For someone who is relatively new in the music scene, Zimbabwe-born and Melbourne-based Hip Hop artist MykIMJ ​has gone from testing the waters of the industry—to now surpassing the growing pains of beginnings, with his newest single ‘​Test​’, set for release on ​October 9th​.


With production by ​prod.fetty​, mixing by ​Andrew MacDonald​, and mastering by ​Sutured​, ‘Test’ is a freestyle track that MykIMJ did one morning at home, while reminiscing on past experiences he has endured and broke through. He definitely aced the creation of the single with flying colors, as he channels previous emotions that those memories brought out of him, while setting up a trampoline of beats that combine contemporary trap music and alternative mumble rap. MykIMJ craftily weaves lyricism that takes on a staccato style of storytelling, with an understanding of the human struggles and triumph.


MykIMJ’s case proves once again how music encompasses all human barriers and how its power transcends the test of time. When he moved to Australia and was first introduced to ​Lil Wayne​, that simple experience changed what he understood music to not just a form of art and expression, but also as a bridge between people from various walks of life. He was committed to nurturing authenticity in his own craft.


Although he is inspired by the styles of ​Lil Wayne, T.l, Akon, Young Thug,​ and ​Kodak Black​, among others, MykIMJ is set to create a legacy of his own, while honoring the legends that came before him.


“Keep it real, the truth in the music makes the music.”—MykIMJ



True to his mantra, MykIMJ plans to release more truthful and tuneful tracks for the rest of the year. A big dreamer and a focused hard-worker, MykIMJ is constantly at work to better the position he is in. He believes that ‘’nothing is promised”, but MykIMJ is definitely a promising act himself, so make sure to follow his socials down below to see this rising star ace more tests!


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