One of Adelaide’s most exciting emerging bands Openfire. have announced their explosive new single Wonderland, out now.  Wonderland is a fascinating track – within it, a question is posed to the listener: if you knew you could have it all, but that it would truly cost everything, would you still pay that price?  The new single marks an exciting new era for the band, off the back of their brilliant 2019 album Reverie. 


Evocative of Tame ImpalaMatt Corby and even ParamoreWonderland is still a deeply unique release, one which is sure to stay with the listener long after pressing play.  The song is a true journey; reverb-soaked guitars play amongst a strong, contagious beat, while Luka Sandeo‘s voice is a steady, beautiful comfort throughout.  Wonderland raises some pretty big questions about life, career, and the price of success, as Luka explains, Written as a dare and a warning to the band in pursuit of ‘the dream’, Wonderland both embodies the smokey, mysterious struggle in the dark of the rabbithole and the victory or triumph over fear in leaping head first into the wildest adventure of your life.  Going into the studio, we as a band aim to create music that illustrates itself, and for each song to be a world that you step into.  Wonderland plays with what the world looks like when your reality and stability is questioned, bringing to mind neon lights in nature, glitter, pattern clashing…”


The immersive, soaring track was written and tracked in Openfire’s home studio, with all elements being put together by members of the band.  The listener can feel it, too; there’s a love and care within Wonderland that feels intimate and thoughtful.  The track was mixed and mastered by Adelaide’s Alex Mader of Disk Edits (Hilltop Hoods).


Openfire’s infectious energy is palpable throughout Wonderland, and it’s a perfect release from a band that has always had a strong message at their core, as Luka says, “Before we are Openfire, we are family.  It’s at the core of how we posture ourselves going into any venture.  We started as four lost boys that had burned out looking for a spark, and we found it here in creating together.  In being vulnerable, transparent and unashamed in our songwriting and identity, our greatest hope is to wage war (“open fire!”) on loneliness and isolation; to inspire bravery and to show that we are all the same in our human experience.  To be other is to fit in here and each story that comes to gather with us stokes the flame that is Openfire.”


Openfire. Is Harry Van Der Lende – guitar, cello, Luka Sandeo – vocals, keys, guitar, Anthony Donato – bass, drums, keys, guitar, vocals & Rosh Ibrahim – keys, guitar, saxophone, vocals.


OPENFIRE. – WONDERLAND (official single artwork)

Wonderland is out now


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