Like a resilient mountain that bows to no wind, nothing seems to break the spirit of Brisbane-based artist Shemaiah James in the midst of this pandemic, as he drops his newest single ‘Dough’, now available on all streaming platforms.


This gritty motivational track written by Shemaiah himself—with production by UK producer Hozeiiii, mixing and mastering by Brookfield athlete-musician .Ron—is a modest flex of the hustle this emerging artist has done to break through onto the hip hop scene. This groove-filled track tells the story of how Shemaiah endures the daily grind to “shape his own future”, until the rewarding precipice of his hard work is reached. ‘Dough’ may just be the newest anthem for all the hustlers out there, reminding them to keep on going!


Shemaiah James below



“Make your dreams a reality, don’t be passive and go out and make something happen. Keep moving forward. Turn every loss into a lesson learned.”—Shemaiah James


Shemaiah already started writing songs as early as eight years old. Since then, he has been making music that “adds value to someone’s life”. Like the subtle nudge and cheer that ‘Dough’ gives off to its listeners, Shemaiah makes it a point to create music that will motivate others.


Among others, he is influenced by the nuanced storytelling style that American rapper J.Cole incorporates in his music, as well as the versatility of Canadian rapper Drake throughout his career. Sonically, Shemaiah takes great inspiration from the sound of Joyner Lucas.


In 2017, Shemaiah performed as a support act for Brisbane Hip Hop Artist IIIConic at WOOLLY Mammoth, while his music was previewed in a 4ZZZ interview. Since then, he has been building up his sound so he can connect more to his growing fanbase.


Shemaiah will be performing at the Flamin Galah on November 15th, as a support act for Brisbane Hip Hop Artist Amity. He is definitely up to the challenge of chasing one glory to another, so make sure to follow his socials down below for more updates on his upcoming releases and shows!



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