The hugely talented Tanzanian born and Danish raised Hip Hop artist JJ Paulo has released a new single ‘Bakuba’. A mix of Afrobeat and Afrofusion consisting of warm African grooves combined with African traditions.


Following on from last years critically acclaimed EP ‘Bujoram’, a huge hit in Denmark and Sweden where Paulo was named artists of the week on its release. ‘Bakuba’ picks up where ‘Bujoram’ left off


JJ Paulo performing live below


Paulo adds:
“I have cultivated traditional Tanzanian Sukuma culture all my life, and today I am proud that my music reflects just that. I was born to perform and have done so since I was 5 years old. Being at one of my concerts is like getting a kiss of African culture. My confidence, charm, humour and tireless energy always leaves the audience speechless”


Micheal Jackson was a massive influence on a young Paulo as he continues:
“I was captivated by Micheal Jackson’s live performance. When you saw him live, it wasn’t a concert, it was a show! I was blown away by the way he danced and sang. When you see me live, you’re not at a concert, you’re at a show. I rap, sing, dance and perform acrobatics – all of it at the same time. Michael Jackson was the best performer in the world, and I’m up there with him. If you go to one of my shows, you’ll still remember it two years later. Gaffa (major Danish music magazine) just nominated me for “Best Live Act 2020”. I deserve to win that one, because the only one you could nominate in this category who is actually better is Michael Jackson, and as far as I recall, Gaffa didn’t nominate him (laughs)”.


Listen to ‘Bukoba’ below


JJ Paulo was booked to perform many summer festivals across Europe including Spot and Roskilde, the biggest festival in Northern Europe with an attendance of over 80.000. Unfortunately due to covid19 all those festivals have been postponed. The future looks bright however for this talented artists as he aims to take on the world one continent at a time.


Listen to EP ‘Bujoram’ below



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