Jess McAvoy unveils new single ‘Everything Must Change’

Jess McAvoy

unveils new single

Everything Must Change

Australian-born, USA based songwriter and producer Jess McAvoy reveals their first single in 2 years ‘Everything Must Change’. The track explores themes of chaos and uncertainty during the pandemic and the daily protests across New York. 


Jess’ unique voice gives ‘Everything Must Change’ that extra edge and character, darting in and out of almost manic guitars and live drums. It seems Jess wants to push listeners over the edge, only to draw us back at just the right moment. 





‘Everything Music Change’ is truly a global song. It was mixed by Rob Wechsler in Dallas, Texas and recorded between Jess’ home studio and Black Lodge Studios in Melbourne by Joel Taylor, who also played the drums. Jess further adds, “My parts, including guitars and vocals were recorded in Brooklyn at my apartment of 6 years, and the final vocals more recently in Oklahoma in my new place.”




“Karnivool are a huge influence of mine, and I’m always excited to chase epic soundscapes. Drew Goddard actually offered the idea of the half step modulation in the chorus which was genius in my opinion. Once I settled in Oklahoma to escape the challenges I was facing surviving in New York, I found what I call the “monologue” section to further comment on my new experiences diving deeper into what motivates right wing ideology and the large swath of Trump supporters here in the midwest. This proved to be a really, really hard song to mix right. I love stacked vocals and was so grateful to find Rob Weschler who was able to give this track all of the space and intensity it needed to carry the weight of the message.”

Jess McAvoy



The track is complemented by a visually arresting video that encapsulates the drama of the 2020 US protests. It was edited by Jess and fellow artist Earl Carlson.






“I’ve always been pretty scrappy, and when this song started shaping up I knew I wanted to include footage from some of the social action that was shaping up in waves in the USA. The protests are ongoing to this day, and I was grateful to be able to take part in some of the early ones. My friend and fellow artist Earl Carlson was making a lot of Kaleidoscopic video art on his Instagram at the time so I asked him to help me create a vibe that pertained to a general feeling of movement towards the massive need for change, rather than a more specific cause. When I realized the visuals could do with more of an anchor, I dusted off my favorite sparkly jacket, pulled a velvet chair into a corner of my studio/ living  space at the cattle ranch where I’m living, and threw myself around a bit. I edited it all myself, as I do most of my videos.”

Jess McAvoy



With comparisons to PJ Harvey, you can easily see why Jess McAvoy’s live shows have been praised by The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Toronto Star.


Don’t miss Jess McAvoy’s Virtual performance on Saturday 27 March 2021 at 12.00pm (AEDT).


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