DIY Australian indie-pop artist RACKETT drops new electronic single ‘Everywhere You’re Not’ featuring NY rapper Dante Knows, co-written, produced and mixed by Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, Mia Rodriguez), and mastered by Andrew Edgeston (Amy Shark, Tia Gostelow).


Beat driven and bass-heavy, the single punches into a huge dance drop out of a euphoric, stripped back chorus. Featuring 16 bars of rap by NY born, SYD based rapper, Dante Knows, the single is another reveal of what RACKETT fans can expect from her debut mini-album due for release in late November 2020.


Watch the music video for “Everywhere You’re Not” here./ below



“‘Everywhere You’re Not’ is about freedom and liberation from an ex-lover. It’s a realisation that the world is a big place full opportunities and the awakening of possibilities from the limitations of staying in one place, with one person. As a massive Dante Knows fan I was thrilled to have him on the single, I saw him perform in Sydney in late 2019 and have been following his music ever since. I think he’s one of the most talented artists I’ve discovered and as the first feature I’ve ever released, it’s a big moment for me” – RACKETT


For the music video RACKETT teamed up with up and coming Sydney director, Murli. Shot at Archie’s Brother Arcade and Tokyo Sing Song in Sydney, the music video was inspired by ASAP Rocky’s L$D. Styled and with creative direction by RACKETT,  the Sydney artist once again flexes her DIY approach and produces an acid-washed, neon popping feast for the eyes.


Rackett below


The single is one of eight tracks co-written and produced by Dave Hammer in Sydney prior to RACKETT’s rebranding in late 2019. After parting ways with her band-mates Ally Gaven, Kat Alaya and Astrid Holz, RACKETT’s Rebecca Callander spent a year widening her tastes and experimenting with new sounds while also going on a journey of self-recalibration.


RACKETT has since revealed four singles in her revitalised electro-pop persona – ILY Alley, Machinations, Oxytoxic and Crush – which have received spins on both triple j and Unearthed, and led to her embarking on a fourteen date headline tour in Japan in late 2019. Upon returning to Australia, RACKETT revealed her new sound and electronic stage show to fans in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in early 2020.


Bringing her music from the studio to stage is an element of the creative process RACKETT thrives on; her touring teeth have been well and truly sharpened, with bombastic performances on multiple tours alongside the likes of Jack River, The Growlers, DZ Deathrays and The Darkness, already under her belt.


RACKETT’s single launch presented by BLOOM SOLD OUT with a second show just announced.

RACKETT Live at The Lord Gladstone w/ Lavrence

Friday 18th September

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“Everywhere You’re Not” is available now on all streaming services. Official single artwork below



RACKETT​ makes loud and experimental pop. Based in Sydney, Australia, RACKETT has moved from virtual anonymity to playing in major theatres and festivals throughout Australia, receiving regular airplay on community radio, features in ​Rolling Stone Magazine​, ​The Music​,​ Music Feeds​ and more, become the featured talent in a national campaign for ​General Pants​ and earned a reputation ​for “Thrilling live shows, a technically proficient and powerful sound, and a DIY hyper-femme aesthetic”, ​The BRAG​. Supporting the likes of ​Jack River​, ​Amyl and The Sniffers, The Growlers, Bec Sandridge, Lime Cordiale​ and having completed national touring with ​The Darkness​ (UK) and her own headline tour of Japan​ in 2019, RACKETT has crafted an adventurous live show described by ​The Music​,​ as“It’s intense, it’s magical”.​


RACKETT has appeared at ​Groovin the Moo​, ​Big Pineapple Festival​, ​Festival of the Sun​,​ Secret Garden Festival​, ​Hotter than Hell​, ​Electric Lady​ and more.


In October 2019, after a year of songwriting with producer ​Dave Hammer​ (Lime Cordiale), cultivating a new sound and image, an electro pop-inspired RACKETT emerged with a new single in ​Machinations​, launching her new stage show and sound with a 14 date headline tour of Japan. In 2020 RACKETT followed this up with ​Oxytoxic ​and I​ LY Alley​ from her debut mini-album due for release in November 2020. On July 31st 2020, RACKETT will release her latest pop offering in ​Crush​. Prior to RACKETT’s sonic reinvention, she released 2 indie-rock EPs; ​Ready or Not​ and ​I Please Myself​. RACKETT’s live video for her track, ​Tried to Quit​ has received over 500,000 views on Youtube after she was selected by The Rubens​ to perform the single for EXTRA SUPPORT Competition in 2018. RACKETT has successfully sold-out venues across the nation in support of these releases and has been played on Triple J, Triple J unearthed, FBI, 4ZZZ, 2SER​ and has charted at #10 in the iTunes Canadian Rock Charts.


