adds before closing: “To us it really is about focusing on the positive and ensuring we pay it forward.”


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