NYC’s experimental electro maven, Mindchatter has released the entrancing video clip for his daring new single, Scared To Go Home.


Thought provoking, vulnerable and oozing effortless cool, Scared To Go Home bends genres and will lure listeners in with an intoxicating, chilled magnetism – an exciting release for fans of Jamie XX, LCD Soundsystem and Bonobo. Scared To Go Home is about how lonely nightlife can feel,” explains Mindchatter. “It was inspired by a night out in NYC at a trendy club with way too many people in it. Trying to connect with others through alcohol, strobe lights and aggressive music can be incredibly depressing at times. I’ve always wanted to capture that feeling because I think it’s one we’ve all felt but rarely talk about.”


Watch ‘Scared To Go Home’ below:


Innovative and meticulous when it comes to his craft, Mindchatter, also known as Bryce Connolly, says he was unsure how fans would react to the song. “The track is quite different from what’s out and it’s more in the hip-hop/pop lane than I ever imagined myself in, but it’s exciting for me to be in uncharted territory.”  And he needn’t have any concern, as fans and industry are already lapping up this exciting new artist, and Scared To Go Home has already been added to a bunch of huge global playlists including Spotify’s NMF and Chill Tracks, Amazon’s Introducing Electronic and even made the cover of Tidal’s Rising Electronic.


Created by digital artist Kay, the Roman-Greco-meets-Bauhaus inspired visualiser is sure to mesmerise all that press play, and perfectly complements the track, celebrating Mindchatter’s unique and deeply considered nature. “The video consists of looping animations meant to capture the message of the lyrics in an abstract way. One scene takes you through an endless room with figures dancing by themselves on walls and ceilings to convey a feeling of being trapped in a nightclub. There’s also a lot of Roman statue imagery which is an extension of a visual motif I use in my release artwork and my stage graphics.”


Fortunately the recent Covid19 uncertainty isn’t affecting Mindchatter, and 2020 is set to be a bumper year with the singer / songwriter / producer still set to drop his debut album in a few months’ time. “I’m used to spending a lot of time alone and inside, so my day to day hasn’t changed as much as most people, and I haven’t noticed much of an impact on my music yet. My creativity and rate at which I finish songs is always in flux because I’m constantly experimenting,” insights Mindchatter.


Scared To Go Home is out now through Mind Of A Genius Records, the Los Angeles based label that launched the careers of Zhu, Gallant, THEY., Karnaval Blues, and Klangstof – all globally acclaimed, genre-redefining artists.


MINDCHATTER – Scared To Go Home (official single artwork)



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