Johnny Hunter release emotionally charged ‘LIFE’ music video

Johnny Hunter

release emotionally charged


music video

Sydney’s Johnny Hunter return to serve up its evocative visuals for their latest single ‘Life’.


Capturing the energy of the single and the deeply personal and significant meaning behind its story, Johnny Hunter worked with an international team to bring the ‘Life’ music video to fruition.





Collaborating with Johnny Hunter cross-continents, UK directors Simon Allen + SillaTape filmed the clip in London. The narrative of ‘Life’ has its origins in memories songwriter and vocalist Nick Hutt had working in bars, and seeing the effects of alcoholism on customers.


The tug of war that takes place on moral compasses and consciences, witnessing the daily deterioration of some of these people is at the centre of ‘Life’. Also at the heart of the story, the individual’s ability to choose freedom; to break the chains.


“There’s a real understanding between us and the band about how to bring their vision to life. We’ve blended frustration and freedom throughout the music video – pairing the despondency of a sorrowful boozer with the possibilities of the world and, by extension, LIFE itself.”
Directors Simon Allen + SillaTape


The music video’s setting proved to be a perfect one: the overcast and concrete landscape of London matching up excellently with the vibe Johnny Hunter envisioned. With Sydney in a permanent state of lockdown during initial planning stages, Johnny Hunter decided to take things abroad.


“The concept for the ‘Life’ video was borne out of Nick’s (Hutty’s) lived experience and we wanted to recreate that. We discussed where and how we still might be able to breathe some life into this concept, all the while thinking of where the perfect setting might be – even if that meant it being across international waters. Very soon after, the suggestion of London was made and that was that.


We couldn’t think of a better location stylistically and atmospherically. The treatment and narrative idea we developed for the clip was nearly identical to the one Patrick and Simon put forward after we first approached them. What has resulted is a film clip that dives deep into the heart of what ‘Life’ is all about: a bleak world drenched in a hopeless atmosphere.”
Johnny Hunter



Life is out now