“Plenty of strength in this one. Both lyrically and musically.” – 4/5 stars
Richard Kingsmill – triple j (AUS)

“Jannah Beth brings forth a confidence within her flow across both the instrumentation and vocals compiled resulting in a crystal-clear polish lavished across.”
Acid Stag (AUS)

“Jannah Beth’s new single reflects just how much this all means to her.”
Dan Condon – Double J (AUS)

“Always bright, bubbly and catchy.”

‘Shutdown’ premiered on Double J Mornings w/ Zan Rowe

‘Shutdown’ added to Spotify playlists ‘New Music Friday (AU/NZ)’, ‘The Local List’ and ‘crush’

‘Want Me Dead’ added to Spotify playlists ‘The Local List’ and ‘Fresh Finds (AU/NZ)’

‘Want Me Dead’ added to rotation on Double J and FBi Radio

‘Never Miss’ ft. Temgazi added to Spotify playlist ‘Indie Arrivals’




Following the widespread success of previous single ‘Want Me Dead’, Sydney-based artist Jannah Beth has just unveiled her exceedingly distinctive debut EP ‘Product of a Dreamer’.


‘Product of a Dreamer’ is six tracks of amalgamated multiplicity, blurring the lines between hip-hop, soul, R&B and funk, with positively empowering stories behind each song that make for an eclectic encapsulation of Jannah Beth’s versatility and moralities.


Jannah talks about the narrative behind ‘Product Of A Dreamer’:


“Noun. /ˈdriːmə(r)/ /ˈdriːmər/ (sometimes disapproving) a person who has ideas or plans that are not practical or realistic.


I signed myself out of school when I was 15 years old after my deputy principle told me that making a career out of music was not realistic. I was strong willed and set on carving out my own path, rather than following one that would choke my dreams and in turn my sense of self. My definition of a ‘dreamer’ is someone who can see beyond limitations and challenge the status quo, a sculptor shaping the world around them, and this project is my proof that, as a dreamer – you can achieve your goals and have something show. These songs are informed by my unconventional life experiences and explore themes of spirituality, family and empowerment. I am intrinsically connected to music; through it I experiment and form a lens to make sense of the world around me and express myself. It brings so much value to me and now, value to others that despite the challenges, I am grateful for my decisions and proud to be the product of a dreamer.”


Opening track ‘Who Am I To Judge’ begins with elegant jazz piano and Jannah’s fluently meticulous vocals, as layers of choir vocals and rich organ propel the track to its whole-hearted hook, blending effortless flow and syncopation before a harmonious, polyphonic finale paves the way for second track, ‘Sweet Sugar’ to take the floor. Smooth guitar, suave electric piano and bass accompany the gorgeous tones created by Jannah’s voice, showcasing her delicacy and capacity for variations.


Third track and lead single ‘Want Me Dead’ continues the EP’s movement with expressive vocals and abounding magnetism, with heartfelt synthesisers and horns adding affluence to the collective work. Fourth track ‘Shutdown’ returns to a heartfelt touch, featuring earnest piano and emotive orchestration. A blend of organic and electronic textures with Jannah’s pitched down vocals, create a vast landscape that perfectly captures the track’s sincerity and depth.


Fifth track ‘Never Miss’ ft. Temgazi offers a colourful blend of electronics and eager melodies with an upbeat tempo. Intricate chord progressions add to the song’s vivid nature, as the energetic flow and hook are further accentuated by Temgazi’s bridge, enriching the track’s inclusive character. The EP ends with a live rendition of ‘Who Am I To Judge’, giving a foretaste of the genuine rawness and emotive environment created by Jannah’s honest and pure execution; a superb full-circle conclusion for a body of work that spotlights and celebrates Jannah’s commendable song writing and prowess.


Previous single ‘Want Me Dead’ was added to rotation on Double J and FBi Radio, whilst it garnered extensive support from the likes of triple j, triple j Unearthed, 2SER, RTR FM and 4ZZZ. Her wide-ranging catalogue has received further praise from Spotify, Pilerats, Tone Deaf, Purple Sneakers, The AU Review, Acid Stag, KISS FM, 2XX FM, Radio Adelaide and Radio Metro. Jannah Beth has also been shortlisted for APRA’s Professional Development Awards.


Jannah Beth has established herself as a vibrant force within the Australian music industry.  Having naturally progressed with her self-taught musical talent from a young age, her songs and projects convey important messages of empowerment, compassion and acceptance. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with local contemporaries True Vibenation, Friendless and Double Agent.


‘Product of a Dreamer’ is available worldwide now



EP Track Listing:

1. Who Am I To Judge
2. Sweet Sugar
3. Want Me Dead
4. Shutdown
5. Never Miss ft. Temgazi
6. Who Am I To Judge (Live)


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