Musician, producer and performer Logan to announces his debut body of work Lost In Translation is coming Friday 12 April. The track list features nine masterful tracks from the rising Australian artist, including electrifying new single ‘Wow’.


It comes off the back of Logan’s impressive debut year in 2023. He released ‘Famous’, ‘Huh’ and ‘Stop & Stare’; debuted his live show in support of Pacific Avenue and toured nationally with Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers; blew industry tastemakers away at BIGSOUND and SXSW Sydney; and made his festival debuts at Spilt Milk and Heaps Good.


Bold and delicate, Logan describes the Lost In Translation as a blend of genre, thoughts, experiences and growth – a compilation of music made while first finding his feet as a musician.


“This mixtape is intentionally quite lofi, songs I wrote and recorded in my bedroom, speakers playing aloud wall to wall as I’d record freestyles over guitar loops.

 “I have sat in my bedroom and had the best of times and the worst of times, this mixtape really expresses that, it’s up and down, playful and vulnerable. It’s a taste of rock n roll, ballad, alternative rnb, pop, funk & not knowing what I’m doing. That’s why I call it a mixtape.” – Logan



Lost In Translation will feature all his releases to date, four brand new tracks, plus today’s new single ‘Wow’.


“‘Wow’ is a tongue in cheek song about having a wild crush on your neighbour, and the feelings that follow. It’s inspired by & has a very classic rockabilly rhythm but added 80s electronic sounds & synths to switch up the feeling completely. If I’m totally honest the song is intentionally not complicated. It’s a simple song with a simple message!”


It celebrates uninhibited expression and pure ecstasy, a mood signalled by the distorted synth and joyous ‘woop’ that first open the song, playfully slipping into detailed narration. The mischievous video (shot by Luis Campbell in Queensland’s Burleigh Heads) perfectly encapsulates the irrepressible spirit of the artist behind the track. Logan’s infectious energy leaps off the screen, leaving one word on your lips, ‘wow’.


Logan is a Kiwi-born, Aussie-raised artist who has captivated audiences with his charismatic and infectious charm, which oozes through his music and mere presence. Drawing influence from a spread of iconic musicians – legacy idols Prince, Elvis and Mick Jagger, plus more modern leaders – Logan presents a sound that is unique, exciting, and constantly moving.


When you hear Logan for the first time, it feels like it’s lived in your playlists for years already; like your all-time favourite song and latest obsession rolled into one. Logan’s ongoing relationship to dance has also unmistakably informed his approach to music; from first listen you can hear the kid is singing with his hips.




Logan – ‘Wow’ Official Artwork aboveOut now via Ivy League RecordsListen/watch here




Logan – Lost In TranslationOut April 12 via Ivy League RecordsTracklist: 1. Stop & Stare2. Huh3. Famous4. Wow5. Movies6. Say It7. Next To You8. Expired9. Still Holding On


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