In late 2017, RACKETT was crowned the winner of the Australian Hotels Association ‘Rockin the Puburbs’ competition and was a finalist in VB Hard Yards competition. RACKETT is an ambassador for Swedish Guitar brand, ​Strandberg Guitars​. RACKETT was nominated as ‘Best Live Act’, 2018 by the National Live Music Awards​ alongside ​Ball Park Music​ and ​Hockey Dad.​

In 2017, RACKETT further cemented her reputation for her wild live shows by shaving her head on stage to a sold-out crowd at The Metro theatre whilst performing her set with footage of the event going viral. In 2018, RACKETT was nominated by ​Triple J​ as the top 5 ‘kick-ass moments by Aussie Women’, ​“​the most rock‘n’roll things I have ever seen”​ – ​The Music​.

RACKETT’s skillset, beyond songwriting and performing, as a film director, producer and clothing and set designer have allowed the DIY artist to create her visions from start to finish. RACKETT has produced, directed and starred in 8 of her own music videos. In response to COVID-19, RACKETT used these skills to create an online tv-series in partnership with ​Heaps Gay​, ​Create or Die​ and ​Listen Up Music​. Aired weekly on Heaps Gay and ​Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras​, the show was conceptualised and co-produced by RACKETT to give artists from the LGBTQIA community a platform to stay connected during the foreclosure of venues. RACKETT has produced over 60+ artists on the show such as ​Lupa J, Jackie Mendoza (NY), Alice Long Longyu Gao (LA), Tom Aspaul (UK), Jess B (NZ)​ and many more.


“ILY Alley (I Love You, Alley) ​is the best kind of love song because it is one for a friend, not a lover. The ratio of love songs for lovers as opposed to friends is absolutely insane considering how many friends outlast lovers (right?)”​ – ​American Pancake (USA).


“I REALLY like this new direction!” – C​elline Narinll, Triple J.

Rackett below


“​Live shows may be taking a break but the music, creativity and the love is still flowing from the energetic and innovative Sydney artist R​ ACKETT​ (aka ​Rebecca Callander)​ returning with her exciting new single ILY Alley (I Love You Alley).” – G​ C Live.


“RACKETT has just released a killer new love ballad ILY Alley”​ – ​AAA Backstage,


“Contrasting her previous electro pop-punk releases, the new single marries keys and floating vocals with a spacey soundscape to create an ethereal melody that shows a softer side of RACKETT.”​ –
​Beat Magazine.


“Rackett has a solid fanbase and is certainly going to be a big artist soon with a back catalogue of tracks that can help push her into the limelight, it just in Australia but around the world.” – ​Its all Indie (UK).

“The song sounds so good. I like the quirky melodies. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the amazing harmonies and uplifting elements. Lyrically, the song is very impressive. I​ LY Alley​ tells a story of the former band members at a crossroad”​ – ​Le Future Wave (EU).


“You tell this one’s personal for RACKETT. There’s a lot of heart in here and it’s affecting even if you’re not in on the story – and that’s all down to the dreamy synth wash and cooing vocals.”​ – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J.


“​An intriguing, inviting tune, ‘Oxytoxic’ serves as the latest piece of exceptional music from RACKETT”​ – Tonedeaf.

“​Oxytoxic​ is yet another stamp sealing the creative identity of the newly downsized, powerfully upgraded RACKETT”​ – ​Broaderlines.


“​Incorporating trap and dance influences on her latest, RACKETT goes large in the positioning and delivery of lyrics that are equal parts intoxicating and enticing” – ​Hifiway.


“‘Oxytoxic’ slaps you across the face with its ferocious bass and synths tearing through the mix and creating a force not to be messed with” – ​Acid Stag.


“Quickly gaining notoriety for their energy, passion and skill”​, ​Music Feeds.​

“Quickly gaining notoriety for their energy, passion and skill”​,​ Music Feeds. “Noise is their number one trade and they’re very, very good at it”​,​ Tone Deaf.

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