Melbourne singer-songwriter Evangeline has today released her dark-pop EP I Think About It Way Too Much, an equally enchanting and haunting concept record released independently via her label Sad Boy Records.


Dark and dramatic, I Think About It Way Too Much sees Evangeline narrate a weekend in the life of, chronicling the chemical and emotional highs and lows that take place. It it self-aware, yet full of contradictions, inspired by real-life memories, feelings and traumas. Each track allows Evangeline’s vulnerability to shine as she wrestles with feelings of social anxiety and not fitting in, constantly battling with the voices in her head, and sometimes managing to escape them. Minimal, hypnotic beats paired with Evangeline’s delicate and airy vocals create a sense of intimacy on the EP, however flourishes of distorted and glitchy production across the five tracks add a touch of experimentalism to the record, adding a warped and heavy feeling as it progresses. She has drawn on inspiration from musical idols such as Bring Me The Horizon and The Notorious B.I.G. to create unfiltered, honest pop music – even if the messages she aims to convey aren’t always easy to digest, especially within the pop sphere. 


From the EP opener ‘Euphoria‘ there is a sense of conflicting emotions “Are you making me better, or are you slowly killing me”, the lightness of the chorus juxtaposed by each verses’ dark lyricism. ‘Bad Parties’ highlights the anxieties of feeling like an outsider, and forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations to make other people happy, while ‘Neighborhood‘ is centered around a community of misunderstood misfits where situations would always go wrong. It revisits her feelings of fear as well as numbness, returning to that idea of duality and uncertainty both within herself and her surroundings ‘Face down in the concrete, we’re shaking bodies, drag you to the backseat, convulse to the beat’. ‘The Afterparty’ was written from an unhealthy space in a toxic relationship, a desperate plea yet also emotionally manipulative ‘Don’t be too guilty when you leave me’, followed by ‘I Wish I Was Anybody Else’ to round out the EP with a significant sonic shift – it examines all of the feelings and emotions of the previous four tracks with a different lens to help heal from the hurt and submission – putting an end to the previous chapter and moving into the future with a renewed lease on life.


EVANGELINE – ‘Neighborhood’ [Lyric Video] below


Since making her musical debut in 2015 with singles ‘CHEMICVL’ and ‘My Kingdom’, Evangeline has gone on to amass 8 million cumulative streams across Spotify and YouTube. She signed an international publishing deal with Universal France ahead of the release of her first EP Atelophobia in 2017, which was released via her newly-founded label Sad Boy Records. In the time since, she has refined her craft by experimenting with new styles and techniques, making a name for herself as a sought-after collaborator having joined forces with the likes of Donatachi, LOVER and Dugong Jr. to name a few.


EVANGELINE – I Think About It Way Too Much [EP]
Available to stream here



I Think About It Way Too Much track list:
1. Euphoria
2. Bad Parties ft. Julius
3. Neighborhood
4. The Afterparty
5. I Wish I Was Anybody Else


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