Vibrant and enigmatic, Apollo Blue is one of Australia’s most mysterious and exciting upcoming acts – and today, he has announced his debut single Moonchild, an ode to self-empowerment, out October 16.  Inspired to pursue music and the arts by a serendipitous encounter with Lady Gaga as a teen, Apollo Blue’s debut single has been a long time coming – but Moonchild is absolutely worth the wait.


Recorded in Melbourne in 2019, Apollo Blue guided production with audio engineer Jake Rush (Dan Parsons), mixing by James Cecil (The Goon Sax) and mastering by Adam Dempsey (Angie McMahon, Courtney Barnett)Moonchild is evocative of classics The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, but stings with a uniquely modern twist not dissimiliar to indie pop icons The 1975 and Cub Sport.  The song is a true journey, from start to finish – there are peaks and valleys, no musical turn is expected but each is fascinating and innovative.  Moonchild is a fearless explosion of a debut, with climbing guitar licks, pounding percussion, gentle piano breaths, all held together by Apollo Blue’s defining, soaring vocal.


Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Apollo Blue explains, “Moonchild was written in the middle of the night after I had left a grungy gig and was strutting home in the rain through wintry Melbourne with my favourite black boots and silver glitter pants on.  I felt free and powerful still reeling from the excitement of the nightlife. I noticed an on-looker from their balcony and wondered who they were and what they thought of me: a mysterious platinum blonde racing through a storm in the middle of the night.  I developed this into an ominous character, The Moonchild, who only emerges at night and lives off of rain clouds and stormy skies.  I had a rock energy coursing through my veins and I couldn’t wait to get home and transform that feeling and fantasy world into music.  The song was written before I could even reach the keyboard…the Moonchild is a metaphor for the powerful, confident force that we all possess inside of us.”



Raised in country South Australia, Apollo’s life was changed forever at the age of 17, when his musical idol Lady Gaga read his personal letter aloud in front of thousands and invited him backstage to meet her.  Gaga’s message of self-love and equality was deeply inspiring to a young Apollo Blue, and this encounter with his idol caused him to pursue music and drama in his year 12 studies, cementing his love of art forever.  Since then, Apollo has studied music at Collarts in Melbourne under the mentorship of ARIA award winning rock siblings Ella and Jesse Hooper of Killing Heidi, and has made waves across Melbourne’s live music scene.


APOLLO BLUE – MOONCHILD (official single artwork)


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