Fresh from the release of a collaborative effort with label-mates Thornhill earlier this month, Void Of Vision return with an epic team up with none other than Ecca Vandal.


The reimagined version of ‘Decay’ – taken from Void Of Vision’s 2019 album Hyperdaze – sees Ecca and VOV switch back and forth amongst their iconic brands of chaos.


Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin explains how the unlikely team up came to life:


“We have all been familiar with the name Ecca Vandal for quite a while now, it wasn’t until our run together on Good Things Festival ‘18 that we REALLY pricked up our ears though. Unfortunately we clashed sets each day except for the last, so when I got to run over and catch those last few songs it was everything I hoped for and more, ever since then she’s been a playlist regular.


“We were so stoked that she was down to collaborate and work in her own style so effortlessly. Ecca has such a powerful presence and now it’s been stamped on a little piece of VOV history.”



About Ecca Vandal:

Loud, genre-defying and unafraid to be different, Ecca Vandal is a true original. With her family having arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka via South Africa and being born into a musical household, from a young age Ecca was immersed in diversity in art and music. Spending formative years as a trained jazz musician, her passion for the expression and improvisation of jazz led her to fall in love with the DIY abandon of punk, and her ability to effortlessly balance between soulful melodics, raw energy and unapologetic power on 2016 EP End of Time and her 2017 self-titled album drew universal acclaim from the likes of NME and Rolling Stone.


About Void Of Vision:

Earlier this month Void Of Vision flexed on fellow Hyperdaze track ‘Year Of The Rat’ with a reimagined version featuring Thornhill vocalist Jacob Charlton. The single, referencing everything from sheer VOV heaviness to ethereal vocals, also came alongside an outstanding music video pitting Jack & Jacob together in a fight to the death (of one of them!) Watch the ‘Year Of The Rat’ music video here.


With its release in September 2019, Hyperdaze seized a stark brand of bleakness akin only to Melbourne’s own Void Of Vision. On top of knockout global album reviews upon its release, the band went on to support Northlane around Australia, took to festivals including Heaven And Hell Festival, Schema Festival and UNIFY and headlined across Australia and Japan in early 2020. In 2021 the band are slated to support none other than The Amity Affliction on their Everybody Loves You…Once You Leave Them Australian Album Tour.


Meanwhile, Void Of Vision are set to add to their latest new music releases shortly.



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