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Melbourne songwriter and producer Ben Alpine returns with his second single ‘Wendouree’. Arriving on the cusp of springtime, ‘Wendouree’ sees the artist lean into sun-drenched alt-pop, brimming with jangly guitars, effervescent synth bursts and organic electronica samples.


Immediately setting the tone with its kaleidoscopic sonic palette, ‘Wendouree’ is an exploration in capturing the momentary joy of the present. With its sound tinged in blissful psychedelia, the undulating nature of the track flows effortlessly between placid verses, cascading instrumental layers and infectious harmonies. Allowing the track to build and unfurl with rippling vibrancy, the track shifts gears towards a sparkling finale before receding into an ambient outro submersed in airy tones and soft textures.



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Speaking of the track, Ben shares: “The main idea is in the line ‘one moment never meant a thing’, referring to those relationships, experiences or situations in your life that, at one point, meant everything to you and you never wanted to lose them. But times have inevitably changed since then and you hold on to different experiences now, and perhaps you will go through that cycle with the stage of your life you’re currently in. I think that can be both sobering and comforting in a way, that nothing in your life is ever going to be the way it is right now, and how our perception of our own memories shifts and changes.”



Following his well-received debut single ‘All In Your Stride’, ‘Wendouree’ is the next exciting chapter in Ben Alpine’s discography. While sharing the sunshine-laced DNA of its predecessor, the single sees Ben broaden his eclectic range, drawing from an array of inspirations from The Japanese House to Hippo Campus. While synthesising these influences, Ben’s experience in former indie electronica act Echo Mono and numerous SoundCloud production aliases sees him maintain an inward focus in his songwriting approach. With a creative output so far showcasing his colourful alt-pop sensibility through an introspective lens, Ben continues to affirm himself as one to watch closely in 2020.


‘Wendouree’ is out now. Stream HERE


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