With previous 2020 releases ‘Wherever You Go’ and ‘Violet’ already reinforcing their position as one of Sydney’s exciting new names, Inklines are backing it up for the second half of the year with the charged up track ‘Let You Down’.


Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP release Book Club, ‘Let You Down’ is the culmination of more musical influences coming together, songwriting chops being pushed further and a band dynamic continuing to strengthen. Kicking off a new chapter for the band, ‘Let You Down’ is an exciting insight into what Inklines still have in store for long time fans and newcomers alike.


The band reconnected with producer Lachlan West (Walk The Moon) to work on this new set of material; material that flourished out of Housefox Studios in Sydney. The relationship with the band and West extends back to 2017, when West first began producing for Inklines in their infancy as a group. ‘Let You Down’ and the broader Book Club EP showcases the band’s maturity as songwriters and artists as the years that have passed since their debut release have seen them grow into a force on record and in the live space.


Dedicated to their craft, Inklines poured lived experiences and ambitions into their latest and the result is an undeniable slice of alt-rock that remains fresh even when acknowledging influences harking back to the 90’s and early 00’s. “The song just came out of nowhere and it was the first time I felt like I’d been more creative and ‘weird’ with my songwriting. A funny thought now, but it was special at the time.” 
Will Tremain, Inklines


Hailing from the Northern Beaches, Inklines have been able to take the energy of their live shows around the country in recent years, cutting their teeth on stages alongside the likes of British India and in a headline capacity off the back of their 2018 EP Willing & Able. Attracting international attention with heavy rotation from SiriusXM in North America and Canada landing with their track ‘Too Much’, Inklines are taking each win as a level up, as well as a teachable moment for the band.


The music comes first and with it, the development of Inklines as a strong group. The trio have remained committed in their love for their own sound but as they’ve explained, they’re consistently pushing themselves to bring the best out of their artistry. “Hours spent in the studio curating the tracks are always the best times. Dedicating your days to the music you love playing and making the songs sound as good as possible is the most rewarding experience.” Tom Bowden, Inklines


For the music video for ‘Let You Down’, the band played around with a number of ideas, directing the clip themselves at a number of Northern Beaches locations to get the vibe right. Interspersing footage that plays with dark and light tones, Inklines kept focus on the depth and drama of the song in pairing it with visuals.


Video: Inklines – Let You Down below



“Inklines have created something truly cinematic, sprawling and vivid. Moreover, they have shed light on the possibility of a genuine alt-rock revival.”
Happy Mag

“Sophisticated and subversive in equal measure, their brazen guitar rock unspools in surprising directions as decorum gives way to abandon.”
AAA Backstage

“There’s no mucking around here for Inklines, it’s all uplifting and earnest rock and will charge those batteries.”
Triple J, Declan Byrne

“Classic power-packed rock sound in here and the vocalist can really go when he picks his moment.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe


‘Let You Down’ is out now! Official single artwork below
‘Book Club’ is released Friday, September 25th 


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