With two energetic singles revealed this year – #2 AMRAP charting hit “Older Then” and NME-praised pop track “Give Me AReason” – singer-songwriter Luke DanielPeacock is on track to make 2020 his year. His latest release, melancholy alt-pop ballad “The Odd Specifics”, combines the synth-filled, 80’s-influenced sonics Luke has become known for, with a genuine, heartfelt lyricism that few are able to master.



“The Odd Specifics was written out of frustration in witnessing so much of our world in the hands of fools,” said Luke. “It’s calling out neglect in many forms, but focusing on the attitudes, the ghosting and the lies that have become commonplace in Western culture.. It’s examining how life has become about whose lie and whose smile is the most convincing.”


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Since the birth of his new solo project, Lukehas been continually praised by the upper echelons of Australian music media, including NME Australia, triple jUnearthed, PileRats, The Music, ToneDeaf, and The AU Review.


Despite clear influence from the likes of New Order, The Cure, Animal Collectiveand Chvrches, Peacock’s music is individuality personified, born of experimentation and nostalgia.


Watch ‘Give Me Reason’ below


Luke Daniel Peacock’s previous solo efforts have earned him extensive acclaim across the music industry, including being awarded The Billy Thorpe Scholarship Award in 2016 for his LP “We’ve Come A Long Way Darling”.


Simultaneously, Luke has recorded, performed and toured across the world with some of the most revered and respected names in Australian and international music. Luke also featured as a performer and curator of the 13th Isol-aid Festival, and his first single of 2020, “Older Then” shot to #2 on the AMRAP Metro charts.


Luke Daniel Peacock was born and grew up in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. He is a descendant of the Meriam people of the eastern Torres Strait Islands, and also has strong Scottish heritage; he credits both of these lineages to his deep attraction to song and melody. Through it’s pearling industry and transient population, the Torres Strait is a famous melting pot of culture and music, while Scotland is home to many of Luke’s favourite pop-heavy bands, including, TheJesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins, Teenage Fanclub, Chvrches, TheWaterboys and Frightened Rabbit.


Luke Daniel Peacock has still more music to come in 2020.


“The Odd Specifics” is available to stream on all platforms now.


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