She demands your Sacrifice. Are you worthy of her secrets?


Post-hardcore quintet, Alera, emerged from the depths of 2021 to debut their nostalgic brand of melodic, heavy music. Today the band share “Bleak”, the second single under the bands belt, leading the way for forthcoming EP ‘Beware The Snake’, out Friday November 26.


Produced by Christopher Vernon (Belle Haven, Better Half), “Bleak” is a short, driving burst of dark energy, contrasting painfully passionate clean and spoken vocals against a harsh counterpart, mirroring a tormented headspace. Streaming via Hysteria Mag today, the band explain that “Bleak” is about struggling with dark thoughts and was written in a time of vulnerability. Vocalist Hayden Oakley adds: “The desperation of the mind when it seeks escape can become overpowering, and during moments of weakness can leave you in a state of hopelessness.


Releasing off the back of their cryptic campaign for previous single, “Failure; An Anecdote for Expectations“, Alera have amassed a cult-like following. Launching under the guise of The Covenant at inception, Alera directed curiosity to a Discord server in which members interactively unravelled the puzzles Alera offered. At the release of their acoustic rendition of “Failure…”, the band posted a link in the YouTube description which began another search for answers. Hysteria Mag seeked to uncover its meaning, discovering the pre-save information for “Bleak”. Alera have made their way onto the airwaves with a first spin on triple j Unearthed TOPs and previous repeat play on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud.


Alera is Hayden Oakley (vocals), Matt Ashley (vocals), Mark Jones (rhythm guitar), Corey Cichowski (lead guitar) and Tony Taylor (bass guitar). Beginning as an elusive five-piece, Alera is a post-hardcore outfit that blends interactive story telling with melodic catharsis in a highly polished package, clearly inspired by earlier waves of the genre – a style that has seen recent resurgence.


Interacting directly with followers, Alera have developed a narrative as well as a community around their conceptual art in a way that is redefining how music is able to tell a story. There is a rich and immersive experience the viewer is invited to enter through cryptic puzzles and the mysterious Covenant which acts as a backdrop to this band’s melodic, anthemic, and at times chaotic music.


“Bleak” will be available to stream everywhere tomorrow, Friday October 1. ‘Beware The Snake’ EP will be available Friday November 26.



Alera – ‘Bleak’ out now

EP ‘Beware The Snake’
Release Date: Friday November 26

Genre: Post-Hardcore




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